Flexible duct high carbon steel wire of CNBM in China

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China main port
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1 m.t.
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1 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Steel Grade:

high carbon steel



Wire Gauge:


Place of Origin:

Hebei China (Mainland)





Alloy Or Not:


Special Use:

Cold Heading Steel

Brand Name:


Tensile Strength:


Weight of coating:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:In rolls, plastic inner and hessian bag/pp woven bag outer,big coil. also can be according to your requirement.
Delivery Detail:30 days when we received the down payment


Good quality with competitive price.


Product Description


1) Material: high carbon steel, 45#, 55#, 65#
2) Finish: hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized

25kg to 200kg/coil


1. Galvanized Steel wire: It can be divided into two series: 

   Electro galvanized wire

   Hot dipped galvanized wire


2. Galvanized Steel wire: Zinc coated:

   Electro galvanized wire(60g/m2)

   Hot dipped galvanized wire(100g/m2-200g/m2)


3. Galvanized Steel wire: 

   Common weight per coil: 25kgs-200kgs big coil (other weights are available as customers' request)


4. Galvanized Steel wire:

   Tensile Strength: 1370Mpa


5. Galvanized Steel wire: 

   Good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc


6. Galvanized Steel wire: 

   Common package:

   Inner plastic film, then weave nylon bag cloth.


7. Galvanized Steel wire:

   Quality certification: ISO9001:2000


8. Galvanized Steel wire:

   Application: Using in making welded mesh, gabion mesh, barbed wire, binding wire, wire ropes, etc.













































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Q:airsoft upgrade wires?
cheap wires tend to break over time, short out, etc. It's nice to have quality stuff in you gun.
Q:Wiring a bathroom fan help?
The wiring for the original installation had the white wire for a common neutral, and one of the red or black wires for the fan and the other for the light. If your new fixture does not have both a fan and a light, simply use either the red or black, and put a wirenut on the unused wire; you will then have one wall switch that does nothing. If it DOES have both, then one non-white wire goes to the fan, the other to the light, and the white wire goes to both.
Q:How do I wire up a three way switch?
It sounds like you want to switch a light off and on from two locations. Here is what is needed. Two three way switches Open up both boxes and look inside. There should be a black, red, white and copper wire in that box. If so make sure you have a three way switch and take the copper wire and wrap it arond the gren screw. Turn the switch so that you can see the back side. On one side there will be one screw colored black. Place the black wire on that one and turn the switch a little and you will see two brass screws. Put the red wire on the bottom and white on top and tightem them. Now move on over to the other box. This one shoud have the following a black, red, and white w/ground and also a black and white with ground. One of the black wires will be alive and as it is now the only one. locating the live wire you can mark it some how and turn the electricity off at the breaker. Check to make sure all is quiet and safe the box, if so we move on. Take the two copper wires and twist them together a few turns leaving about 4 inch pigtail. Cut the other copper wire and then put the copper pig tail on the green screw. Now take the two white wires and twist them together and secure with a wirenut. Fold them back and stick into the back of the box. Take the wire that was alive and secure that to the black screw. Then take the other black and secure it on the opposite side to the brass one. Put the red one(Travellers) on the top brass screw. You should be all set. Now turn the power back on. Turn the lights on at one box and then go over to the other and turn them off. Now walk back to the first box and turn them on. If this does't work, Shut the power off and go to the first box and remove switch the red and white wires(travellers). Should do the trick kill all power and secure switches in the box If John Hinself is real than I am an Imposter
Q:Circuit breakers with the live wire?
The neutral wire is never connected to to a circuit breaker or fuse. It measures the current passing through the hot wire and opens if the current gets to high. Although the same amount of current passes through the neutral wire, an open breaker or fuse in that wire would let the load be connected to the hot wire but not to ground so you could bet shocked from it.
Q:Wiring parallel parallel subwoofers?
you could no longer do it with out putting greater resistive factors in it. 2 4 ohm SVC subs in parallel continuously equals 2 ohm. what style of amp are you working? countless amps can handle a 2 ohm mono bridged configuration (and get greater capability to them). in case you prefer to furnish the amp 4 ohms, you could run each and every off of left or stunning, and feed them a mono sign. i assume this may be as on the verge of give way of a bridged mono 4 ohm configuration with 2 4 ohm subs.
Q:need to know about truck camper wiring?
green is common ground. red is usually rear lights, White and yellow are the turn signals Black is the bachk up lights. But it is not standard.
Q:what is memory wire? i need jewelry-making wire?
Hi - I hope this information helps you - Beadalon® Remembrance™ is thin, tempered stainless steel wire that is used as a beading medium. The wire is corrosion resistant and will resist tarnishing. Like a spring, Remembrance wire is rigid and snaps back to its original form when expanded and released. The wire remembers its shape and retains its coil form. Sterling Silver Wires To choose the right kind of silver wire for your project, you should know how you want the piece to look and what kind of piece you are creating. You will need to consider both the hardness of the wire and the gauge of the wire. There are three kinds of sterling silver wire. They are: Dead soft, half hard and full hard. Dead soft wire is very easy to bend. It can be better for wire wrapping or for making wire beads but will often not hold shapes intended for wire wrapping. Dead soft silver wire is usually used by people who work silver because it hardens as its shaped and hammered. Half hard sterling wire is stronger than dead soft but is still quite malleable. It is excellent in wire wrapping smaller or heavier beads and is a good choice for beading and jewelry making projects. Full hard silver wire is hard to use and bend and not necessarily recommended for jewelry making - at least for a hobbyist.
Q:2000 firebird wiring?
You may want to go to one of the many forums for F-body cars for help(links below). Can you include a link to a picture? I'll try and find a wiring diagram.
Q:whats the difference between a 4gauge and an 8 gauge wire?
the 4 gauge is twice as thick as the 8 gauge.and the speaker wire should be speaker wire not 4 or 8 gauge wire.and 4 gauge is the way to go for power and ground off your amplifier.you can buy heavier speaker wire for your sub woofers from any car audio dealer by the foot.whatever thickness wire you use to power your amplifier is the thickness you use to ground it.and ground your amplifier as close to the amplifier as possible to a clean steel area with a self tapping screw and a o ring clip on the ground wire.both power and ground should be the same thickness.the speaker wire is up to you.
Q:New ceiling fan, old wiring.?
Personally, I would not connect anything to old knob-n-tube wiring. I would replace all of it with modern wiring. And as for a ceiling fan, not only does it require a box designed for ceiling fan support (which I doubt you have right now), it also requires 3 wires, served by a 14/3 Romex with ground. It will have a black, white, red, and bare ground. The red wire is for the light, black for the fan, white neutral, and bare copper to green ground. On the wall, you will need a double-gang box containing 2 devices. One is a standard light switch controlling the light. The other is a fan controller unit ($12.49 at Home Depot) for the fan speed. It has 4 click-stops, High, Medium, Low, and Off. It uses a standard double-switch wallplate. On the fan itself, cut the chains off. Be sure the fan is set to HIGH, and the light ON when you cut them.

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