Firefighting Helmet

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Specification of Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet

Standard:Ministry of Public Security standard(GA44-2004).

Withstand temperature:260 °C

Style:korean half helmet.

Weight: 1.1KG

Headband:aramid material, adjustable,has the touch and close fasteners  

Color:yellow,large quantity can be customized;

Flashlight (for option): 16000MCD, waterproof, shockproof, 0.1kg(not including the battery)


Usage of Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet

Heat resistant, anti-impact, anti abrasion. shock absorption ,fire poof ,comfortable and convenient to wear.

Prevent the head and neck of fireman from harm of the accidents when the fire man working in the fire and dangerous situation.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : 1OPP bag/pcs, 9pcs /carton

Delivery Details: 3-5 days after receiving your payment

 Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet1


 Fireman Helmets,Firefighting Helmet 2

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Q:What is a fire blister? And the principles of the system
Water supply systemMainly by water, fire pumps, water tanks or high pressure stabilizing device, pump and pipeline, the purpose is to give the device with fast, abundant water.
Q:Are indoor fire extinguishers boxed?
It is recommended that fire extinguishers should be placed in a convenient and safe place. It is not recommended to pack. It must have been prepared for the first time.
Q:What kind of equipment does the dry powder extinguisher bottle produce?
The assembly, annular seam and gas protection welding of the bottle body are the key processes of the component. Special shots for design and development of welding machine, better meet the technological requirements of the process.
Q:Can the electric fire in the workshop be stopped by water? Why?
After a fire, in order to prevent fire from expanding, it is often too late for power failure or other reasons can not be power-off, and the need for live fire
Q:What are the supporting components of the mobile foam system?
The mobile foam fire extinguisher is a portable, mobile and flexible fire extinguisher. It uses PHF pipe type proportional mixer. It can be composed of foam gun and foam generator, and low expansion foam extinguishing system. When the pressure water passes through the proportional mixer, the water is mixed with the foam liquid in a certain proportion, and the foam is sprayed by a foam gun and a foam generator to extinguish the fire. Applicable to solid materials warehouse, flammable liquid warehouse, boiler room, underground construction project, garage, cabin and other fire places.Mobile foam fire extinguishing device, mobile foam tank, composed of a mobile cart, sherco fire, foam tank, pressure proportioner, foam gun, hoses, control valve and other auxiliary parts etc.. 50L700L volume, flow rate of 4 to 8 (L/S); working pressure 0.6-1.0 (MPa).The mobile foam fire extinguishing device has the advantages of strong flexibility, convenient operation, flexibility and wide coverage. In the process of fire extinguishing, fire extinguishing agent can be added at any time according to fire extinguishing requirement. Applicable to small chemical plants, oil depots, power plants, garage and other places as a fixed foam fire extinguishing system supplement.
Q:How should we extinguish electrical equipment when it is on fire?
When using toxic fire extinguishers, fire fighting personnel use wet hairTowels cover the mouth, nose, and standing on the upper air jet, in case of poisoning, fire should pay attention to ventilation. When using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers,Rescue personnel can not touch the metal gun, you can not spray the tube to the people, to prevent dry ice stained with skin wounding.
Q:What electrical fire should be used for live electrical equipment and generators?
In the power of the electrical fire fighting is not cut off, then use the following: fire extinguisher extinguishing action -- on carbon tetrachloride with electrical equipment fire extinguishing better, carbon tetrachloride does not burn, nor conductive. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher - the most suitable for fighting electrical and electronic equipment fire, carbon dioxide is not corrosive, and will not damage the equipment. Dry powder fire extinguisher - it combines the advantages of carbon tetrachloride and carbon dioxide, it is suitable for fighting electric fire, and the speed of fire extinguishing is fast.
Q:How can I get the fire extinguisher inspection
Fire extinguishers annual inspection fee is not very high, you can refer to the price in Beijing region is:1, 50 kg dry powder ABC extinguisher is 100 yuan /;2, 3 to 5 kg dry powder ABC extinguisher is 17 yuan / (portable is 3 to 5 kg);
Q:Do you know what kinds of fire extinguishing systems are there in the fire fighting equipment?
There are several kinds of non automatic fire extinguishing system:Walls, fire hydrants, water cannons, etc.Fire extinguishing equipment: dry powder, water, CO2, foam, and emerging products, such as water mist and so on.
Q:What are the commonly used fire fighting equipment? What are fire fighting equipment?
Fire fighting equipment is divided into fire-fighting equipment and escape equipment;Household fire extinguishers are commonly used fire hydrant, fire extinguishers (dry powder, water and carbon dioxide), fire blanket; escape tools filter type fire rescue apparatus (smoke mask), high-rise escape slowed etc.;Fire fighting equipment is the most commonly used fire extinguishers, ordinary fire extinguisher can handle ABC three fire, that is solid, liquid and gas fire, but the fire extinguisher extinguishing agent containing corrosive, will damage the skin, the powder will hurt the incoming respiratory respiratory tract, the use should pay attention to in the station to avoid air injection; water-based fire extinguisher is more expensive, but the drug is safe, direct injection to form a layer of water film on the human body will cause harm to the skin, prevent fire; fire extinguishing effect than dry powder, and again, is recommended;Hydrants include indoor fire hydrant systems and outdoor fire hydrant systems. Indoor fire hydrant system includes hydrant, hose and water gun. Outdoor fire hydrant includes two categories: ground and ground. Normally we are exposed to indoor fire hydrant, the operation requires at least two people, because the water pressure is too large, need a good fire with the nozzle after stitching onto the scene, another person to open the water valve, water pressure or excessive fire rushed to fly;Fire fighting equipment also includes alarms, such as home use combustible gas alarm, multi-function sound light alarm, flashlight and so on.Like some fire axes, fire boots and other professional equipment, normal is not available, do not repeat it.
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