Flushing Fluid To the borehole in geology TBW-850/5B mud pump

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Product Description:

TBW-850/5B mud pump is mainly used for supplying flushing fluid to the borehole in geology, water source, shallow oil and other drilling process. The fluid can be divided into mud, water, etc. It also can be used as transfer pump of the above mentioned medium.

Structure Feature

1. Horizontal double cylinder, double-acting reciprocating piston pump

2. Lip-shaped, self-sealing piston, which is made of rubber and nylon pads

3. Simple structure for easy maintenance and operation

4. Equipped with shock-resistant pressure gauge, necessary spare parts, special tools

5. Available to match with bi-metal liner

Main Technical Parameters

Cylinder Liner Diameter                (m)

Φ140    Φ130    Φ95

Piston Stroke                        (mm)


Rated Flow Rate                    (L/min)

850   600   350

Rated Pressure                       (MPa)

5    6     8

Strokes Per Minute                


Suction Pipe Diameter                 (mm)


Discharge Pipe Diameter               (mm)


Input Rotate Speed                   (r/min)


Input Power

Diesel Engine

6135AN        120(Ps)

Electric Motor

Y280M—4      90(kW)

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)         (mm)  


Weight (exclude power)                (kg)


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