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1.Structure of Graphite Sheet Description

Flexible graphite sheet is made from the high quality large flake graphite by chemical treatment, expanding while high temperature and rolling  for many times.


2.Main Features of the Graphite Sheet

Main usage: to make graphite belts, fillings, sealing, gaskets, reinforced sheet, cylinder gasket, fuel cell, conducting strip, heat conduct fin, cushion collar, etc. Operating temperature: -200~~650(in air) -200~~3000(in non-oxidized meduim).


         3.  Specification


  Tolerance of Density     g/c


  Tolerance of Thickness  mm


Carbon content               %


  Tensile                            %


Compressibility               %


  Recovery                          %


Sulphur content              ppm


  Chloride content             ppm


 4.FAQ of Graphite Sheet


Q :What knid of payment terms can your company accept?

A: We can accept 30% prepayment, 70% payment before shippment



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Q:What kind of milling cutter will be used for slotting the aluminum bar?
A three - edge 4 - edge cutter or saw cutter, which is milled in place.
Q:Remelted scrap aluminium alloy window aluminum rod of 1 tons can sell how much money.
Alloy furnace: iron is the harmful substance in aluminum and its alloy, and it has the greatest influence on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy. Therefore, the scrap iron in miscellaneous aluminium should be selected in the pretreatment process to the maximum extent. By separating the magnetic separation of iron and steel scrap and further processing, because there are combined mechanical parts of aluminum based non-ferrous metal scrap iron and steel in some devices, it is difficult to separate, such as nuts, scrap pieces of wires, keys, plumbing parts, small gear, it is necessary for the separation of this part, because separation of nonferrous metals can improve and enhance the value of scrap iron and steel grades, but the separation is difficult, generally use the manual dismantling and sorting, but low efficiency. In order to improve the production efficiency, the most effective way to deal with the difficult to disassemble parts of aluminum and steel is to heat them in a special melting furnace to make the aluminum melt out of the waste steel.Casting homogenizing furnace: controlling the quality of aluminium profile by controlling the alloy composition of aluminium ingot. Adopting the advanced proportional heating and temperature control system, the temperature difference is small, the casting adaptability and component segregation of the aluminum rod are eliminated completely, and the plasticity and the strength of the alloy are greatly improved.
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Flame brazing of aluminium tube for refrigerator.Because the refrigerator aluminum tubes are relatively small, relatively thin, and more used for copper tube, aluminum pipe or aluminum pipe copper pipe welding, of course, there are aluminum pipe, aluminum pipe welding. From the above three situations, can be divided into the following welding methods1, if it is aluminum brass or brass tubes connected, can choose Wei Odin copper aluminium welding rod flame brazing welding, the welding work at the melting point of 480 degrees, is cored electrode without the use of complex welding powder.2, if it is connected to the aluminum tubes, aluminum welding can be used WEWELDING Q303, with no need to use liquefied petroleum gas spray welding powder, heating WE53 special welding parts to 500 degrees, and then use the wire in welding parts with a wire tip forming flame burn slightly. Can also use ordinary ER4047 aluminum wire with aluminum powder to WE53-F welding, the welding cost is relatively low, but the technique requirements are relatively high. For expert use.
Q:How do you calculate the price and weight of aluminum sheet?
Our company imports more materials. It will be much more expensive if you are short of itAluminum prices have gone up this year
Q:Do you have an aluminum coil first? Is there an aluminum plate?
The general process of aluminum plate production is: aluminium ingot - aluminum water - casting roll - aluminum roll ---- aluminum plate [Ji'nan excellent aluminum industry]. Welcome to visit.
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Q:Fenglv aluminum material how ah? What aluminum materials do you use for windows and doors?
Economic point of view, choose plastic film packaging materials. Yes, the price of the material must be more expensive, at one price per share.

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