Folding Bed by Iron Tube

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Product Description:

Specification of Folding Bed

Material:steel tube


Leg:50mm round tube

Main Beam:25*50mm square tube

Branch Tube:25*25mm square tube

Production technique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

Package of Folding Bed:

Plastic bag or standard exporting packing-5 layers carton.or according to customer's require. Packing:1set/ctn,

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Q:I cant get out of bed??!!!?
I see you have a laptop/phone with you. Play a puzzle game such as Angry Birds, or a game like that, your brain and mind will start working and you will wake up. If you're cold wrap your blanket around you.
Q:Do you prefer Bed Head or Biosilk?
i like bed head but i prefer Paul Mitchell..i use their Super Skinny Serum to take care of my frizz and it works wonders...hope i helped...=)
Q:bedding for college??
at bed bath and beyond they have reallly cute twin dorm bedding usually in dorms (or so i have heard) the twin beds are a little longer than a regualar bed. at bed bath and beyond they have custom made for dorm bedding.
Q:I have a question about a bed.?
I have a similar problem so I have a step stool to get into my luxurious queen high bed I'm only 5'1 tall. The furniure store should be able to help you find one to match your bed. Good luck,enjoy your new bed, take care may God bless.
Q:How to install the air cushion bed with bent skeleton?
I am the rib bed frame, the row skeleton can use independently (generally matches the bed box or the bedstead use), so long as in the row skeleton spreads the mattress, may make the bed frame to use. But don't look good, "hob bed" and "row skeleton" effect can be the same as. But to distinguish.
Q:Box spring with new bed?
You don*t need a box spring but it will be a more comfortable bed with it. If it is too high why not just put a bed skirt around the bed; Even something simple like a king sized sheet between the mattress and box spring will fill in the height dept. for you. to cover the height.or put the sheet right on top of the mattress and let it hang to the floor.
Q:Bedroom bed placed Feng Shui taboo
Regardless of location and direction of the bedroom bed where the key is to let sleeping can see the bedroom door and window from the bed, and ensure that the dawn, the sun can shine on the bed, which will help absorb natural energy to sleep.
Q:how do you get a different bed?
Yard sales. Just search on bed.
Q:Cot to bed?
My son left his crib behind for a regular bed at abt 16 months old because he wasn't comfortable. I don't like toddler beds because it's the same hard nasty mattress as a crib and it means more furniture to figure out what to do with later. Toddler beds are a waste of money in my opinion. He is now 27 months old and he is currently sleeping with the guard rail. He wasn't for a while but fell out during the night onto the floor and became scared of the bed for a few nights. Be sure to use a rail on both sides of the bed (even if against a wall) so they don't get wedged in between the wall and the bed.
Q:How much is the IKEA two meter bedstead?
A bed board, you can find the whole bed is composed of two currently on the market are the main piece of wooden board bedstead, bed board, slab gap set bed bed board,

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