Flame-retardent XLPE Insulated Power Cables for Coal Mining of Rated Voltage 8.7/10kV factory

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Product Description:


ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, APIQ1, CE
2.Rated voltage:8.7/10kV


1. Executive Standard

MT818.13-2009 (Chinese) Cables for coal mine part 13: Cross-linked polyethylene insulation power cables for coal mine rated voltage up to and including 8.7/10kV.


Produt Model ,Name and Use shown in Table 1



MYJV22XLPE insulator PVC sheathed power cable for coal miningMainly used for laying indoors and in the tunnel and pipelines. The cable can not bear greater external machanical forces
MYJV22XLPE insulator steel tape armoured PVC sheathed power cable for coal miningMainly used for laying indoors and underground, and in the tunnel and pipelines. The cable can not bear greater machanical tension, but certain machanical pressure
MYJV32XLPE insulator thin steel wire armoured PVC sheathed power cable for coal miningMainly used for laying indoors and underground, and in the tunnel and pipelines. The cable can bear greater machanical tension and certain machanical pressure
MYJV42XLPE insulator thick steel wire armoured PVC sheathed power cable for coal miningMainly used for laying indoors and underground, and in the tunnel and pipelines. The cable can bear certain machanical pressure and greater machanical tension


Product Insulation Thickness shown in Table




ModelNominal section(mm2)Conductor DC resistance at 20°C(Ω/km)
No Tin Plating



 Flame-retardent XLPE Insulated Power Cables for Coal Mining of Rated Voltage 8.7/10kV factory



2. Product Working Conditions

(1) The Maximum rated working temperature of the cable conductor is 90 °C.

(2) The Maximum temperature of the cable conductor is 250°C, when it is short-circuited( the longest duration time is 5s)

(3) The Minimum bending radius of the cable is 15 times of the diameter.


3. Packaging

   (1) The cable drums for delivery should comply with the requirements of JB/T 8137.

   (2) The coils of cable should be neatly wound on to the cable drums for delivery. The cable end should be tightly encapsulated.

   (3) Only the cable of the same model and specifications is allowed to be wound on to one cable drum.

   (4) The cables provided in rolls or bunches should be packaged in a proper way. The weight of every roll should not be more than 80kg.

   (5) The cable drum should be attached with the packaging signs prescribed in 8.4 and indicate its right rotation direction.


4. Transport and Storage

The cables should adjust to all the transport means including the water, land and air transport. In the process of transport and storage, great attention should be paid to:

(1)                                                                                                                                                                     Preventing moisture from entering into the cable.

(2)                                                                                                                                                                     Preventing severe bending and other mechanical damages.

(3)                                                                                                                                                                     Preventing high temperature and exposure to the sunlight.

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