Flame retardant PVC insulated control cable (soft structure)

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2.Operating characteristic
Type and specification of cable and its descriptive method
Specification of cable
Nom.cross-area of conductor (mm2)
No.of core
Uo/U 0.6/1kV
Uo/U 0.6/1kV
The cables are designed f o r fixed monitoring and
protecting circuits for fixed installed power distribution and
transmission equipments and power equipments with
rated AC voltage up to and inxluding 0.6/1kV where fire
retardation is requested.

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Q:Computer is dead there's no power it won't turn on there's just a constant buzzing noise when the power cable is plugged in?
Power problem, might be destructive or even dangerous to fool with. Seek a qualified repair place.
Q:can i use a pcie x16 to pcie extension cable to power a pcie x16 card?
I doubt it will provide full power. You care better off using a PCI-Express x 1 video card, forget about x16...
Q:Will the two 16 square copper wire with what specifications of the trunking
How to say that interference is certainly some, if you line less words on one or two in the bridge next to do a tube it! The pipe will be a little better. Upstairs that I do not think that although in practice the construction of this practice a lot, because you do not feel the interference, but the reality does interfere with, or science should not be strong and weak must be separated.
Q:How to setup the Power Supply Unit cables in my Intel i3 PC?
CD/DVD drives and hard drive all use the same power connectors (multicolored), so plug them in whichever way you want. There is no specific order. Don't remove any ribbon cables, and if you wish to have a floppy drive, the power cable is slightly smaller than normal ones. Commonly, fans can be plugged in to any port on the motherboard as long as they reach without straining the cable. They can only be inserted one way and are likely three-prong so it should be easy. The numbers on your cords don't matter.
Q:Is it safe to jump a 12v power cable from one amp to another amp.help!!!?
it is safebut not the best method it really depends on the guage of the wire.best to have a single large gauge running to a distribution block then a wire for each amp comming out of the block to were the amps are. blocks are fairly cheap (usually less than 20 bucks) and saferplus you get better power flow and 1 amp is not sucking all the power before it gets to the other
Q:Where is the firewall on the honda fit 2008? Setting up subwoofer?
The firewall is the bulkhead between the Passenger compartment and the engine bay. Look for a rubber grommet in the firewall/bulkhead that has existing wires going through it and use this. Some firewalls have grommets that you can use to pass your power cable through from the battery. Remember to put an in line fuse on th live cable of the correct rating.
Q:should you run RCA cables and power next to each other?
you can but its always best to run them apart for the least possible interference.
Q:my mobo only has a few IDE cables.. ive got 2 hdd one sound card 2 dvd roms that need these.. i have to unplug
Switch your harddrives to SATA and it will free up some IDE slots. Most motherboards only support 4 IDE devices. I personally run with only one DVD/CD Burner drive, costs about $40 on NewEgg.
Q:Outlets loosing power after hitting lower leg with cable snake.?
When you say lower leg I am assuming you hit the bottom part of a buss in the breaker box. You arced the buss. Pull out the breakers that the outlets are on. Make sure you turn off the main before doing this, or you may fry your brain too. Look at the buss that the breaker is attached to. Is there a small black spot? If so, you need to clean it up and replace the break. I metal finger nail file works great to clean it up. You may have bumped the grounding bar and loosened up one of the wires there. That's also easy to do inside the breaker box. If you simply hit the lower leg of an outlet, the wire simply got knocked loose in that outlet and it is effecting the outlets that it branches off to. If this is the case, you should know how to fix that if you know how to use a snake. Though you should be using a vinyl snake on live wiring.
Q:Where can I buy a cable winch that is AC powered?
Go on-line and look up Northern Tool. They have just about everything including an electric cable winch. Speaking of winches, do you want my ex, she has no power at all.

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