Fire-resistant Mica Tape with High Quality

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Polycarbonate (Polycarbonate), abbreviated as PC, is a colorless, transparent, and non qualitative thermoplastic material. The flame retardant PC of the flame retardant PC in the combustion of carbon, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant.

Colorless and transparent, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, in the ordinary use of temperature have good mechanical properties. But not resistant to UV light. Compared with the same sex, the impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance of polycarbonate


2. Product Characteristic:

By the whole belt core after plastics PVC impregnated paste impregnated or sulfide made. The product has strength, has good flame retardant, antistatic, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.



Model N/mm (tensile strength):

Grade 5 grade 6 grade 7 grade 8 grade 9 grade 4 grade 10 grade

Model 800s 1000s 1250s 1400s 1600s 1800s 680s


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Q:What is the standard of plastic strapping?
Characteristic(1) strong tensile resistance, both tensile resistance of the steel band, but also the ductility of the impact resistance, but also to ensure the safety of transport products.(2) the elongation is small, the elongation is only 1/6 of the polypropylene band. It can keep the tension for a long time.(3) strong heat resistance, melting point of 260 degrees, 120 degrees below using deformation.(4) good safety, no steel belt rust, contamination of tied objects, bright colors.
Q:What's the difference between a strapping sheet or a steel package?
Metal packing tape surface lubrication, reduce the friction resistance between the strip and strip between packaging and packaging, in order to make the packing strip tightening more firmly; the edge smooth edges, avoid packaging and packaging to scratch the rower. It is wrapped in linen. There are 1 or 2 sets of steel strips in each package (according to the specific type) and bound with iron strips. The raw material is made of high quality cold rolled sheet.
Q:How to identify the quality of a packaging belt?
The above can not be confirmed, please again by fire, in the burning process of black smoke or quickly melt rapidly dropping, not good.6. use teeth bite: first to experience the new material PP (PP regeneration material) strength, and then contrast, if relatively soft, absolutely inside add PE.7., look at the incision section: rough and dry surface, no luster, poor quality.8.: as long as the submerged floating difference, if the above is not sure, or undecided, then only the test machine. Experience, whether good or bad, must be identified by machines, because it is the safest. Other materials can also be applied to the above, of course, they have to understand the nature of the new material first.
Q:How many meters is one ton of packing belt?
There are many kinds of packing tape, different materials, usually 10 kilograms per roll, and the number of meters per roll is also different,
Q:Production process of PP packing belt
Easy to stretch orientation to obtain high quality products. Then, the tensile and tensile purposes are to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch.
Q:What types of Baling straps are used for packing?
Galvanized belt (also called iron straps). Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion of zinc in the atmosphere was only the corrosion rate of steel 1/15 in the atmosphere, is the use of micro thick galvanized steel galvanized layer of protection against corrosion of steel.
Q:Blue belt principle is what?
Also known as orchid. The black metal surface by the "blue bluing" after the formation of the oxide film, the outer layer is mainly magnetite, the inner layer is feo.
Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large?
Profit in general, buy materials to 6000 far, the finished product in the market price more than 6000 yuan, remove the rent, electricity, wages were flat! I'm switching now!!!! At that time I bought a new branch of machinery, worked for seven months, now want to sell, but I do not know where the old equipment received
Q:The packer does not have a packing belt
First, wear the belt incorrectly, according to the instructions of the "wear process method" or wear belt diagram, open the right door. Correct wearing.Two, there is a foreign body inside and outside the extension, and failed to timely cleaning and maintenance, temporary use of packaging machines. So that the machine has stolen goods inside, so that the belt is not smooth and free, should be more cleaning and maintenance.
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing?
If packed with pure raw materials for the production of PP, hardness and good straightness, tension, while the thickness of only 0.6mm, is suitable for unmanned / automatic / automatic packing machine, so there is no automatic and semi automatic with distinction. Pure webbing costs less per meter and wears less machinery. If it is the packing belt produced by the recycled material, it is generally used in semi-automatic packing machine. If the upper machine is used, it needs to increase the thickness of the belt so as to achieve the high requirement of the machine to the belt.

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