flange used for the concrete

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pipe ends of the concrete pump, weld-on collars.

Forging Concrete Pump Pipe Weld-on Collar
2.40CR(ASTM 5140)
4. High quality and long lifetime

1. Sizes : DN125,DN 150,DN175.
2. Types :SK fangle, ZX flange, DH Flange,Twin Wall Flange

3. Material :ST52, 20# etc.

4. Usage : Welded on pipe and elbow, they are widely used on Sany,PM,Schwing, IHI,  Junjin , KCP , Everdigm concrete pum pipe, elbow.

5.Certificate :ISO9001-2000


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Q:Flanges of different sizes
If the outer diameter is not big, the bolt hole, the middle diameter and the bore diameter can be unified. If the specifications are different and can not be directly connected, you can use the big head as an excessive.
Q:What does the 6 11/4 mark on the flange face mean?
This is the American Standard. "6" means "DN150 11/4", which refers to "DN32", "11/2", "DN40", "" and "DN80"
Q:Where is the difference between the double flange limit expansion joint and the double flange transmission joint?
Double flange dowel joint can transfer the pressure thrust of the connecting piece (blind plate force) and error compensation line, reduce the damage of axial thrust of piping systems and equipment. Mainly used to connect the pump, valve, pipe and other accessories loose.I have a friend, Gongyi West Village Xin Xin pipe fittings factory production of these two products, you can consult, and I hope that my answer can help you
Q:The middle tail of the total length of 50 meters and it would be great for enduring 2 flange head butt would like this?? Five
Fiber optic jumper transmission speed attenuation is greater, but also much smaller than the network transmission, 50 meters distance using two wins SC fiber flange, attenuation is only a few dB, ignored. Of course, also need to use some domestic good quality goods, Jingdong search ranking in front of a few can, like win for brand is good
Q:Flange diameter 190, diameter 80 is a few inches of 5
Flange outer diameter 190, inner diameter 80 is 3 inches.The correct parameter is the outer diameter 195mm, the inner diameter 89mm is the DN80 flange piece
Q:What is the meaning of flange PL50-16RF
Flat plate steel pipe flanges, hubbed steel pipe flanges. Flange for pressure level is relatively low, the pipeline system pressure fluctuation, vibration and shock are not serious in. Flange welding flange assembly has the advantages of easily on, and the price is cheaper, so it has been widely used.
Q:SolidWorks 2012 border flange profile editor cannot drag boundary line 20 ahSolid
2 methods, the first step to select 1 line, second generation flange flange contours drag select Edit flange vertical edge contour add size constraints. complete2 first generate the side flange directly, modify the sketch below the edge flange, and add dimensional constraints
Q:Can the equipment and pipe be directly connected between the pipe and the pipe, flange or welding?
It is better not to connect directly, which will help replace spare parts and later maintenance.
Q:Flange specification PL20 (B)
PL slip on plate 20 is DN (B) is a series of B with diameter of 25 steel which belongs to the national standard or Western Europe
Q:How should we get to know the flange?
What's the flange? Most books say this: flanges and their gaskets and fasteners are commonly referred to as flanged joints. Flange joints are widely used in engineering design and involve a wide range of parts and components. It is a pipe design, pipe fittings, valves indispensable part, but also other industries, such as heat, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, automatic control and other projects in a commonly used components.That may be very standard, but understand the people may be less.

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