Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series

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Product Description:

1. Structure of  Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series

 This flat plate comprises strong low Iron tempered textured glass and absorber plate of different thickness and frame style for option, and risers and headers comform to international standard; for the back plate,it is constructed with galvanized steel and the  frame is extruded with anodized aluminum alloy. This product is smart in appearance and get good quality.

Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series

1.glazing,      2. absorber plate,      3. risers,       4. insulation,         5. casing


2. Main Features of Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series

  • low iron tempered textured glass can maximize the solar radiation available and minimize energy emittance 

  • risers designed for either water or propylene glycol

  • good corrosion resistance and light handling capbilities


3. Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series Images

Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series


4. Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series Specifications


Flat Plate for Solar Collector Model SDT3.0-A/C Series


5. FAQ


Q1.: What is the respective diameter of the risers and heads?

         Re: For the risers the diameter is 22mm &25mm and for the heads 10mm.


Q2.: What is the insulation of this product?

        Re:  Fiber glass is used to insulate the base of the collector to minimize heat loss. It has 30mm to 50mm thickness for option and has a conductivity 0.048W/(m.K).

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Q:Where is the solar collector installed in the building?
Hello, the location of solar collectors have different species, can be placed on the roof, the angle is generally 45 degrees, you can put on the south wall and building integration, selected as a satisfactory answer Thank you!
Q:The characteristics of flat solar collectors
Flat solar water heater advantages: First, particularly suitable for integration with the building requirements. Flat solar water heater because of its structural characteristics of the plane, in the integration of solar energy applications, the shape of flexible structure, the design is not subject to the shape or size of the constraints,
Q:Condensation type solar collectors and non-concentrating heaters
solar collectors can be divided into two types. Condenser collector A condenser is a solar collector that uses a reflector, a lens, or other optics to change the direction of solar radiation entering the lighting port and converge to the heat absorber
Q:What is the solar collector
A solar collector is a device that converts radiant energy from the sun into heat. As the solar energy is more dispersed, must try to put it together, so the collector is a key part of the use of solar energy devices.
Q:The introduction of flat solar water heater
The collector and the water tank are separated from each other. The collector can be flexibly installed on the roof, skylight, balcony or wall, and it is not limited by the position and has reached the perfect combination with the high-rise building and the environment.
Q:Flat solar collector is a good blue film, or good black chrome? It is best to specify.
However, the current plating black chrome process, the current density (15 ~ 200A / dm2), the solution conductivity is poor, plating will produce a lot of Joule heat, cooling and ventilation need to maintain normal production. In addition, the black chrome plated in the non-copper pieces, you need to pre-copper, and then plating bright nickel, and finally black chrome, the higher production costs.
Q:What is the working principle of flat solar collectors?
Flat plate solar collector heat plate is flat shape, hence the name. It consists of transparent cover, heat sink, and jacket composed of four parts. The solar radiation passes through the transparent cover of the collector, is projected on the heat absorbing plate, the heat absorbing plate absorbs and converts it into heat energy, and then the heat is transferred to the heat transfer medium in the heat absorbing plate to raise the temperature Useful energy output.
Q:About centralized solar water heater
passes through the solenoid valve or the collecting system circulating water pump under the control of the control system to run automatically, The hot water in the collector will be transferred to the
Q:What is the classification of solar collectors?
According to the collector heat transfer type: liquid collector, air collector. According to whether the solar radiation into the lighting port to change the direction of points: condenser type collector, non-concentrating type collector.
Q:With the tonnage of solar collectors and air to hot water which power consumption
This question relates to what assistance is to be used in the hot water project of the solar collector, as well as the location and duration of the project. If you do not use auxiliary heating equipment, there is no doubt that the solar collector hot water project power consumption is minimal, but due to the uncertainty of the sun

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