Flexible Led Strip

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100 Meters m
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360 Meters Per Year m/month

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Product Description:

Professional in supplying waterproof, non-waterproof and epoxy covering LED strip.Flexible LED Strip Light 3528 and Flexible LED Strip 5050 in single color, RGB Flexible LED Strip Light with remote controller.



Flexible Led Strip Product Details:
1. Light source: SMD3528 & SMD5050 & SMD335
2. Emitting color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Warm White,RGB
3. LED Quantity: 30 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, 90 LEDs/m, 120 LEDs/m
4. PCB Width: 5mm/8mm/6MM/10mm
5. Voltage: DC12V, DC24V
6. Non-waterproof: IP33 Waterproof: IP68 Epoxy covering IP: IP65
7. Beam angle: 120 degrees
8. Length: 5m/roll
9. Certification: CE & RoHS  


Flexible Led Strip Feature:
1. Even color combination, lively effect, high brightness, low luminance decay;
2. Sheapeable and flexible, installation and fix flexible;
3. DC12V low power driven, high securiy;
4. Low power consumption, long life, free maintanance. 


Flexible Led Strip Application:
1. Market and Cabinet for corner and outline decoration,
2. Car interior and exterior lights,
3. Architectural decorative, Auditorium walkway lighting,
4. Channel letter lighting using for stores, restaurants, bars,
5. Illumination lighting using walkway, canopy, stairway accent lighting, amusement park,
6. Auditorium walkway lighting, outdoor illuminated signs and advertisements,
7. Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting.


Company Profile:

We are a China based global supplier of kinds of LED Strip products.We are professional in a wide range of LED Strip products, including 3528 LED Flexible Strip,5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip,RGB 3528 LED Flexible Strip, SMD335 LED Strip,LED Modules,SMD3528 LED Modules,SMD 5050 LED Modules,LED Strip Power Supplyl,LED Strip Controller,LED Strip etc.products. 

As hard working and improving recent years, we have been enjoying a good reputation both customers and partners from worldwide. High quality, competitive price,fast delivery and gold credibility as our business principal. Therefore, our customers and partners from different countries will get our superior quality,competitive price and better service from us.

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Flexible Led StripType:

LED CHIP                                                                         SMD5050
LED QUANTITY20pcs/m                    30pcs/m60pcs/m
STRIP WIDTH      10mm
STRIP LENGTH       5m/roll
PCB COLOR      Yellow/White
IP LEVEL                               IP33 (non-waterproof)
        IP65 (Epoxy Waterproof/Silicone-crust Waterproof)
        IP68 (Glue Sealed Waterproof)
COLORWhite (W), Warm White(WW), Snow White (SW),Red(R), Green(G), Blue(B), Yellow(Y), Orange(O), Pink(PK), Purple(PL)
LUMEN (LM/M)W(300), WW(300), SW(300),R(90), G(160), B(120), Y(90), O(90), PK(210), PL(65)W(450), WW(450), SW(450),R(135),G(240), B(180), Y(135), O(135),PK(315), PL(97.5)W(900), WW(900), SW(900),R(270), G(480), B(360), Y(270), O(270),                PK(630), PL(290)


Customized options

Customize your strip light by picture or by technical datas.


Packing & Delivery


plastic bag intside, cartons outside 



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2-8 business days


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1.    3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2.    "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.    DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

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Q:What is the LED light belt?
The light belt is the abbreviation of the LED light belt. Most people are not accustomed to the noun when they say it is too long, so the LED in front is omitted. It is called the light belt directly. In this way, the band with the name also includes a lot of big, second line, big three lines, round, second line and so on, the direct use of wire to connect LED, instead of FPC or PCB old band, of course, also includes flexible light band and hard light belt.
Q:LED what is the color of the light belt?
Color temperature of light source:People use the absolute temperature and the temperature of the light is equal or close to full radiator describes the light source color (see direct observation of the human eye color light source) is also called the color temperature of the light. The color temperature is expressed at an absolute temperature K. Different color temperatures cause people to react differently to their emotions. We generally divide the color temperature of light sources into three categories:Shade lightWarm light color temperature below 3300K. Warm light and incandescent lamp light color similar, more red components, gives a warm, healthy, comfortable, suitable for families, homes, hostels, hospitals, hotels and other places, low temperature or place.Warm white lightIt is also called intermediate color, color of the 3300K5300K in between. The warm white light is soft and pleasant, comfortable and serene. It is suitable for shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc..Cold lightAlso called daylight, its color temperature is above 5300K, the light source is close to natural light, a bright feeling, the concentration of energy, suitable for offices, classrooms, conference room, drawing room, room design, library reading room, window display and other places.
Q:LED how is the band embedded in the steps?
LED is English light emitting diode (light emitting diode) abbreviation, its basic structure is a electroluminescent semiconductor chip light emitting materials, with silver glue or glue curing to the bracket, connecting a chip and a circuit board and then with silver or gold, then sealed with epoxy resin around, to protect the internal core role finally, the installation shell, so the seismic performance of LED lamp is good.
Q:LED lights with 0-10V dimming when flashing what reason?
After the thyristor is switched on, the circuit is not resistive, and the current oscillation occurs due to the capacitance and inductance. When the current oscillates below the thyristor to maintain the current, the thyristor is switched off and then triggered again.
Q:The problem of residual light in LED lamp after power failure
The power line can be switched to zero. The main switch is off and caused by a zero line.
Q:What's the LED band?
LED lamp with patch 352860 beads, 9 yuan a meter, 5050 patches, 60 beads, 22.5 yuan a meter, waterproof two yuan
Q:Embedded LED lights with notches generally go deep enough
It depends on what kind of band you buy3528505057303014 single row double row light bandThe width is usually 8101216 width
Q:The new LED lights are always flashing. What's the matter?
If your light belt is directly connected to the 220V power supply, this problem occurs, it must be the high voltage plug, the internal AC to DC converter is broken.
Q:LED flexible light band width minimum, how much can be done?
3528 of the lights with 10mm width, I do not know if there is no finer.
Q:Does the LED lamp come in a waterproof type?
LED waterproof lamp with using the control chip with stable quality, high intensity, large angle, high quality, stable performance, with three LED (12V DC) or six LED (24V DC) as a group, and on the basis of using the length, cut between each unit, use very convenient red green: 1000-1100MCD,: 2000-2200MCD,: 1000-1100MCD blue power: 3.6W/0.5M/12V DC or 5.76W/0.5M/24V DC LED 20mm (Center for 33mm, can be customized according to customer requirements). LED waterproof lamp with control system using DMX512 international, can be achieved by the various drive jump to change, gradual change etc change effect, can also use the CT308 controller to achieve the overall color change is mainly used indoors, for small wall washing effect, interior decoration, landscaping etc..

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