Flat TPS Cable PVC 450/750V 2C Copper AS/NZS 5000.2

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Flat TPS Cable PVC 450/750V 2C Copper AS/NZS 5000.2


Easi-peel sheath for general wiring unenclosed, in conduit, buried direct or in underground ducts for domestic, commercial and industrial installations where not subject to mechanical damage.

  • Rated voltage: 450/750V

  • Conductor: Copper 1~16 mm2

  • Insulation: PVC, V-90. Red & Black or Red & White (Twin Active)

  • sheath: PVC, 3V-90. White (Red for Fire Alarm)

  • Environmental performance: Normal operating temp. 75℃

  • Standards compliance: AS/NZS 5000.2

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(Including PVC, insulation, etc.), insulation sheath (same as the power cable, or control cable, or signal cable, copper wire or aluminum wire), insulation (including PVC insulation, Insulation), applicable objects (such as marine, explosion-proof area) and the cable cross-sectional area and the number of cores. Model knowledge, please refer to encyclopedia: wire ?fr=ala0_1 wire safety carrying capacity,
Q:What is the difference between the cable KVVP and KVVP2?
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Q:Cable model, W, KVV, KVVP, KW What is the difference?
VV: PVC insulated PVC sheathed power copper core cable KVV: PVC insulated PVC sheathed control copper cable KVVP: PVC insulated braided sheathed PVC sheathed control copper cable

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