Fish scale Bitumen Shingle Roofing tile ASTM

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Product Description:




Single layer

Double layer


Fusible content(g/m2)≥




strength/(N/50mm) ≥






Heat resistance (90°C)

No sliding,flowing,Dripping


low temperature flexibility(10°C)

No crack


Tearing strengh/N ≥



Water Impermeability(0.1Mpa,30min)



Anti-nail Extraction Performance/N  ≥




Adhesive Performance of Mineral Grains b/g   ≤




Peeling Strength of Mental c/(N/mm)≥



Artificial Climate Accelerating Ageing



No slippering,no flowing no driping








No Crack



Anti-wind Performance



Heat-resistance of the Self-adhesive Glue









Peel Strength of the Overlay /N     ≥



a. Cold flexibility can be customized

b. Apply to asphalt shingle covered by mineral grains (pieces) only.

C.Apply to asphalt shingle covered by metal foil only.


  • Creative shaping and Color: see all this for yourself in the five design chioices and two sets total 40 colors produced., also you can custom color you like.

  •  Applicability :The special material is designed for strength, flexibility and resiliency to withstand the most extreme climates.

  • Color fastness :Choosing  the best colored sand and using the best advanced technology, ensure the best color fastness, avoid polluting building  external Walls and keep the color lasting.

  • Light :Less weight than tradtional items, and that's much safer and lower bearing requirments

  • Low maintenace, just need you stock and install based on our prodcut manual

  • Flexibility Usage, as the asphalt shingle is suppleness, and you can cut is freedom depends on your roof shape.

  • New constructure style :Bigger imaginary  space and creative design. unique product design bring the new visual effect.

  • Less cost: no need complex accessories and simple install methord, easy to transfer and stock, which cut the cost.

  • Clean: using the electrostatic process it is few to absorb ash, avoid to accumulate of dust and breed moss and weeds

  • Heat Insulation, Sound-absorbing ,Noise Reduction:  that's because asphalt shingle's low coefficient of heat conductivity and density of sand  has butter effect.

  • Fire and Wind  Resistance: SGB pass the goverment fire resistance  sandard A class testing, meanwhile, the unique constructure , weight and wide bonded glue make the shingles sticking strongly after the sun shining , which ensure the whole roof safe withstand the wind.

  • Safety:you are no need worry about the safety, as our high-quality product can pass the goverment standard GB/T20474-2006


 1.Coloful: common 12 colors

 2.Withstand extreme climate

   Cold: the product can pass the tempture testing for -45°c

   Heat: the product can pass the tempture testing for +90°c


   Environment: no environmental pollution

   Changeful tempure:can withstand  the most changeful climate

 3.Flexibility :can be use all kind of 10°-90°slope roof


Fish scale Bitumen Shingle  Roofing tile ASTM

Fish scale Bitumen Shingle  Roofing tile ASTM

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Q:Asphalt tiles, linoleum, fiberglass tile is the same product
the most famous brand is Owens Corning, Owens Corning your point, Thuron emperor cheap point, the quality is almost, are very good
Q:Is the rural self - built housing suitable for asphalt
The price is also higher than the average ordinary asphalt tile 1 to 2 a square meter, 30 years warranty,
Q:Is it easy to use asphalt What is the duration of the use?
Asphalt shingles, also known as fiberglass, lint tiles, glass tires asphalt shingles.
Q:Now some villa area is used asphalt tiles, how about that? What are the advantages?
as the price you can call to ask, there is a 400 phone, Can find, hope my answer is helpful to you.
Q:What is Waveform Asphalt Ships Disadvantages
Old ceramic tiles and then how to develop new products also reach the high-end design requirements, because the porcelain is easy to break broken, for different climate season can produce cracks. But the asphalt tiles by the pressure collision will not be broken, and the decorative effect of nice, in the decorative materials market is widely used.
Q:Asphalt tile and resin tile which long life
Resin tile: compressive strength, hardness, three-dimensional sense of strong. Asphalt shingles: color types, light weight, strong sense of the plane.
Q:What are the types of roof tiles?
2. Asphalt tile is also called lint tile, the advantages of: First, the shape of a wide range of applications. Second, insulation, insulation. Third, the roof bear light weight, safe and reliable. Fourth, the construction is simple, low overall cost. Fifth, durable, no broken worry. Sixth, rich colors, beautiful environmental protection, seventh, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, eighth, wind, dust self-cleaning. Asphalt tile defects: first, asphalt tile easy aging. To February 2009 so far, in the United States, asphalt tile life is generally only ten years. Second, the asphalt shingles use sticking plus nail laying method. Bonding of the asphalt tiles on the roof of the board is supplemented by a certain amount of wind, but in the cast-in-place concrete roof, the nail is mainly dependent on the bonding, often bonding is not strong or glue failure, , It will be blown away. Third, asphalt shingles poor flame retardancy.
Q:Asphalt tiles price, quality, life (advantages and disadvantages)
Asphalt shingles are fiberglass mats for the carcass, after dipping of high quality petroleum asphalt, one side covered with colored ore without granules, on the other hand sprinkled with insulating material made of tile-shaped roof waterproof sheet, it has a good waterproof , Decorative features and rich colors, in various forms, light and thin, simple construction and so on.
Q:Glass fiber asphalt tile price how to count
Fuyang Mousi Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. is a professional production of asphalt shingles and waterproofing membrane. Good quality
Q:Is there a problem with 1.5 thick asphalt
Before the asphalt shingo is just one by one, through the stacking of forming, but with the technology mature,

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