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we can produce all kinds of EN1092 flanges

The main material for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel, such as ASTM A105, A182, A350, A694, ST35.8, ST45.8, ST37.2, C22.8, SS400, SM400B, 20Mn, 20 #, Q235, 16Mn, F304/304L, F316/316L, F321, LF2,F11/42/46/52/60/65, 15CrMo, 12Cr1MoV such.


The production base total area is about 82,300 square meters.The annual production capacity is more than 9000 tons, with fine processing technology and advanced detection means.


The company has passed Rhine, Germany(TüV) ISO9001 quality management system certification , European pressure equipment  and materials PED97/23/EC certification and German pressure equipment  and  materials AD2000-WO certification. It has also passed the pressure pipe components manufacturing safety registered certification of the State Quality Inspection Administration and classification societies certified .So a more effective guarantee is provided for the quality of the products.It has become the one of the enterprises  firstly through the certification in the industry.It plays an important leading role in the industry.


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Q:Does anyone know whether oil, gas, metal pipe flanges need cross wiring? Function? On the basis of what?
Flange cross connection is required,Electrostatic accumulation produces electrostatic sparks, so electrostatic discharge is necessary to the ground. But often because the gasket flange connection without electricity, the bolt will rust, caused by the two conductive flange is not good, so it is necessary to use jumper assurance static drain.Electrostatic grounding is not to decide the number of the flange bolts, is based on the measured resistance value to decide, so the requirements of electrostatic grounding: TSG D0001-2009 "pressure pipe safety technology supervision regulation for industrial pipeline" eightieth pipe electrostatic grounding requirements, the resistance value should be measured joint resistance and pipeline system. When the resistance value is more than 20801 or GB/T provisions of the design documents, shall be set up across the wire (or screw connection between the flange and the grounding wire).GB/T20801.4 2006 "pressure piping - Part fourth: Specification for industrial piping fabrication and installation of" 10.12 electrostatic grounding 10.12.1 pipeline static earthing request, each section shall have good electrical conductivity. The resistance of each flange or threaded joints between the values greater than 0.03, should set up a wire jumper.10.12.2 pipeline system to ground resistance value more than 100 ohm, should be taken Measure or set two grounding wire. Grounding wire shall be welded with.10.12.3 static grounding requirements of stainless steel pipe and titanium pipe, wire jumper or grounding wire may not be directly welded with titanium pipe and stainless steel pipe, the pipe should be using the same material and ground transition.10.12.4 electrostatic grounding after installation that must be tested when the resistance value exceeds the requirement should be adjusted.Data comes from the web
Q:With the size of American Standard flange CLASS300 DN15, why the minimum can only find DN20
There are CLASS300 DN15 HG20592-20635-2009 standard
Q:What's the single weld flange? What's the material for the welding flange? What's the difference between the two?
Welding flange is a ring metal ring, without other subsidiary structures or parts, light light is also called single welded flange, the two are the same. Its material is carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc., almost you want material can be found, it is not possible to find a flatbed car, ha ha
Q:What is the chord distance of the flange?
The center distance between 2 adjacent bolt holes on the flange
Q:SolidWorks assembly problem (the second holes on the flange can not fit coaxially)
The reason why the assembly can not be: 1, two parts of the hole size is different; 2 painted holes in the careless point, so there is a deviation position.
Q:108 pipes with large flanges
According to the nominal pressure difference, with nominal size of DN 100 flange
Q:What are flanges connecting 150CL, 300CL, 150CL and 300CL? How much pressure? What are flanges, LF/SE-RF, LF, SE and RF?
You can refer to: chemical industry standards HG/T 20592, 20615, steel pipe flanges, gaskets, fasteners. There are the European system, the PN series, the American system, the Class series. Class150 indicates nominal pressure equal to PN20, nominal pressure Class300 equal to PN50. In the production of people generally call the numerical Class as Class300 pounds, and 300 pounds, you hear from the name you can say, is the American Standard system. PN after the number is called kg, such as PN40 said 40 kg of flange, the other side will know.In the old standard, the number of units after PN was MPa, and Class150 equals PN2.0, equal to 2MPa (old standard)Now the new standard, PN after the numerical unit of bar, is the old standard of ten times the value. Class150 equals PN20, equal to 2MPa (new standard)Most of the current production of new standards, the old standard rarely used.LF/SE indicates the weld ring loose flange, where LF represents loose flange and SE indicates weld ring. This flange type combination, a pair of specific structures, you refer to the kind of bar, there is a problem, and then exchange.
Q:Can the hole on the flange be threaded?
Certainly. One of the flanges is the threaded flange
Q:What flange is the PP flange?
PP flange description:The PP flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the end of the pipe. In pipe engineering, flanges are used mainly for pipe connections. Different pressure flange has different thickness, the corresponding screw hole number, screw hole size is not the same, use different bolts. PP flanges are generally 1.0MPA pressure, the number and size of bolts are referenced to the HG20539-92 standard. When the pump and valve are connected with the pipe, the parts of the equipment are made into a corresponding flange shape, which is easy to connect and is called a flange connection. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges.PP flange classification:Flat flange (socket flange, flange), neck flange (butt welding flange), gasket ring (flange root, flange adapter), blind plate (blind flange, plug plate).PP flange application:The PP flange is usually defined as a fixed hole in the periphery of a disc like plastic body for connecting other things. It is widely used in pipes as well as machinery, so flanges are a kind of discoid parts. Flanges are most commonly used in pipe engineering.The PP flange is the joint that connects the pipe to the pipe, and is connected to the end of the pipe, also called the flange. The installation will be inserted into the pipeline flange, welding torch will use junction electrode melting welding. The welding method belongs to the socket type connection, and the utility model has the advantages of quick and convenient connection. The drawback is that the connection is improperly handled and is likely to pull apart when subjected to external force.
Q:What's the flange?
The edge of a structural or mechanical part that is perpendicular to the axis of a component. Flanges (Flange) are also called flanges or flanges. The flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and the valve and is connected to the end of the pipe. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges. Gaskets for gaskets between flanges. Flanges, threaded connections (wire connections), flanges and welded flanges and clamp flanges.
Our company has strong professional technical force, rich experience, integrated data and advanced equipment, as well as high-quality forging, machine-processing, assembling and packing production lines. Our product quality is in full compliance with both national and international standards, and we have obtained the ISO9001-2000 quality certification. Warmly welcome all to come to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
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Southern Europe
Company Certifications ISO9001:2008

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Nearest Port qingda
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
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Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average