floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin - 3007

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China main port
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30 set
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2000 set/month

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floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal
sanitary ware manufacturer,good quality with reasonable price

Product Informations

Item Name:

floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin 



Capacity/20ft :290pcs
MOQ30pcs mixed in the 20GP container
 box/pcs:5-ply  brown or white carton box 
Per set two carton,basin one carton,pedestal one carton
Business Terms
Price terms: EXW/FOB Shenzhen
Delivery terms: 30 days after receipt of 30% deposit
Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union

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Q:Smell from bathroom sink drain?
It could be just from the pipe its self, rather than sewer gases.Try making sure everything is connected properly. Then if that doesn't do the trick ...if you want try if its plastic PVC pipe soak it in a disinfectant or some type of cleaner to deodorize that trap.....if dont want to go through the trouble, just replace the trap.
Q:Is the electric water heater and the pot next to it?
This is very unscientific! Although the electric water heater is now doing a good job, leakage protection is also great, but after all, is the product of electricity, a long time there will be security risks! Huashu fast repair
Q:There is no width of 30 cm wash basin cabinet
Of course not, wash basin is generally 55 width. Pots are generally the smallest 35
Q:Do you have to do waterproofing at the bathroom wall
The bathroom had to do waterproof, not only the ground. Walls have to do, generally do one meter eight high because the bathroom wall permeable words will affect the other room walls
Q:How Can I Shine Up My Bathroom Sink?
i use bar soap.
Q:How to unclog bathroom sink with an undetachable stopper?
The above (pull the trap) answers are valid. In addition, the non-removable stopper is removable. Under the sink on the back of the top section of drain is a horizontal rod, which raises and lowers the stopper. Remove the clip that attached the pull rod behind the faucet to it, then remove the nut or clip holding the rod into the drain pipe. Then the stopper will lift out and a drain snake can be run from the top.
Q:How do I add an overflow outlet to a bathroom sink?
I don't think there is a product available and suggest you phone the Plumbing warehouse to see if there is a fitting available. The alternative is to replace it, but that could be expensive.
Q:How exactly do I unblock my bathroom sink?
The MOST likely source of the blockage is HAIR catching on the device which opens and closes the drain plug. The ONLY way to fix this is to disassemble the P trap under the sink and literally pull out the stuff caught up in the works for the drain plug. A drain cleaner will work IF the blockage material is organic, like feces, but hair is NOT, so is unaffected by a drain cleaner chemical treatment. The plunger does not work for the same reason, the hair is caught up in the mechanism. There is only ONE way, pull it apart and physically remove the hair that is causing the blockage. Something tells me the blockage has been building up over time, and you only noticed it when it finally jumped the shark and caused you inconvenience.
Q:My bathroom sink only drains well if you pour water directly down through the drain opening?
The stopper might need adjusting, the over flow might be clogged and sink can't breathe
Q:Every time you open the bathroom hot water shower or kitchen hot water faucet can hear from the bathroom
Is because the triangular valve has a problem, open the other faucet when the pipe pressure relief, triangular valve ceramic spool sound

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