Fire Retardant Resin Good quality and Competitive Price

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a liquid resin polymerized into a solid, and resistant to most solvents. Fiberglass can be laminated from the epoxy resin, crafted into glass-reinforced plastic structures, glass wool, or chopped strand mats of randomly arranged short fibers.

 Fire Retardant Resin Good quality and Competitive Price

Specifications : 






Black thick paste

Off-white thick paste

Density,  g/cm3(25℃)



Viscosity after mixing, mPa.s (25℃)


Density after mixing,  g/cm3(25℃)


Operation time after mixing, min(25℃)


Preliminary curing time,℃/min

60/20 or 25/70

 Fire Retardant Resin Good quality and Competitive Price

 Application :

Applied to SMC, BMC and HSMC. Excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties, lower water content.
Widely used for the FRP products in sports & leisure, auto industry and anti-corrosion.


Features :

Good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplasticity;

Adhesion to PVC substrates;


Package&Storage : 

Package:200kg or 18kg clean and dry iron drum;

 Fire Retardant Resin Good quality and Competitive Price


1.What is the delivery time ?

15days after receiving the deposit

2What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 2000kg


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Q:How much is the resin tile one square meter?
Also called resin tile, with anti ultraviolet UV agent and other chemical raw materials, the ratio of science, made of advanced technology, PVC wave tile has a good fire, corrosion resistance, weatherability, does not contain asbestos, bright color, environmental health.
Q:Is anion cation exchange resin dangerous?
Ion exchange resins can also be classified into styrene based resins and acrylic based resins according to the type of matrix. The types of chemically active groups in resins determine the main properties and classes of resins.
Q:What is the difference between PVC material and resin?
PVC material is a kind of resin, which belongs to synthetic resin:Synthetic resins are a group of polymers synthesized by artificial synthesis. The most important use of synthetic resins is to make plastics. In order to facilitate the processing and improve the performance, often add additives, and sometimes also used directly for processing forming, it is often synonymous with plastic. Synthetic resin or synthetic fiber, paint, adhesives, insulation materials and other basic materials. There are many kinds of synthetic resins, among them polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP) and ABS resin are five general purpose resins, and they are the most widely used synthetic resin materials.
Q:What are the uses of chlorinated vinegar?
Chlorinated vinegar resins are very useful and can be used in paints or inks. Its performance is mainly to provide good flexibility, solvent release, film formation, abrasion resistance, dispersion of pigments, adhesion to metals or other materials, etc.
Q:I saw in the supermarket very delicate bowl, the material is resin, resin is not plastic, harmful to the human body?
Natural resins are of high therapeutic value, but they are quite difficult to use because they are very thick and sticky. So in aromatherapy, we use solvent or alcohol to make natural resins into liquid resins that can be used.The resin can not only protect and closed their wounds, and many other magical. Spices, herbs, paints, and so on. Resin in medicine is a treasure, it can reconcile the five zang organs, remove the disease in the abdomen. The root, leaf and fruit of Liquidambar tree can also be used as medicine, can pass through the wind.
Q:Gypsum powder with what glue, with what curing agent, can make strength similar to resin. What kind of shop has been bought?
If you simply want to put up the strength of gypsum, suggest you add 108 glue, glue or building
Q:Is it harmful to human beings to drink water with resin?
Acrylic pigments are synthetic synthetic pigments. They were invented in 1950s and are made from pigment powder and acrylic latex. Acrylic acid emulsion is also called acrylic resin emulsion. There are many kinds of acrylic resins, such as methacrylic resin, so there are many kinds of acrylic pigments. Foreign pigments manufacturers have produced propylene products, such as acrylic pigments, semi - acrylic pigments and glossy acrylic pigments, as well as acrylic matt oil, polishing oil, molding ointment, and so on.
Q:What kind of resin is AC resin (AC as raw material for the production of glasses lenses)?
Polymethyl methacrylate abbreviation code PMMA, commonly known as plexiglass, is by far the most transparent synthetic materials of the best quality, the price is more suitable varieties. PMMA resins are not prone to produce sharp fragments during fragmentation, and have advantages in optical properties:1, visible light: visible light transmittance is higher: PMMA is the most excellent polymer transparent material, visible light transmittance of 92%, higher than the transparency of glass.
Q:How do you make resin powder?
Matting resin, polyvinyl chloride, PVC resin powderFeatures: it has a unique extinction performance, but still remains light after repeated processing.Uses: Matt hard products, frosted sheet, Matt sheet, calendering sheet, calendering film, blown film. Artificial leather, hard board, sub template, automobile coating, cable coat, wire sheath, hose, cosmetic box, Christmas leaf, plastic shoes and container, etc.. Matt resin is a kind of special material for processing low gloss PVC and other products. It can be widely used in deep processing products such as insulated cables, wires, telephone wires, speakers, wires, matting films, door and window seals, instrument panels, etc..
Q:Definition of polyester resins
Polyester resin is the abbreviation of unsaturated polyester adhesive. Unsaturated polyester adhesive mainly consists of unsaturated polyester resin, initiator, accelerator, filler, thixotropic agent and so on. A linear structure in the main chain containing -CH=CH- double bonds (see linear polymer) polyester resin with vinyl monomers, such as styrene, acrylate, vinyl acetate mixture, the initiator and accelerator at room temperature under the action of the synthesis of insoluble and infusible polymer products. Unsaturated polyester is abbreviated as UP. Mainly used in the production of coil coatings.

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