Fire-resistant Environmental Protection Power Cable

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Product Description:

0.6/1kv Halogen-free Low Smoke Low Toxicity Flame Retardant and Fire-resistant Environmental Protection Power Cable


The material of filler and tape is low smoke,halogen free and flame retardant material.



The product is manufactured according to "Extruded insulation power cable and accessories for rated voltage from 1kV to 35 kV" of GB/T 12706-2008 and "General rule for flame retardant and fire-resistant wire and cable"of GB/T 19666-2005. Meanwhile, the cable can be manufactured according to IEC, BS, DIN and AS when customer needs.



The cable is suitable for power transmission and distribution and can be used in construction, large mall, hospital, gymnasium, station, subway, port, wharf and other public places.


Operating Characteristics

Low smoke, halogen free and flame retardant property:

The product has excellent electrical performance and mechanical and physical performance. It is flame retardant, halogen free, low smoke low toxicity and without lead, cadmium,phosphorus. The gas emitted has little harm to people and surrounding facilities, so it has high safety. Meanwhile, it will not pollute the environment for using and abandoning.

                                                                     Low Toxicity Flame Retardant and Fire-resistant




Smoke Density

Min Light Transmittance




≤, us/mm

Flame Retardant Level

Toxicity Index




A, B, C

< 5


 Operating temperature of conductor: 90 ℃;

Allowable operating temperature for long time: 90 ℃;

Max operating temperature when short circuit occurs(max duration should be no more than 5S):250 ℃;

Ambient temperature when laying: no less than 0 ℃

Min. bending radius: no less than 15 times the outer diameter

Single core cable: 20(D+d)+5%             Multi-core cable: 15 (D+d)+5%

D=outer diameter of cable

d=outer diameter of cable conductor


Type & Designation of cable 








Copper core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environment friendly power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable





Copper core XLPE insulated LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable




Copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection





Copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable




Copper core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection power cable




Aluminum core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection





Copper core XLPE insulated steel wire armour LSHF flame retardant environmental protection fire resistant power cable



Range of production


No. of cores


2, 3, 4, 5

3+1, 3+2, 4+1

Unarmoured(Nom. Cross sectional of areas: mm²)




Armoured(Nom. Cross sectional of areas: mm²)








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