floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin - 3004

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2000 set/month

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floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal
sanitary ware manufacturer,good quality with reasonable price

Product Informations

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floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin 




Capacity/20ft :290pcs
MOQ30pcs mixed in the 20GP container
 box/pcs:5-ply  brown or white carton box 
Per set two carton,basin one carton,pedestal one carton
Business Terms
Price terms: EXW/FOB Shenzhen
Delivery terms: 30 days after receipt of 30% deposit
Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union

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Q:Bathroom sink?
Sink's usally come with all the mounting hardware. they come in 4 on center holes or 8 on center or single Hole for faucet. make sure you get the right faucet. and get a good brass popup plug assembly comes with faucet.
Q:How do I remove cigarette stains from bathroom sink?
I've not seen it in a while, but there is a product called Restore4. That stuff is sprayed on the dry sink and scrubbed off maybe 15 minutes later. But do the whole sink because it will look brand new. The stuff is amazing. I used in on a 25 year old kitchen sink in the home my daughter just bought. We thought it was a yellow sink but cleaned up white and sparkling. I need some more.
Q:low hot water pressure in bathroom sink only??
You must have a shutoff valve under the sink. What does your hot water supply hose connect to? In any event it seems to me that there may be an obstruction in the shutoff valve or in the faucet. Possibly it is the rubber seal in the valve. I don't think the aerator is plugged because the cold water pressure is fine. Try disconnecting the end of the hot water supply hose that is at the faucet (after closing the shutoff valve) to see how much pressure you have in the hose. If the pressure is adequate, the problem must be in the faucet and you should disassemble the faucet's hot water valve. If the hose pressure is low, remove the other end of the hose and check the pressure directly at the shutoff valve. If the pressure is still low, you may have to shut down the water system so that you can remove the shutoff valve for cleaning. I recall that a number of years ago there was a problem with some water heaters, whereby the constant heat would cause the plastic filler tube on the inside of the cold water inlet to disintegrate over time. I believe that the plastic broke up into particles that were circulated into the hot water pipes, plugging the valves. Since you only have this problem with one valve, it seems unlikely that this is your problem. Yet I would not rule it out without checking the possibility.
Q:How exactly do I unblock my bathroom sink?
Bleach WILL NOT work. You need to use a DRAIN CLEANER. But BEFORE you do that do this: Under the sink, there is an S-shaped junction known as a TRAP. It fills with water, and keeps the sewer smell from coming into the house. The trap is attached to the pipes with two pipe nuts. you loosen these nuts to remove the trap. The trap often becomes filled with old soap, body oils, and hair. use a drinking glass to remove as much water as possible from the sink (dump it down the toilet). Put a bucket under the sink, Loosen the nuts, remove the trap, and clean it with your finger (use rubber gloves). At the same time, pull the stopper out of the sink, and remove any hair caught on it. Put the trap back in place, tighten the nuts, and run a large kettle of BOILING water down the sink. This IS a messy job, stinky, and ugly job. Use these digesting features as a reminder to run a commercial quality drain cleaner (like Drain-O) down the sink ONCE A MONTH so that this never happens again. Also, DO NOT just wash stray hairs down the sink. when you wash or comb your hair, take all the stray hairs out and put them in the trash basket.
Q:bathroom wash basin faucet handle, how much height from the ground more appropriate
50 cm, reference to the height of McDonald's shop, I think we should measure the average height of the park pond, the average height of half of the installation height and between 40-60 cm, although the trouble
Q:Does anyone have these bathroom sinks?
They look great when installed on the proper cabinet with a nice faucet. Wooden or painted tops (that match the cabinets) look better than stone with these vessles.
Q:I am getting an earthy smell from my main bathroom sink drain. House is 2 years old. How do I get rid of it?
is the water draining good,can you see a swirl ? cover any overflow hole in the sink,fill it up and give it a plunge,you might find that you have some residue in the waste pipe then add disenfectant.is the sink wastepipe connected to anything else,has it got a decent run on the wastepipe? if not it could be stagnant water,try a few plunges 1st and then start looking at the waste pipe.
Q:how to caulk around bathroom sink?
When I was remodelling and putting in the bathroom sinks (3) I got a tip from my brother in law, mr fix it all. Dip your finger in rubbing alcohol, the kind for your skin to clean your lines of caulking up with. You can dip a rag in it or a paper towel and clean up the edges or where you smeared it. That will work. It cleans up, just fine that way. Try it. Good luck!
Q:Bathroom desk basin cabinet has 90 centimeters long?
Certainly have, a lot of shops can be customized, you can go to the local building materials market to ask
Q:What are the top ten brands of basins?
The basin has a variety of materials, generally in plastic, metal, wood and enamel are more common. There are also used to wash the washbars and other dishes. The basin was small and could move, but with the development of society, the basin was gradually replaced by a fixed basin. But its role is still very important. Brand, there are Kohler, TOTO, Farnish, Wrigley, musicians, American Standard, etc., the landlord can go to the top ten brands to buy buy, there are many brands for the introduction of Oh

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