Flange OEM Customized CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges for Car

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Description of CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges

  1. We have our own factory and 15 cooperative factories, so supply the best quality mechanical products with the most competitive prices.

  2. All our factories are ISO 9001 certified. Some of them were awarded by ISO/TS16949, PED, etc. We also could provide RT, UT, MPI, WPS&PQR, etc. as per request.

  3. Main Features of CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges

 Quality guarantee 

•  Chemical checking 

• Mechanical testing after heat treatment 

•  Dimension inspected 

  1. Specification of CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges


1/2-48 inch (DN15-DN2000),1/2-48 inch (DN15-DN2000) stainless steel flange


Carbon Steel,Carbon steel stainless steel and alloy steel


JIS, as customers drawings for special use

Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Model Number:


Brand Name:


Standard or Nonstandard:


Surface treatment:

Anti-rust Oil, Transparent/Yellow/Black Anti-rust Paint,Zinc,

Pressure ratings:

Class 150 300 600 900 1500 and 2500


factory in-house self check or Third Party inspection


wooden cases pallets or as per customers special requirement.


Free forging, plate cutting

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:No Fumigate or Fumigate Playwood/Wood Pallet or Case,or as per customers special requirement.
Delivery Detail:Within 30days after receiving the formal order
  1. Images of CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges

Flange OEM Customized CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges for Car

Flange OEM Customized CNC Machining Forged Stainless Steel Flanges for Car


1. Do you supply free samples for customers?

Yes,we will supply free samples for you.Please send your address for us.

2. How Many years experience do you have?
We have been exported to more than 20 countries in the past 15 years.

3. How long do we usually reply your request?

We always reply our customer within 24 hours.


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Q:Flange specification PL80-1.6RF
For more flange types and sealing surfaces, please learn HG20592-1997 and HG20615-1997 standards
Q:SolidWorks why can't the side flange be gray?
There are generally two ways to create sheet metal parts. One is to make a sheet metal directly with the matrix flange,
Q:Mechanical flange problems,
The 6 holes of M12 are evenly distributed on one flange, the drilling depth of the screw hole is 24mm, and the depth of the wire tapping is 23mm.
Q:Shandong 03 fixed ventilation pipe flange production, installation, how to take charge?
The first chapter of the corresponding item to support.- fixed number: 9-546~749The eleventh chapter plastic ventilation pipe and components production and installationFour, the wind pipe production and installation projects include pipe fittings, flanges, reinforcement box, but does not include hanging support bracket, hanging support bracket, using the first chapter of the stent project.- fixed number: 9-590 interface and flexible expansion joint flange9-589 flexible interface and expansion joint without flange (pay attention to the difference between two quotas)The twelfth chapter of glass steel ventilation ducts and parts installationThree, glass steel ventilation pipe installation project, including three links, elbow, tube, pipe fittings and Tianyuandifang installation flange reinforced frame and the hanging bracket installation, not including the cross wind landing bracket. The landing bracket shall be calculated in accordance with the first chapter of the support project.- according to the above description, flange manufacture and installation has been included in the amount of wind control stability.
Q:Urgent! Flange tolerance: flatness, parallelism,? Twenty
Parallel degree should be marked that flange mounting flange gap when the maximum and minimum width difference, the difference is not too large, is on the corner of the bolt flange sealing, not partial, or in some places more pressure gasket, gasket in some places may be there virtual pressure, although it does not leak, long time might be have a problem,As for flatness, the surface finish of machined surface should be considered as the flange sealing surface can not be a flat surface, and must be opened with mortise or groove
Q:What is a stone flange?
Acrylic stone real flange (composite) - kitchen table changes in the quality of life in modern society, more and more attention from the public health and environmental protection, green health can not be ignored as indexes into closely related with people's daily life in all kinds of materials, stone flange professional quality guarantee for modern people's needs on health life. Flange, acrylic, man-made stone professional brand. As an environmentally friendly surface material, the flange is safe and convenient, and the real acrylic can effectively prevent the aging of the surface of the table surface. The fine texture makes the bacteria unable to survive, sanitary and beautiful. It is a marble texture, and wood processing performance, as well as beyond the general decorative material plasticity, in the brand ranks of man-made stone ranks unique, it can be said to be decorative materials all-round player. (a) all ten - flange stone meet your environmental health standard Home Furnishing antibacterial: from bottom to surface solid body, no pores, not absorb water or bacteria, the use of safe and reliable without shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. No: solid surface material is composed of acrylic acid, minerals and natural color, do not distribute any gas at room temperature. Flammability: refractory materials are tested by China National Fire building material quality supervision and inspection center. Hygiene: meets the National Health Foundation (NSF) standard fifty-first items, suitable for cooking equipment materials and components, and can be in direct contact with food.
Q:WN, SO, American Standard flange BL, TH, LJ, SW all said what 10
The 1 floor is written in English, but the translation is not professionalThese abbreviations refer mainly to the welding structures of flanges, necks and tubes or nozzlesWN [neck welding flange]Is [SO] hubbed flangeBL is [flange], also known as "blind plate.""
Q:What is the function of the flange stub?!
In pipe engineering, flanges are used mainly for pipe connections. In the need to connect the pipe, all kinds of installation of a flange, low pressure pipe can use wire connection flange, more than 4 kilograms pressure use welding flange. Seal points between the two flanges, then fasten with bolts.
Q:Can you check the anti - tumor drugs from Hongkong to the mainland?
This can be mailed, generally Hongkong post can express. Even if the charge is high, one point one small packages will require 160 Hong Kong dollars. Prior to help friends in Hongkong, Walter bought the house. I hope my answer can help you, but also hope to adopt
Q:What's the flange size?
Flanges, also known as flanges, are flanges that connect the pipe to the pipe and connect to the end of the pipe. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges.

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