Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Fry Ice Cream Machine

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Product Description:

Description of Ice Cream Machine:

The fry ice cream machine is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker that not only makes ice but also hard ice cream and soft ice cream. Besides, you can also add some decorations, like fruits, nuts, candy, biscuits, etc into it so that make the perfect ice cream which caters the tastes of different people.

Festures of Ice Cream Machine:

Model: GL-F700 fired ice cream machine

Voltage: 220v/50hz, 110v/60hz


N.W.: 130KG


Lowest temperature: -30 degree

Compressor: Panasonic

Refrigerant: R410a

Machine Size: 1770x630x850mm


Specifications of Ice Cream Machine:

Easy operation. Switch on power, put raw material . it can make fried ice instantly. 

Wide application. Used for various sugary liquid, ice cream raw material, milk, various fruit juice

Adopts imported famous brand compressor, good performance, long service life, high efficiency 

and energy saving.All refrigeration system adopts the high quality copper. Service life is 3 times than common machineThe working panel & part contact food is made by stainless. machine body is made by thick steel plate lacquered, durable, water & dust proof.


Images of Ice Cream Machine:

Flat Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine, Fry Ice Cream Machine


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Ice machine, ice making has been non-stop ice, what is the matter?
The core components - the evaporation in the ice making machine, has been deformed, so there will be no ice skates, ice amount so you will of course be less than the original.
Q:Why do you add salt to the ice maker?
1, ice machine should not be placed in the outdoor environment, it is best to install in a safe, clean, well ventilated environment, and do not be direct sunlight and rain.2, ice machine can not be near the heat source, the use of the environment can not be less than 5 degrees centigrade, not higher than 40 degrees, so as not to affect the temperature of the condenser too high heat dissipation, can not reach a good ice making effect.3, ice machine should be installed with a smooth platform, and adjust the bottom of the machine screw to ensure that the machine placed level, otherwise it will not cause ice and running noise. There should be space around. In order to facilitate heat dissipation, the left, right and back space of the machine must not be less than 150mm.
Q:What is the shape of the ice maker temperature sensor in that position of the ice maker?
There are four main types of temperature sensors: thermocouple, thermistor, resistance temperature detector (RTD) and IC temperature sensor. IC temperature sensor also includes analog output and digital output of two types.
Q:What do you mean by the three lights flashing on the ice maker?
The power indicator of the ice maker is flashing fast. The machine doesn't work: the reason for the trouble is to check the temperature of the probe and break the circuit.The ice machine maintenance method: open the rear lid, open the electrical control of compressor above, find a three core connector, check off or bad contact phenomena can be re inserted.
Q:Would you please tell me, in addition to ice maker, what kind of hard ice is used for making cocktails?
Freeze out ice machine now is generally hollow ice is not suitable for cocktails personally I love in a box on the hot water and then directly into the refrigerator frozen ice block and then put it into ice ice so that not only the melting time will be extended and translucent reflective degree is very good and that can do you want to do because of size or ice hockey each wine of ice is also somewhat different
Q:What accounts should be taken of the ice machine purchased?
Hello, what kind of business do you belong to? Is it used for production or management?,
Q:How to install water cooled ice maker
Water ice making machine should have four pipes, a water inlet interface is above two, the condensed water inlet below the water inlet, outlet is below two, the condensed water drainage outlet opening above, installation is not what is not the same, are ordinary installation, as long as the water drainage pipe is ok.
Q:Ice in ice machines can be melted in hot water. Can they be drunk?
Snowflake Ice Machine Series (40 kg - 350 kg)Freshwater ice machine series (0.3 tons - 60 tons)Sea water ice machine series (1 tons - 6 tons)
Q:How do you calculate the amount of refrigeration required for an ice maker?
Currently on the market of air conditioner refrigeration quantity should be W (W) expressed on the market and used horses to describe the air conditioner refrigeration quantity. The conversion relationship between the two: one of the cooling capacity is approximately 2000 kcal, converted to international units should be multiplied by 1.162 watts, so a refrigeration the amount should be 2000 kcal * 1.162 = 2324W. where W (Watts) means that the cooling capacity of refrigeration, and 1.5 horses should be 2000 kcal x 1.5 x 1.162 = 2486W.
Q:What about ice machines without water?
1 answersFor many reasons the ice machine not ice, but cannot do without the ice machine itself can be the first observation of hardware, abnormal situation, and finally determine the location of the fault point, not ice the crux of the problem, so the shrinking area can quickly and accurately find the point of failure. Here is a summary of the ice maker's failure analysis: first, the machine runs but not ice

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