flange used for the concrete

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pipe ends of the concrete pump, weld-on collars.

Forging Concrete Pump Pipe Weld-on Collar
2.40CR(ASTM 5140)
4. High quality and long lifetime

1. Sizes : DN125,DN 150,DN175.
2. Types :SK fangle, ZX flange, DH Flange,Twin Wall Flange

3. Material :ST52, 20# etc.

4. Usage : Welded on pipe and elbow, they are widely used on Sany,PM,Schwing, IHI,  Junjin , KCP , Everdigm concrete pum pipe, elbow.

5.Certificate :ISO9001-2000


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Q:Introduction of flange
Pipe flanges are flanges used for piping in pipe installations. They are used on equipment and refer to the entrance and exit flanges of the equipment. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges. Gaskets for gaskets between flanges. Sub threaded flange connection (threaded connection), flange welding flange and flange clamp. Flanges are used in pairs. Low pressure pipes can be made of wire flanges and welded flanges with pressures of more than four kilograms.
Q:I am learning machinery, there is a book in the book, LAN type,
According to the different grades of pressure, the flange pad also has different materials, from low pressure asbestos pad, high pressure asbestos pad to metal padFlange connection is easy to use and able to bear greater pressureIn the industrial pipeline, using flange connection is very extensive. Within the family, the small diameter of the pipe and low pressure, see flange connection. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere is the flange connection of pipes and equipment.
Q:What does the flange set contain?
If yes, it should include two sheets of flanges, gaskets, connecting bolts, nuts, if not specified: a pair of flanges
Q:What's the flange surface?
IF integral flange, SW socket welding flange, TH threaded flange; loose flange ring PJ/SE welding, PJ/RJ welding ring flanges; flanges BL, BL (S) lining flange
Q:What's the size, size, size and weight of DN 1000 flanges?
Flanges (Flange), also called flanges, flanges, or flanges. A flange is a part that is connected between the pipe and the pipe, used for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used for the flange on the entrance and exit of the equipment. It is used for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint means that the flange, the shim and the bolt are mutually connected as a group of three detachable sealing structures. Pipe flanges are flanges used for piping in pipe installations. They are used on equipment and refer to the entrance and exit flanges of the equipment.
Q:What is a stone flange?
Acrylic stone real flange (composite) - kitchen table changes in the quality of life in modern society, more and more attention from the public health and environmental protection, green health can not be ignored as indexes into closely related with people's daily life in all kinds of materials, stone flange professional quality guarantee for modern people's needs on health life. Flange, acrylic, man-made stone professional brand. As an environmentally friendly surface material, the flange is safe and convenient, and the real acrylic can effectively prevent the aging of the surface of the table surface. The fine texture makes the bacteria unable to survive, sanitary and beautiful. It is a marble texture, and wood processing performance, as well as beyond the general decorative material plasticity, in the brand ranks of man-made stone ranks unique, it can be said to be decorative materials all-round player. (a) all ten - flange stone meet your environmental health standard Home Furnishing antibacterial: from bottom to surface solid body, no pores, not absorb water or bacteria, the use of safe and reliable without shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. No: solid surface material is composed of acrylic acid, minerals and natural color, do not distribute any gas at room temperature. Flammability: refractory materials are tested by China National Fire building material quality supervision and inspection center. Hygiene: meets the National Health Foundation (NSF) standard fifty-first items, suitable for cooking equipment materials and components, and can be in direct contact with food.
Q:Magic Baby how to enter in the hall in the flange
Restrictions: early morning or evening, level 10 or more, recommend more than 5 teams of 101, first grade to 10 grade, and then to place the former East Garden Xie Fort (47,85) into the call between. After they arrived in the corridors of the hall, morning and evening (when the sun and the moon did not appear) appeared with Hall of Northwest soldiers (9.7) speak into the seal between.2, and then enter the yellow stone transmission to the city underground maze.
Q:What are single plate flanges, short tubes, flanges, short tubes, flanges, three connections, and flanged bends? What is the material? What is it?
1, single plate flange short tube: that is short pipe at one end of the flange;2, flange short tube: that is, both ends of the short tube flange;3, flange three pass: three links at each end have flange
Q:What do butt welding flanges WN300-150, RF, Sch40 mean?
WN said neck flange; 300 said flange nominal diameter 300mm, the 150 refers to the nominal pressure flange is 150LB (pounds) system will usually only America in pounds nominal pressure; RF said flange sealing surface for ordinary raised face seal, SCH40 pipe wall thickness grade with neck, usually with a welding neck flange and butt welding ring flanges complete specifications are required to fill in the pipe wall thickness.
Q:How high is the flange flange?
Only the weld ring loose flange is marked with a higher flange flange height. Moreover, different levels of C in the standard flange thickness has been set to die, your height suddenly face protruding at the flange thickness meet the appropriate process to face, is usually a value of experience, what is the scope of a DN, but the protruding height is not high, are generally small according to DN, increased, increasing

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