Flame retardant, copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PVC sheathed,steel wire screen/armor power cable

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1.Trade Mark: Sankai 
2.Certificate: CE ROHS 
3. OEM, high quality and favorable price






Main Application




 or  YJY


  or  YJLY

XLPE insulated, 

PVC or PE sheath power cable 

Apply for laying indoors,

 in tunnels and cable trench. 

Unable to bear external mechanical forces. 

Single core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.


or YJY23


or YJLY23

XLPE insulated, 

steel tape armoured,  PVC or PE sheath power cable 

Apply for laying indoors, 

in tunnels, cable trench and direct in ground. 

Be able to bear external mechanical forces,

 but unable to bear large pulling forces.



or YJV33


or YJLY 33

XLPE insulated 

fine steel wire armoured,  PVC or PE sheath power cable 

Apply for laying indoors,

 in tunnels, cable trench and direct in ground.

 Be able to bear external machanical force 

and moderate pulling force 


or YJV43


or YJLV43

XLPE insulated, 

thick steel wire armoured, 

PVC or PE sheath power cable 

Apply for laying in water and seabed.

Be able to bear possitive pressure and pulling force 


1.XLPE insulated power cable not only has excellent electric,machanical properties,     but also has powerful resistance against chemical erosion, heat-aging and environmental  stress.
2 .Its structure is simple. The long term operating temperture is +90 degrees. 

It is convenient to use and can be laid with no restriction of diferent level.
3.Our XLPE cables can be produced accoring to our specification which is equivalent to IEC 502-1983,  and its some indexes are superior to 502-1983.
4.we can design and manufacture special XLPE cable according to the other standards required by the customers.

5.XLPE insulated ,PVC or PE sheathed power cable: for laying indoor, tunnel, canal and undergound. 

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Q:If I put my laptop into hibernation mode, is it okay to disconnect the power cable?
If it's true hybernation (and not hybrid sleep [?] or suspend) then everything is on the hard drive and the machine is completely powered down. You can safely remove the power cable - and even the laptop battery (if you wanted to, just to prove it works) - and a hour/day/week later pop those back in and when you power back up you should be good to go. EDIT: If it's true hibernation you can leave it like that for years. (Just do a simple test without power cord or battery as mentioned here and see if it works before trusting it.)
Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
(4 × 185 + 1 × 95) is the cable specifications, indicating that the cable has 5 cores, of which 4 cores are 185 Square millimeters, one core is 95 square millimeters. General 185 line is the main core, power with, 95 for the ground core, ground use.
Q:Double sided AC power cable pins?
If the equipment is under warranty, I might consider taking it back and complaining. If not, the hardware store is your recourse here. Good luck!
Q:Power cable YJV22-8.7 / 15kv-3 * 300 what meaning
Strictly speaking is not in line with the norms. Special signal lines may be subject to interference
Q:I have a Compaq Laptop R3000 and I need an alternative power cable?
I think this is the cable you are looking for. Found it on OKorder. Connect your notebook PC directly to your TV or stereo system with this handy 8' HP xc1000 Notebook All-in-One Media Cable that does it all (S-Video composite TV, digital audio, and analog audio). The result? You'll be presenting photos and home movies like a pro, listening to music, and enjoying games on your home entertainment system. * Reduce wire clutter with this single cable that features an S-Video connection (for TV, VCR, or composite TV), digital audio S/PDIF (for digital audio receiver), and analog audio line-out jack. (RCA Splitter Cable not included with this package) * Connect your digital camera, printer, scanner, remote, USB hub, and any other USB-enabled device; this cable features a USB 2.0 port and premium, gold-plated connectors for best-quality connections * Play music through your stereo when your notebook speakers are muted * Stay charged up by connecting the cable to your existing AC adapter and recharging your notebook's batteries * Save time and money by using just one cable for all of your connections * Use with a variety of systems: HP Pavilion zd7000 series, zx5000, zv5000, and Compaq Presario R3000 notebook PCs As well - this cable is a great solution to your notebook's power issues. Over time and repeated use of the ac adapter, the connection in your laptop naturally wears off, resulting in you not being able to power your notebook. This cable has a built-in AC power connector which is virtually indestructible. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a notebook repair when all you need to do is get this handy cable? This cable is the least expensive solutions for: * Presario R3000 power problem * Pavilion zd7000 power problem * Pavilion zx5000 power problem * Pavilion zv5000 power problem
Q:my laptop restarts when i connect my power cable?
go in control panel and set ur laptop settings to not to start while swith in
Q:Where can I order a good power cable for a powersupply to outlet cord?
If you have a problem with your power cords melting, then the problem isn't the cord, it's your electrical wiring!
Q:Can you use any power cable with any amp?
It means that it has 300 watts of power . Thats a lot of power. 120VAC means that you connect it to a regular wall plug. If you can connect it to the amp and the wall socket , you got yourself an amp.
Electrocution is created by the passage of electric current through living organs. A bird sitting on a 400 KV power line is charged at 400 KV but it takes a *potential difference* to cause current to flow. As the bird is only touching one side of the 400 KV line there is no potential difference across the bird therefore no current flows thru it. Hence bird isn't electrocuted.
Q:Does this LED monitor have a power cable?
No question about it a monitor whatever the make will have or need a power cable there have not been any monitors made that can recieve enough power from any other lead connected to the computer

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