Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Machine with HIgh Quality

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

The fry ice cream machine is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker that not only makes ice but also hard ice cream and soft ice cream. Besides, you can also add some decorations, like fruits, nuts, candy, biscuits, etc into it so that make the perfect ice cream which caters the tastes of different people.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

Model: GL-F700 fired ice cream machine

Voltage: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz


N.W.: 130KG


Lowest temperature: -30 degree

Compressor: Panasonic

Refrigerant: R410a

Machine Size: 1770x630x850mm


Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

1.    Pre cool the machine for 1-2 mins before you use.
2.    Prepare fresh mix(fruit mix , milk ect), 
3.    Evenly spread the mixture onto the ice pan and fried it after it firm.
4.    Add the fruits according to your flavor into the mix to fry together.
5.    Once it is firm enough scoop up the ice cream into the cups.
6.    well done and delivery to your customer


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cream Machine with HIgh Quality


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Ice maker, 1 tons of water, how much ice and how much salt do you need? Do you have the process requirements of ice maker?
24 hours to run off 9600 kg of water 9600 kg. 96 times a day of ice about the weight of 384-480 kg. 9600 kg (waste water) +480 kg =10080 kg 24 hours a day so ice consumes 10.08 tons of water.
Q:On the whole, what are the advantages of an automatic solar ice maker?
If there are any advantages, there are two main ones1. solar ice making machine can store energy in the form of ice. It has large energy volume and good safety, but it also has the disadvantage of less convenient storage.2 in some places need ice, usually the higher the temperature, the greater the demand of ice, such as refrigerated freezer. Usually, the high temperatures also correspond to more intense sunlight, while the more intense sunlight also corresponds to higher output of solar ice machines.
Q:Why does the ice machine work for 14 minutes before the ice is full?
Check the water level and the position of the water level probeIf there is no heat, that is the problem of defrosting solenoid valve, ice machine in the first 7 minutes before the start of the ice is usually not detected, ice machine water source temperature shall not be higher than 32 degrees C
Q:The great gods come out and turn to the ice maker without ice
If you can enter the ice off state, the heating pipe can also be normal heating, may be ice free time or heating valve is too small, you need to adjust the control board procedures, or replace the large heating valve. Generally speaking, this possibility is smaller and the product will be matched when it leaves the factory.In general, these are the possibilities that I hope will help you.
Q:What is the shape of the ice maker temperature sensor in that position of the ice maker?
Open the back cover of the machine, you can see in the right hand side there are two copper tubes, usually wrapped in sponge, one of which is connected to the front of the ice, the sensor is tied to the top, it is connected to the circuit board. The head is iron, chopsticks head size, white, very easy to find
Q:The ice machine always stops and restarts. What's the matter?
Ice machine failure to stop, there may be condensation temperature is too high, resulting in self-protection of the machine to restart their own. Is your ventilation bad heat?
Q:Specification and model of ice maker
1, round ice series: according to different ice making capacity, ice machine has three models to choose fromModel ice yield, ice storage, shape, sizeMC25 2610, 450*475*650MC45 4320, 550*550*800MC65 6745, 700*600*902
Q:Why is ice maker not hot enough for deicing?
Made of ice by means of a water carrier and passing through a device in the energized state. According to the principle of the evaporator and the different production methods, the shape of the ice is also different; people usually ice machine will be divided into ice machine, ice machine, ice plate machine, tube ice machine, shell ice machine, and so on.
Q:How many times does the ice maker alarm when the ice is out?
3. the ice machine enters the ice removal program (the water pump stops working and the compressor stops cooling), but the ice does not fall off.Fault reason: two way solenoid valve is damaged.Maintenance method: replace solenoid valve or outside ring.4., water shortage light, but the machine does not automatically into the water.Cause of failure: pipe water or water inlet, electromagnetic valve is out of order, valve is not opened.Maintenance method: check the water inlet of the pipeline, after the water is opened, restart the water. When the inlet solenoid valve fails, replace it.5. ice compressor compressor work, but the pump has not been working (no flow) failure: pump damage or fouling inside the pump plug.Maintenance method: clean the water pump or replace it.
Q:How much money the ice machine
There are many kinds of ice machines, including ice making machines (which are the most used ones), snow machines, ice ice machines, ice machines and so on. According to the amount of ice making, the price will vary. From thousands to hundreds of thousands. Ice maker.

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