Fisheye 2.1mm Lens

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1/3" CCD or CMOS

Focal Length

2.1 mm


0.3 Mega

Aperture (F/NO)




Field of View (Diagonal)


Optical Total Length

25.16 mm






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Q:Find the popular SLR camera lens
The lens "× × mm mm × × mm" is the lens zoom range, such as: 24-70mm focal length 24 to 70 ends can be any zoom. Shoot vision with telephoto such as: 200mm, 300mm and so on Shoot macro to use macro lens such as: 100 micro 100mm / f2.8.
Q:How to protect the camera lens
First to keep the lens clean, usually try not to let the dust and dirty things fall on the lens, but also to avoid touching the fingers on the lens. Because the lens is dirty to wipe, often rub to wipe, the lens will be damaged. Do not take pictures, try to cover the lens cover. If the lens is dirty, with dust, you can use a soft brush to wipe, or with a rubber balloon to blow the dust. The lens has a finger print, can be coated with cleaning agent (also called the lens water), with a clean paper or clean suede gently dry, must not use ordinary handkerchief, skirts, paper, or dirty cotton Hard rub.
Q:SLR camera lens life how to count how to identify the life of second-hand lens!
Followed by the feel, see the zoom ring, focus ring with or without Caton, abnormal sound, see the aperture ring stalls is clear. The last is on the machine test, focusing performance, see whether the running coke Above no problem, then the lens is nothing.
Q:SLR camera lens how to see the model to identify the quality
The easiest way Aperture - the general aperture is a good head, such as the zoom head in the 2.8 aperture better than 4. The same L-level red circle, what to distinguish.
Q:I SLR camera lens focus is not normal
From the landlord to see, it should be 18-200 mesh is too long, the quality of the general focus of the car, in the infinity of the focal length of the process to the need to stretch a relatively long time. Need patience to adapt will not be their own problems. But if the display focus is normal, but after shooting found that focus on the focus, that is, there is running the problem, and need to do the test. In addition, non-original lens on the focus of most of the focus and zoom speed should be less.
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
SLR camera as a interchangeable lens camera can also be a long time on the camera on the camera, to promote the lens as far as possible, non-change the lens can not be advocated as far as possible in the room but not in the room rather than noisy room for the head,
Q:Bought a Canon camera lens on the EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L USM what it means
24-70: zoom lens, the minimum wide-angle end focal length 24mm, the maximum focal length of the focal length of 70mm F / 2.8: constant aperture of 2.8, the aperture does not change with the increase in focal length
Q:Will the SLR camera lens focal length the size
50mm - the focal length is said to be the most in line with the human eye to see the perspective so it has become the standard focal length, often 50mm lens called "header" is so come; 135-200mm - telephoto, suitable for character close-up, shoot some lotus, stage, etc .; 135mm above are considered telephoto, the commonly used is to 200mm on the date, but some people like to shoot wild animals, birds to use 300,400, or even 600mm such focal lengths; Macro - dedicated to shoot insects, flowers ah these small things macro lens.
Q:SLR camera lens how to look at the optical zoom? The maximum number of times?
The third, is the telephoto lens, usually 100mm or 135mm. Which is 100mm lens is generally macro lens, 135mm lens is portrait lens, but focus on the half-length portrait, and 85mm more focused on the body portrait.
Q:SLR camera lens area distinction
1. D80 do not buy, very old models! 2. buy only one copy of the Japanese brand, Canon and Nikon. Do not think about the other.

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