Fixed Output DC Regulated Supply

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Voltage stabilizer is a device which makes the output voltage stable. Regulator with constant voltage, control circuit, and servo motor, etc.. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit for sampling, comparison and amplification, then drive servo motor to rotate, and the pressure regulating carbon brush position change, by automatically adjust the number of turns of the coil, so as to maintain the stability of the output voltage.

The fixed output DC regulated power source is composed of isolation transformer, bridge rectifier,large capacity filter power tube of big power modular regulating circuit,protective circuit, it can work continuously for a long time with the function of sufficient output current,small wave,high stability,reliable performance,limited over-current protection and self-recovery.


2. Product Characteristic:

It is available for any places that requires DC power supply as laboratory,industrial control,telecommunication,electrical maintenance,accumulator charging,electrolysis and electroplating, etc。



Single phase:185-250V, output:220±5%

Three phases:330-450V, output:380±0.5%

Input frequency:50Hz±5%

Alarm value of output voltage

Single phase:output higher than 242V or lower than 198V

Three phases:output higher than 418V or lower than 342V


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Q:how to start collecting transformers?
just okorder
Q:Variable High Frequency High Voltage Power-supply /transformer, possible?
The Tesla coil needs to operate at the same resonant frequency on both the primary and secondary sides of the loosely coupled transformer. The resonant frequency is set by the inductance and capacitance of each side. The problem is there are no high voltage solid state capacitors (varactor diodes like you see in r.f. receivers that adjust the tank circuit frequency) on the primary side, and no way to adjust the top hat toroid capacitor on the secondary side (unless maybe it was a mylar covered balloon with vacuum deposited aluminum that could be remotely inflated or deflated). So you are stuck with whatever high voltage capacitor and toroid top hat you have on hand, and the inductance of the coils you wind that ends up being the resonant frequency. Even then it takes a lot of fiddling to get both in tune to give the maximum voltage output. The input frequency to the primary coil (the 555 circuit used in the step up with the flyback transformer- its frequency was chosen solely due to the flyback's frequency design) has little to do with the primary's resonant frequency; again that is set by the capacitor used and the size and number of turns of the primary coil.
Q:Where can I buy transformers?
Transformers as in the action figures? You can find them at Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, or Target.
Q:Which transformers belong to special transformers
Transformers are generally used for AC voltage conversion if used for other purposes such as changing the frequency of the power supply, rectifying the power supply of the equipment, the power supply of the welding equipment, the electric power of the furnace or the voltage transformer, the current transformer.
Q:Can the transformer oil be used as a lubricant?
Can not! Two kinds of oil indicators out of the thousands of miles out! According to you say with the line also do more money to prepare for the machine! Oh! Looking for compressor oil, general 13 # compressor oil and 19 # Compressor oil! 13 with dilute words on the 19 # must be no problem!
Q:Which is good for the transformer?
Recommended Shanghai Zul! Zul (Shanghai) Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is well-known enterprises in China Transformer! Shanghai transformer industry well-known brands, low-voltage dry-type transformers in the field of the leader. The strength of advanced technology, management science. As a well-known transformer, the company's main products are: SGSBK three-phase transformer (imported equipment dedicated transformer, motor-specific transformers, etc.), OSGQZB autotransformer, ZSGZDG rectifier transformer, BKDK control transformer,
Q:Can someone explain transformers for me please?
The voltage is transformed up to thousands of volts and low current for minimum heat loss in the wires. Then down to low voltage at high current to the neighbor hood.
Q:rheostat on DC transformer?
Not practical. Sure, you will get a small amount of output, but only as long as you keep moving the rheostat. The efficiency will be in the few percent range. Not counting the mechanical effort to move the rheostat. You have a lot of questions about this. I don't know your goal, but for a practical DC transformer, this will not work. It has zero chance of success. The only practical way is to use a transistor to chop the DC into AC at the proper frequency. This now begins to look like a DC-DC converter. .
Q:What is the critical load of the economic operation of the transformer?
In order to increase the amount of active loss caused by the active loss of the system in the power system, a conversion factor is introduced, that is, the reactive power economic equivalent. Reactive power economic equivalent, is that the power system to send 1kvar reactive power, the power system will increase the number of active power loss kw, the symbol kq, unit kw / kvar. This kq value and the power system capacity, structure and calculation of the specific location and other factors. For the factory substation, reactive power economic equivalent kq = 0.02 ~ 0.15; Kq = 0.05 ~ 0.08; for the three or more transformer factory, take kq = 0.1 ~ 0.15 ~ 0.04; for the two-stage transformer factory, take kq = The
Q:how to maintain dry transformer winding?
The manufacture of the transformer would have provided environmental protection. There are many ways to provide protection but most involve large pressure cookers that are designed to apply high pressure to the transformer will drying. Various waxes and epoxies are used and the pressure makes certain the sealer is driven into the transformers windings, then allowed to set. As far as I know, except for certain types of large transformers where the entire transformer is installed in a bath, oil is not used.

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