Fisheye Lens With Super Wide Hfov 190Degree

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Product Description:

fisheye lens with super small focal length , super wide HFOV

High resolution 1.3Mega pixel



Product Description




Model                                      YT-6006

Focal                                         1.0mm

F/No                                             2.2

FOV(D*H*V)                          200*174*132 Degree      for 1/4'' sensor

FOV(D*H*V)                          200*195*148 Degree      for 1/3.6'' sensor 

SensorMax                                1/4'' or 1/3.6''

Front Dimension& HousingLength         φ14X11.07

FB                                               1.74

TTL                                              12.8mm

Barrel Mounting Threading                        M12*P0.5


  All optical glass lenses with mechanical components meet with Rohs environmental requirements.

  1.Car rear camera, Car DVR, Sport DVR

  2.PC camera,IP Camera
  3.Game machine,Toies
  4.Surveillance cameras
  6.Video intercom camera
  7.And so on



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Q:In the camera lens, 1 / 2.3 inch means what it means
Read the previous answer, completely unintelligible, especially the so-called recommended answer, what lens aperture F 2.3, wrong. In order not to be misled, I say a few words: not you refer to the lens, refers to the important parameters of the digital camera, the current home digital camera used in the sensor (CCD or CMOS, the role of the previous film is equivalent to the area) (From large to small) 2/3 1 / 1.6 1 / 1.7 1 / 1.8 1/2 1 / 2.3 inch.
Q:What is the flat lens that protects the camera lens?
Should be UV mirror, the above can also find UV words. The main function of this thing is to filter the UV, because the price is cheap, it is also used to protect the lens.
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
The choice of the lens is generally considered the same as the fuselage, if the money to buy the original head, if the money less, vice head can still do business! In general, the election D300 such a non-full, the lens in the configuration to be cheaper! For example, 50 / 1.4D of the header, that is, studio head (not part) can be full body can be close-up, but also large scene shooting, depth of field virtual enough, high definition! And inexpensive, both inside and outside the scene are practical! As if it is now less than 2000!
Q:SLR digital camera lens on the 3.5-5.6 what it means
Refers to the size of the aperture (unit F, such as F1.8 F2.0), the smaller the value the greater the aperture, the greater the aperture the greater the amount of light (according to the photos will be brighter). Generally this range refers to the wide-angle end of the maximum F3.5, telephoto end maximum F5.6 aperture (the principle is the longer tube light the smaller) Usually the greater the aperture the lens the higher the price, the better the effect. Such as 50 1.8--50 1.4--50 1.2
Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
Blurred picture is because the focal length is long, the slight jitter will lead to blurred photos. There is also a situation where the focus is not on the right position. Portrait to the eyes, the scenery should be on the first 1/3.
Q:My camera lens stuck
2. Non-lens issues: A lot of consumer misunderstanding is the lens error is the lens problem, this wrong view led to unscrupulous maintenance quotes, resulting in expensive camera maintenance costs, because the cost of the lens is very high, in fact, the lens is not all the lens itself is the problem: 1. The lens is through the FPC (that is, we often say that the cable) and the camera board to connect, in order to achieve the purpose of the motherboard drive lens expansion, if the FPC problems, the same lens will be wrong; 2. The motherboard controls the electronic components of the lens problems, the boot will appear lens error words.
Q:Canon 550 camera lens with
Fixed focus lens: is only a fixed focal length of the lens, only a focal length, no zoom function. The design of the fixed focus lens is much simpler than the zoom lens, but the general zoom lens will have an effect on the imaging during zooming, and the biggest advantage of the focus lens relative to the zooming machine is that the focus is fast and the image quality is stable. Many have a fixed focus lens digital camera shooting images of moving objects clear and stable, focusing is very accurate, the screen is fine, grainy is very slight, metering is also more accurate.
Q:SLR camera outside the lens can not wipe with a paper towel
Seemingly soft paper to clean the lens, because these paper contains a relatively easy scratch coating of wood pulp, will seriously damage the camera lens on the key coating.
Q:120 camera lens focal length
120 film also known as Brownie (Brownie) type film, or B2-8 type film. It uses a larger film area of 120 film, its width is about 6 cm, different types of 120 camera using the length of the film and there are differences, there are 4.5,6,7,9,12 or 17 cm, so 120 camera again There are 645,66,67,69,612,617 camera differences.
Q:SONY camera lens stretched out
Machine failure, although you did not fall, there may be your family, friends moved the machine accidentally broke it, repair digital machines, unlike the general appliance repair, of course, the cost of high, before my one Kodak machine put In the camera lights battery pack, was burned out of electricity, take the past to repair 500 yuan, I did not repair, and now still, bought a new Canon 450D. But your problem is not too serious, the maintenance staff like how much will be how much, no way,

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