Firefighting Helmet

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Specification of Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet

Standard:Ministry of Public Security standard(GA44-2004).

Withstand temperature:260 °C

Style:korean half helmet.

Weight: 1.1KG

Headband:aramid material, adjustable,has the touch and close fasteners  

Color:yellow,large quantity can be customized;

Flashlight (for option): 16000MCD, waterproof, shockproof, 0.1kg(not including the battery)


Usage of Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet

Heat resistant, anti-impact, anti abrasion. shock absorption ,fire poof ,comfortable and convenient to wear.

Prevent the head and neck of fireman from harm of the accidents when the fire man working in the fire and dangerous situation.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : 1OPP bag/pcs, 9pcs /carton

Delivery Details: 3-5 days after receiving your payment

 Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet1


 Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet 2

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Q:Can the electric fire in the workshop be stopped by water? Why?
The electric fire in the workshop can not be put out by water, because if the main gate is not tripped after the fire, the water is not available and the electric shock is very easy to get. Water is conductive.
Q:What kind of equipment does the dry powder extinguisher bottle produce?
Because it is a synchronous ring seam welding gun, the bottle is placed in a horizontal axis, at both ends of the set top locking device is due to the high temperature when welding in the long term, the rolling conditions of poor lubrication, thermal expansion deformation, once stuck, the bottle will not be rotated by welding to be scrapped and breakdown; two is the time when welding, instantaneous large current will produce 180~220A parts point at both ends of the rolling body pressing device of the electric shock phenomenon often occurs, it will cause the body unable to rotate to be caused by welding and breakdown of scrap.
Q:What are the fire facilities and fire products?
Fire fighting facilities definition: buildings, structures, set up for fire alarm, fire fighting, evacuation, fire separation, fire fighting, rescue operations and other facilities. Fire facilities are: fire power supply facilities, automatic fire alarm system, fire water supply, fire hydrant, fire guns, automatic sprinkler system, foam fire extinguishing system, gas fire extinguishing system, mechanical pressurization system, smoke exhaust system, emergency lighting and emergency evacuation signs, emergency broadcast system, fire protection, fire protection facilities, special telephone separated fire elevator, fire extinguisher.
Q:Can water - base fire extinguishers extinguish electric fire?
Water based fire extinguisher can not save fire caused by live equipment.
Q:What safety measures should be taken when the electrical equipment is on fire?
Safety measures for extinguishing fire without cutting off power supply. Electrical fire, if the situation is critical, in order to seize the opportunity to fire, or because other reasons are not allowed and can not promptly cut off the power supply, it is necessary to live fire. In order to prevent personal electric shock, we should pay attention to the following points:1) the fire fighting personnel and the conductive fire fighting equipment and the live parts should keep a safe distance.2) when the HV electrical equipment or the line is earthed, the indoor fire fighting personnel shall not enter the range within 4M of the fault point; and the outdoor fire fighting personnel shall not be within the range of 8m of the fault point. If it is necessary to enter the above range, the fire fighting personnel must wear insulating boots, and wear insulating gloves when touching the outer shell and frame of the equipment.3) when fighting an overhead line fire, the elevation between the human body and the electric wire should not be greater than 45 degrees, and should stand on the outside of the line to prevent the conductor from falling behind and touching the human body.4) use non conducting fire extinguishing agents, such as carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, and chemical dry powder. Because foam fire extinguisher is conductive, it is forbidden to use in the case of live fire extinguishing.5), using water cannons charged fire, firefighters should wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves and gun metal nozzle grounding. The grounding wire can be used for soft wire weaving section 2.5 to 6mm2, 20 to 30m, the temporary grounding into underground length is about 1m iron, steel or iron. The earthing wire and the earthing body should be connected reliably. When conditions are over charged fire wear.6) the fire fighting personnel who have not worn insulated shoes shall be prevented from being electrocuted by water on the ground.
Q:What fire can be used when an electric appliance is in a fire?
When an electric fire occurs, the fire extinguisher shall be put into use first, and the situation should be promptly called "119". The contents of the alarm shall include: the accident unit, the time and place of the accident, the type of fire, the casualty and the name and telephone number of the police.
Q:Appliance fire, fire extinguishers can use gas?
In the operation of electrical equipment, fire must be cut off before the power supply. If you can not quickly cut off electricity, you can use carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, 1211 fire extinguishers or dry powder fire extinguishers and other extinguishers. When in use, adequate safety distance shall be maintained. For 10kV and below equipment, the distance shall not be less than 40cm.
Q:What's the fire line control line?
When a fire occurs, the fire engine sends out the fire signal and transfers it from the control line to the spray pump control cabinet. After the spray pump control cabinet receives the signal, opens the spray. Fire can be automatically sprayed when a fire occurs.
Q:How does the fire fighting system work in the building?
Wet automatic sprinkler system in the quasi working state, a temperature sensing glass column its nozzle, a glass column reaches a certain temperature on the burst and water spray, so the reaction is often slower than the detector, detector has issued a warning signal for a period of time, to reach the temperature of the water starts here.. Dry automatic sprinkler system is sent through the detector signal, and then started the pumps, exhaust devices and other equipment, the water is filled with water pipes before they begin to work.
Q:Can fire extinguishers instead of fire extinguishers?
No, because of the different functions;
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