Flanged Constant Head Check Valve Pump Check Valve

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Export plywood box,wooden case

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Sizes: DN100 - DN800 
Pressure: 1.6 - 6.4MPa 
Suitable temperature:<80 C 
Connection: RF

Constant Head Check Valve

Sizes: 4“ - 48" 
Pressure: 1.6 - 6.4MPa 
Suitable temperature:<80°c
Connection: RF

  1. Introduction

It is a new authorized water power control valve of our company, awarded the national patent.

It’s mainly available for service pipe on diesel pump and electric pump , to ensure pump sets to supply water at a rated head and flow, specially for preventing overloading at a low head and overloaded starting. It can be used for water supply and fire pump system in pipeline for auto-inspection and decompression running.

This constand head/check valve is widely to use for water supply system such as daily, industrial and smelting and fire protection, and a multi parallel connection pump sets system etc. it’s a ideal valve for keeping pipeline safety and running high efficiency

2. Application of this constant head check valve

It solves problems on application of pumps in the field of water industry.

2.1 Pump can be started at low axis power to decrease the drive start power

2.2 Pump can be worked under a huge of pressure diversification , enable working in a high efficiency for saving energy.

2.3 Pump can be worked under a huge of pressure diversification ,enable working as the model section situation for ensuring the suited drive equipment non-overloaded

2.4 Pump is injecting water to pipeline as the model section situation to ensure the suited drive equipment non-overloaded

2.5 Pump is injecting water to pipeline as the model section situation to ensure the suited drive equipment non-overloaded

2.6 When pump is stopped, ensuring pump and pipeline connection is cutoff to prevent water flowing back



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 Flanged Constant Head Check Valve Pump Check Valve

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Q:Installation position of air pipe check valve
The air pipe check valve is installed in an air conditioner or a pipeline, and when the fan is in operation, the blade is lifted and the air flow passes smoothly; when the fan stops, the valve blade is closed, and the backflow of gas is prevented. But the wind speed in the air duct must not be less than 8m/s. (it can be made into explosion-proof type or pneumatic type)Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium.
Q:What is the working principle of the flue check valve?
The utility model relates to a flue check valve, which belongs to an automatic valve, and the main function of the utility model is to prevent the backflow of oil smoke, and only to flow in one direction, and to prevent the airflow from flowing in opposite directions.Simon common flue check valve is the use of aerodynamics and mechanical principles of lever machinery, the use of South Korea's imports of high-quality ABS LG engineering materials for the material.
Q:What's the difference between check valves and non-return valves?
Other check valves (check valves), such as blowdown check valves,Civil air defense explosion-proof valve and liquid use of the principle of the check valve is very similar.
Q:The check valve for the printer doesn't have any air in it, but it doesn't come out. It still doesn't work
1. Do you have ink in the ink cartridge? If not, you can't hit it;2, the ink box installation is in place, let the printer self check to see whether the instructions are normal;3, everything is normal, "maintenance" in the print head, not, deep cleaning;Generally normal, no, that might be a cup, change cartridgesIn addition, the check valve must be opened when printing, the cartridge is not placed high, and so on after processing
Q:How to install fire fighting pipe and flue fire check valve?
1, vertical transport, the flue should take protective measures, and must be two lifting.2. Locate the center line of the flue position. In the reserved hole, draw down four vertical central lines from the roof, and draw 2 orthogonal central lines on the floor plane.3, the flue to the scene, the first flue hanging to the roof, surrounded by the center line of pop in the flue, and the flue of the reserved hole slowly down the electric hoist, from top to bottom layer installed flue in place, the center line correction. The center line of the flue and the center line of the reserved hole should be less than 1cm, the deviation of the centerline of the upper and lower flue is not greater than 1cm, and each flue must be guaranteed vertically and vertically.
Q:Is the hdf41x 1.6Mpa a check valve?
Backflow prevention device according to tap water supply equipment, especially drinking water pipe back to serious pollution, and effectively prevent the pollution device under the condition of a strictly limited hydraulic control assembly pipeline water only one-way flow of development, its function is to prevent backflow pipeline media in any condition, in order to avoid the purpose of backflow pollution.
Q:What's the fire check valve?
The valve of the product is opened, and the direction of opening and opening of the side open type fireproof check valve is consistent with the exhaust direction in the exhaust pipe of the smoke exhauster, and the exhaust is smooth.
Q:Are the gate valves and check valves of the same type?
Not the same gate valve, it is a kind of opening and closing function (i.e. switch) of the valve, it is on the gate lifting and play the role of the switch, the switch is to be applied by external force (hand wheel, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic) it is not required to;
Q:Fire hood fire check valve okay?
Lampblack machine flue check valve is generally installed in the hood outlet check valve, the valve has two blades, a reset spring, exhaust hood leaf was blown open, lampblack machine stop when the blade is spring pressed into the closed state, now is basically take lampblack machine the check valve check valve, but the general tightness is not very good, open the hood can be seen around the gap.
Q:Install check valve is not afraid of water, in case the back of the water pollution?
The function of the check valve is to prevent water from flowing back. It is mainly used at the pump outlet to protect the water pump. Of course, it is also possible to prevent backwater pollution. Where to use it, mainly to function, is not necessarily to be applied in a traditional way!

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