Foldable plant roll trolley with best price

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Foldable plant roll trolley with best price


1. saving space in the workshop. 
2. saving human strength and lowering the cost. 
3. beautiful structure and 



1. Saving space in the workshop.2. Saving human strength and lowering the cost.3. Beautiful structure and long using time.

4. Vrious usage in transportation, storage and display.


OEM is welcomed:


Order → discuss → paper processing draft → your confirmation → sample → your approval → manufacture



The most important thing is that we could offer the technical support.



Our OEM service :


    (1) let us know your requirement


    (2) we discuss with each other


    (3) get your confirmation


    (4) we draw paper processing draft for you


    (5) get your confirm again


    (6) we produce samples


    (7) get your approval


    (8) manufacture the productions

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Q:How can I use the cart at the airport?
Also a lot of opinion you should know, someone should send you to the airport by taxi can use trolleys, baggage handling to do registration card, the weight of hand luggage is required not more than 10 kg. You should carry your important papers along with you when you need to check in when you enter the country. Abroad, the baggage car can be pushed near the bus. Airplanes have no wings but only wings.
Q:Why is the fulcrum on the axle and the wheelbarrow cart pivot in the car and the ground contact points?
For example, the fulcrum of the moving pulley is selected in the center, then the gravity will have no arm, and can only get the same result of pulling the rope on both sides of the pulley, but the tension can be obtained on the edge, which is the result of gravity 1/2.
Q:What are the cooling measures for Modern Greenhouses?
Water supply, drainage and water and fertilizer irrigation equipment can be regarded as another kind of equipment for crop growth, climate and environment regulation. It can provide nutrition and control for crops to meet the needs of crop growth and nutrition. At present, the more common use in greenhouse are CO2 supplement and application equipment, drip irrigation equipment, fixed sprinkler irrigation equipment, walking sprinkler irrigation equipment, etc.. The purpose of the equipment is to precisely use and manage water and fertilizer for crop growth.
Q:How do you change the front of the car, A112?
The opening direction of the Yellow piston shall not be in accordance with the direction of the bell mouth, otherwise it will lead to the backflow of milk. It is suggested that the opening direction of the Yellow piston should keep 90 degrees with the direction of the bell mouth. The Yellow piston does not need to be vigorously put on, only gently sets can be, the principle is that you put on the next, with a little thumb, you can easily take it off. The white film should be cleaned and installed on the Yellow piston smoothly. In use, the host and hose should not be placed as low as possible, as high as possible or parallel to the position of the breast
Q:What is the correct name for the earth, sand, cart on the construction site?
In the lever balance, the power arm is several times the resistance arm, the power is a few parts of the resistance.
Q:Does the trolley wheel come with good brakes or without brakes?
It depends on your cart need what kind of function, brake casters are divided into three kinds, the first kind can check the wheels, so that it can not be rotated so as to stop;
Q:How do you clean stainless steel trolley?
1, stainless steel surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, it is best to use soft cloth wipe clean, and then use neutral detergent or ammonia solution, or with special detergent cleaning.2, stainless steel has a bleaching agent and various acid attached, rinse with water immediately, then ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution immersion, washing with warm water or neutral detergent.3, stainless steel surface has rainbow lines, is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil, wash with warm water neutral wash can be washed away.4, stainless steel surface dirt caused by rust, can be used 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent washing, can also be washed with special washing drugs. As long as the correct maintenance method is used, the service life of the stainless steel trolley can be extended, and the cleanness, brightness and magnificence of the stainless steel trolley can be maintained.
Q:Roller of bearing as small handcart
A wheel bearing directly due to the cart, but the outer circle diameter is small, it is difficult to travel in uneven places
Q:The front and rear wheels of the flatbed cart are fixed
Push is also possible. It is recommended to install the cardan on the armrest side. I'm a stroller. I hope I can help you
Q:Four wheeled trolleys, the steering wheel should be installed there
For baby stroller, universal wheels are found in the front, do not understand, pro test is not good steering operation, turn not only laborious and unstable direction, pushed a slightly faster, basically go is curve, pull back twist, no more, I do not know which rank design, on the Internet look, that also became the mainstream, is extremely unreasonable, so increasing the front wheel positioning device, is changed into the rear wheel steering this problem to solve immediately, for four wheel steering vehicle is not easy baby, appeared three baby car, but is still the front wheel steering

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