Flat plate collector FPC1200D

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Type Flat Plate Collector
Pressure Pressurized
Circulation Type Indirect / Closed Loop (Passive)
Connection Type Split
Certification CE, Solar Keymark,AS/NZS2535,4020
Model Number FPC1200D
Recommend region world wide

Key points
. Easy installation, long service life. . Good insulation properties. Low decline speed according to environment temperature decline. It's better to be installed in above-zero environment.
. Adjustable, installation will not be affected by angle.
. It can be evacuated in winter for anti-freeze purpose.
. High blue selective coating, full plate laser welding technology, with high absorbing efficiency, operates with 6 bar pressure. Test pressure is 10 bar.
. Laser welding technology. Heat faster, and heat loss is smaller.

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Q:Solar water heater is how to work?
Is not the normal operation of solar power, but in the rainy days continuous, start power consumption of electric auxiliary heating, electric auxiliary heater is 1500 watts, is the general temperature control, electric heating temperature is about 65 degrees, the highest temperature of the solar sun rises by 100 degrees. The market generally buy a vacuum tube type solar vacuum tube solar heating principle is in the water, on the thermal siphon vacuum tube hot water to the water tank, and the cold water in the water tank into the vacuum tube, these are microcirculation.
Q:How to use solar energy water heater with air heater
I can do hot air heating engineering, the problem can be answered!Here to confirm a master and auxiliarySolar love limit is larger, there should be sunshine, small heatAir can be more powerful, not subject to weather restrictions, water productionReasonable approach is to air energy, solar energy, supplemented by the program
Q:What are the requirements for the installation of solar water heaters?
The installation of solar water heaters by professional personnel to operate, install to south toward is the best, the tilt angle and the latitude. If used only in summer, the tilt angle should be reduced by 10 degrees latitude; winter use, the tilt angle should be the local latitude plus 10 degrees. Wind resistance performance depends mainly on its installation and fixing, so the installation of water heaters must be stable and strong, can withstand the invasion of high winds.
Q:Why solar water heaters, hot and cold water temperature is not adjusted:
A mechanical mixer is normal, this is very difficult to control the contrast.
Q:How solar water heater winter.
The residual water in the pipeline pumping back to water tank, so every time when the water is hot water, cold water is not discharged, saving water and avoid water pipes frozen in winter.
Q:How long do you need to deal with solar water heater in summer?
If the exhaust is OK, once the exhaust is not smooth, too much pressure will cause the water tank is inflated, and will accumulate scale, which will lead to shorten the life of the tank.
Q:Solar water heater has shown how to do water
First, the instrument may be broken, the proposed maintenance.Second, look at the water level sensor probe, is not considered pulled out, not immersed in water. So I can't get the water
Q:Solar water heater in the end do not use electricity
Solar water heaters are in need of electricity, heating with solar energy in summer and heating in winter.
Q:Feasibility of using solar water heater for household heating
Air energy heat pump water heater industry pioneer in the careful cultivation has been gradually recognized by the majority of consumers. Her advanced nature lies in the very energy saving and environmental protection, with other water heater can not be replaced.
Q:How to defrost the solar water heater
The solar water heater, a lot of people in the winter time use are more careful, but we should note that the general solar are equipped with heating and anti freezing device, many consumers are often sub ah pipes are frozen, use it to thaw, it is not good, easy to damage the life of solar energy.

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