fireproof lightweight silicate calcium board type silicate calcium board

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Product Description:

fireproof lightweight silicate calcium board type silicate calcium board price

Standard Specifications:

1) 600 x 600 x  (3-30)MM

2) 1200 x 610   × (3-30)MM

3)2440 × 1220 × (3-30)MM

4) 2400 × 1200 × (3-30)MM

5) 2700 × 1220 × (3-30)MM
6) 2700 x1200  x  (3-30)MM
7) 3000× 1220 ×  (3-30)MM
The other specification is also avaliable


Indoor ceiling of industrial and resident building. Partition of industrial and resident building.
The ceiling and partition of the bathroom and other wet condition building.

Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for the operating room, clean

room of hospital.Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for the operating room, clean room of Laboratory.The fireproof board of the air passage.

Furniture or furniture’s accessories.

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Q:Calcium silicate board can be recycled
No recycling, crushing has no effect on the environment
Q:Calcium silicate board how much money a square ah
Calcium silicate board thickness is different, different density, length and width specifications are different, calcium silicate board generally have 10-50 per month, depending on the brand and quality of silicon calcium plate difference, but it is recommended not only look at the price Ignoring the ceiling of the quality works of the ceiling ceiling and partition, home decoration, furniture liner, billboard liner, ship compartment board, warehouse floor, network floor and tunnel and other indoor works of the wall.
Q:Calcium silicate board ceiling need to do the bottom plate
Do not need, calcium silicate board structure is relatively hard, the plate can cut a big one, the direct ceiling can be, do not need to do the bottom of the splint.
Q:Calcium silicate board surface coating what coating
Painted latex paint can be, what nature can be
Q:Calcium silicate board how to do the effect of water concrete
With Jia concrete color adjustment agent can make the effect of water concrete,
Q:Fiber cement pressure plate and calcium silicate board What is the difference, what is the use
Fiber cement board pressure plate density of 1.5-2.0g / cm3, the density of calcium silicate board does not exceed 1.5g / cm fiber cement board bending strength is V level, silicon calcium board strength is IV level. The performance of the fiberboard must be better than that of the calcium silicate. The same price than silicon calcium plate price is higher
Q:Calcium silicate board does not paint it
Mainly to see what you use, if you are inside the wall, then it does not matter, if you are exposed to the external wall, then the second wave of boiling up to the degree of sandal bites the best you give the board to do a layer of water, not just brush paint Yes, the need for waterproof paint or paint
Q:Silicon calcium board ceiling keel is what material
The main dragon is generally 38 light steel keel, vice dragon and edge dragon and mineral wool board, are paint keel (iron).
Q:Calcium silicate board irregular split how to do
The board itself is too wet, the intensity is low, the water content is too high after the water will warp, no cotton sheet? In the air-conditioned room is obvious. The
Q:My family chandelier broken, I removed today to find workers is a direct self-tapping screw snail in the ceiling calcium silicate board
Try to use the expansion screw, so do not worry about chandeliers fell worry.

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