Fisheye Lens With Super Wide Hfov 190Degree

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Product Description:

fisheye lens with super small focal length , super wide HFOV

High resolution 1.3Mega pixel



Product Description




Model                                      YT-6006

Focal                                         1.0mm

F/No                                             2.2

FOV(D*H*V)                          200*174*132 Degree      for 1/4'' sensor

FOV(D*H*V)                          200*195*148 Degree      for 1/3.6'' sensor 

SensorMax                                1/4'' or 1/3.6''

Front Dimension& HousingLength         φ14X11.07

FB                                               1.74

TTL                                              12.8mm

Barrel Mounting Threading                        M12*P0.5


  All optical glass lenses with mechanical components meet with Rohs environmental requirements.

  1.Car rear camera, Car DVR, Sport DVR

  2.PC camera,IP Camera
  3.Game machine,Toies
  4.Surveillance cameras
  6.Video intercom camera
  7.And so on



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Q:SLR camera lens What does the USM mean?
Canon ring USM in addition to the basic characteristics of the above, its own characteristics: 6, high efficiency, low power consumption; 7, the ring of the motor can be perfectly combined with the mirror body; 8, low speed, especially for the lens of the AF drive; 9, the rotation speed can be in the range of 0.2rpm ~ 80rpm arbitrary control; 10, can achieve the sensitivity of the electronic MF; 11, the working environment temperature is: -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃.
Q:SLR camera lens has a slight spot-like moldy how to do? Is it sunny?
With a mirror paper stained with 3% of the hydrogen peroxide, to be more points in the lens surface gently with, as long as the hydrogen peroxide stained on the line on the line. If the lens moldy too much, simply put it in the whole bubble in the hydrogen peroxide.
Q:What should the camera lens be used?
Clean up the process is: first blow out the dust on the surface of the lens, this time to take the lens method is left hand holding the lens, tilt 45 degrees, air blowing and the lens was 45 degrees, blowing again if there is no blow, With two lenses roll into a roll, tearing the ends, folded to form a small brush, brush off the residual dust. And then use the side of the lens cloth dipped in alcohol from the center of the lens to the surrounding quickly wiped the entire lens, must be completed before the action of alcohol evaporation. And then use the dry side and then rub two times, so there is no flower. And finally blow the air twice on the OK. And then put the lens cloth after drying. To avoid dust pollution, if the lens when the gloves better. The lens should not always rub, usually blowing like, no fingerprints do not have to move it
Q:My Sony digital camera lens can not play out, how do?
My Sony camera also has the same problem. Press the boot lens will be repeatedly out but not a bit, prompts you to shut down the machine. Because I did not repair it here did not repair. And later found the boot before the advanced photo browsing, and then press the button that can be opened smoothly.
Q:Is the digital camera lens related to the pixel? Is the lens really important?
1. Look at the pixel is wrong, because the smaller the camera, the higher the pixel density is worse, small digital camera absolutely do not look at the pixels, because there is no effect to improve imaging, but will imaging down, you look at the Canon small digital camera King G10 and G11 is the pixel down, the pixel is the biggest seller of the selling point. 2. Repair costs are very high. Suggestions, or find a small place to repair what can be used, can not be used to re-purchase an old machine.
Q:What does the lens 50mm mean?
Long focal length lens is suitable for shooting long distance scene, depth of field is small, so easy to make the background blurred, the main prominent. 35mm camera long focal length lens is usually divided into three, 135mm below the middle of the focal length, such as 85mm, viewing angle 28 degrees, 105mm, viewing angle of 23 degrees and 135mm, viewing angle of 18 degrees. Medium focal length lens is often used to shoot portraits, sometimes called portrait cameras. 135-500 called long focal length, such as 200mm, viewing angle of 12 degrees, 400mm, viewing angle of 6 degrees. 500mm or more known as the long focal length, the viewing angle of less than 5 degrees, suitable for shooting distant scenes. Such as the close-up on the pitch and the shooting of wild animals, because not close to the subject, long focal length lens is very useful.
Q:SLR camera lens, how long will it be updated once? Which brand lens is durable?
3.G11 can not change the lens ah 4. As for the lens durable, we generally say Nikon lens durable, worthy of the old users, basically do not change the mouth of the Canon changed the mouth, the old user's lens to the PASS, and Sony to the original beauty of the also to the cost.
Q:SLR lens STM what it means
STM is STepper Motor short, is the meaning of stepper motor.
Q:Why does each SLR camera have two shots?
Standard lens refers to the 50mm standard focal length of the lens, the equivalent of or similar to the human eye perspective. Take a lot of people. Telephoto lens, commonly used to shoot distant objects or close-up, such as birds, gray chicken ... ... moon, stars. Each focal length of the lens of their duties, complement each other. The telephoto lens function is not possible to include all the features of the medium in the short focus lens. In about 200mm down, you can do 18-200mm, wider or longer, is still very little. More than 200mm focal length, are telephoto.
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
1. D80 do not buy, very old models! 2. buy only one copy of the Japanese brand, Canon and Nikon. Do not think about the other.

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