Folding Solar Charger Model OS-FS0501

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Folding Solar Charger Model OS-FS0501

     Folding Solar Panel for Recharing Model OS-FS0501 is made of Monocrystalline silicon solar panel and thickened waterproof canvas,

which also offers different type of connectors for different type of mobile phone when you travel or do outdoor activities. This Solar charger is controlled by stabilivolt circuit board which can protect the battery of the electronic products from overload. The monocrystalline silicon solar panel acts for charging with high efficient, whose converting rate can reach 18%. 


2. Main Features of Folding Solar Charger Model OS-FS0501

  •      High-efficient solar cells

  ·         High recharging rate

  ·         Water resistant canvas for external protection

  ·         Design to meet unique demand of customer 


3.Folding Solar Panel for Recharging Model OS-FS0501 Images

Folding  Solar Charger   Model OS-FS0501


4. Folding Solar Panel for Recharging Model OS-FS0501 Specification

Type:    OS-FS0501

Power output of Solar Panel:   7W
Output Voltage:     Constant 5V
Output Current:    1000mA(Maximum)
Folded Size:   14.5*22 (cm)
Unfolded Size:    45*22 (cm)
Net Weight:     386g


5. FAQ

(1)  Do you have professional  certificate for solar charger? 

   Yes, we have got official certificate like ROHS, CE   and  all the materials can be recycled.

(2)  Is there only camouflage color for the canvas bag?

    There are more colors for choice, and the client can designate other colors at the moment of making the order.

(3) What payment terms do you prefer?

    We prefer Telex Transfer, L/C for FOB , CFR and CIF price.


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Q:What is the efficiency of solar charging?
Solar charging Po conversion efficiency is very low, in general, different material efficiency is different, but generally about 10% -15%.
Q:Can a solar charger be charged for a cloudy day?
must be charged in the light, in the low light indicator light, can only be detected on the light, not on behalf of the charge (such as in the indoor lighting), so do not charge in low light.
Q:Solar mobile power, you can side of the solar energy directed at the side of the phone to charge it?
if this time to the phone charge will make the phone exposed to the sun, so charging the phone will be very high temperature.
Q:Solar cell phone charger can not charge what is the reason
try to clean up the phone to run the background and then charge.
Q:Is the electric car solar charger easy to use?
Solar cell surface coated with a silica coating can effectively prevent the reflection of sunlight, thereby improving the solar panel photoelectric conversion efficiency, up to 17%.
Q:Solar cell phone charger solar panels
In the charge, the electrical energy into chemical energy, the discharge of chemical energy and into electrical energy. Battery in the discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, was oxidized to lead sulfate; lead dioxide is positive, the reduction reaction, was reduced to lead sulfate.
Q:The Structure Principle of Solar Charger
The principle of solar cell phone charger will be converted into the energy of solar energy stored in the solar cell phone charger
Q:How to put this charger into a solar charger
you You can choose the open circuit voltage of 22V solar panels, and then through the Schottky diode directly to the DC section on it. In front of the transformer and rectifier diodes can be removed, more trouble.
Q:What about the solar charger?
you can charge the lithium battery, but Charging time is relatively long. When the charge indicator light turns green, the lithium battery is full. In the full sunlight, about 8-16 hours can be filled with lithium batteries.
Q:How much will the solar charge charge the phone?
Solar mobile phone charger can only be used when the emergency can not rely entirely on it to the mobile phone and other digital products to charge, to achieve full charge to the phone,

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