Flat Iron Wire With Good Quality And Low Price

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Product Description:

1.Product Quick Details

Mainly used for communication equipment, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, architecture, arts and crafts, nail carton packaging, lighting, home decor.

Material: Processed with high quality low carbon steel wire rods

Section Shape: Rectangle

Sectional Dimension (mm): 3 * 0.7, 2.8 * 0.7, 3 * 1.5 and 3.2 * 0.7

Diameter:  0.7 mm to 1.5mm

Dimension Tolerance: +-0.02mm

Tensile Strength: 900-1200 mpa

2.Product Characteristic

1. Binding flat wire

2. Material: Processed with high quality low carbon steel wire rods
3. Section Shape: Rectangle
5.Dimension Tolerance: +-0.02mm
6. Tensile Strength: 900-1200 mpa
7.Model: 16 # 17 # 18 # 19 # 20 # and 22 #
8. Specifications (W * D): 16 # (2.15 * 0.75mm), 17 # (2.0 * 0.8mm), 18 # (1.75 * 0.75mm), 20 # (1.35 * 0.65mm) and 22 # (1.15 * 0.55mm)
9. Process: Processed with quality low-carbon steel through drawing molding, acid pickling, high temperature annealing and galvanizing.
10. Use: The products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh weaving, highway fence, product packaging, daily life and other fields.


1)Dia: 0.13mm, 0.18-1.83mm, Tolerance: +/-0.01mm
2)Tensile Strength: 650-1250,
3)Zinc Thickness: 5-18G/M2
4)Packing: Any kinds of packing is available.
5)Delivery time: About 15 days.
6)Payment term: T/T, L/C, etc. 

4.Reference Picture

Flat Iron Wire With Good Quality And Low Price

Flat Iron Wire With Good Quality And Low Price

Flat Iron Wire With Good Quality And Low Price


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