Foldable plant roll trolley with best price

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Foldable plant roll trolley with best price


1. saving space in the workshop. 
2. saving human strength and lowering the cost. 
3. beautiful structure and 



1. Saving space in the workshop.2. Saving human strength and lowering the cost.3. Beautiful structure and long using time.

4. Vrious usage in transportation, storage and display.


OEM is welcomed:


Order → discuss → paper processing draft → your confirmation → sample → your approval → manufacture



The most important thing is that we could offer the technical support.



Our OEM service :


    (1) let us know your requirement


    (2) we discuss with each other


    (3) get your confirmation


    (4) we draw paper processing draft for you


    (5) get your confirm again


    (6) we produce samples


    (7) get your approval


    (8) manufacture the productions

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Q:What's the use of the trolley at the airport?
The number of passengers luggage, the need for carts, there is no hard and fast rules, passengers can decide on the actual situation.
Q:Can the baby sleep on the stroller for a long time?
In fact, directly said that the baby sleeping baby stroller on the spine is not good, can not directly under such a conclusion. Quality and design clearance baby stroller, the baby lying down and sleeping feeling and on the bed is no difference, but the space is smaller.
Q:Four wheeled trolleys, the steering wheel should be installed there
For baby stroller, universal wheels are found in the front, do not understand, pro test is not good steering operation, turn not only laborious and unstable direction, pushed a slightly faster, basically go is curve, pull back twist, no more, I do not know which rank design, on the Internet look, that also became the mainstream, is extremely unreasonable, so increasing the front wheel positioning device, is changed into the rear wheel steering this problem to solve immediately, for four wheel steering vehicle is not easy baby, appeared three baby car, but is still the front wheel steering
Q:Can I check the children's trolley by plane?
The trolley should be no more than 20 kilograms, so there is no charge. Of course, if you have more than 20 kilos of baggage to check in, you'll have to pay for it.
Q:What's the disadvantage of transporting concrete with a derrick and two wheeled trolley?
On the surface of steel. On the surface over the bad, and the need to set up concrete pouring concrete transportation corridor, trouble and labor.
Q:What kind of bearing does the wheel of the goods cart compare with?
It is recommended to use angular contact bearings 7305 or tapered roller bearings 30305 (recommended as the former because the latter is suitable for heavy loads). The use of these two kinds of pairs of bearings are installed to face to face or back to back.
Q:Method for using airport trolleys
The airport trolley is a brake device, in the parallel push lever, need to press this taping the implementation, has been pressing, the vehicle will walk, let go the taping the main brake, the car could not walk.
Q:What material is the best for a supermarket trolley?
It's usually made of this kind of material. If it's fragile, you can make plastic trolleys. You can pack your products carefully and then transport them in transit.
Q:How do you clean stainless steel trolley?
Stainless steel surface dust and dirt easily removed, can be used soap, weak washing to wash, adhesive ingredients, the use of alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) scrub.
Q:Buy a cart that can climb stairs
A little better cart wheels are 3, you can climb their own floor

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