Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board

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Product Description:

Specifications of Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board:

1.ISO9001-2000 company 
2.Major draftsmen of JC/T810-2008 in vermiculite standards 
3.High reputation in China 

1. Product Information of Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board:

Type (I) , Fe2O3 content 5-13%:gray-silver-white, similar in colour to South African material

Type (II) , Fe2O3 content 16-22%:golden-yellow, similar in colour to Australia and India etc

Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board

Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board


2. Characteristcs of Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board:

Rock wool board is an economical lightweight thermal insulation material. It consists of long fine fibers,spun from molten natural rock bonded with a thermosetting resin.

A suitable finish such as metal cladding is recommended to protect the insulation from weather or mechanical damage.

Kening Insulation manufactures a wide range of insulation materials for both hot and cold applications.

Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board

3.Product Application of Fire Proof Insulation Vermiculite Fire Board:

Petrochemical industry -- heat insulation and sound absorption of equipments for petroleum industry, power industry and chemical industry.

Construction industry -- heat insulation and sound absorption of partition, curtain wall, roofs and fences for construction.

Mining industry -- heat preservation and fireproof for industrial kiln, oven, large-caliber storage tank and shipping.




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Q:When are Leopard Geckos supposed to lay their eggs.?
Yes it will if it has miracle grow in the peat moss. You need to get something organic for your snake.
Q:what are moons made out of?
Put in soil with vermiculite and/or sand. Start over. Dip in rooting hormone and put in soil. 3 tall cuttings of new growth are best. It could take a year on some plants to grow roots. Be sure the soil you use is sterile so nothing in it will cause rot.
Q:Why should I not use perlite or vermiculitein ponds?
Leopard geckos usually lay 2 eggs per clutch........there has never been a documented clutch of 3 eggs. It is very common for first time mothers to lay a single egg clutch for their first time. Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a sharpie to indicate the top of the egg to prevent the egg from tipping over and causing the embryo to drown. sell or keep? ....that sounds like a personal choice based on market, financial, and space obligations that only you can answer for yourself. vermiculite vs. perlite ........I prefer perlite, but vermiculite is extremely effective also. perlite seems to be more forgiving and offers more air flow around the eggs in my opinion. for fertile and infertile egg comparisons, just google image search for the pics...they're there
Q:bearded dragon dried plantation soil substrate?
1:1 peat and vermiculite (or perlite, but I prefer vermiculite) is just fine a seed started mix. Sterilizing is good, but not entirely ceases to be sterile the moment you expose it open air.
Q:Vermiculite in chimenea?
They do not have to be moist but do need to be humid i placed mine in a damp vermiculite ( the vermiculite should clump together an when squeezed), but water shouldn't drip out. You used use water to control the temparature also helps keep a steady humidity. The main benefit of this incubation method is it is cheap to set up - the whole thing cost around £20, which, seeing as at that point I didn't know whether there would be any viable eggs to incubate, was a very good result!
Q:How do you grow psilocybe mushrooms?
I never use vermiculite for that. Use spagnum Moss inside the nest box. the vermiculite is for incubating the eggs in.
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
Vermiculite is the performance of water retention, ventilation, insulation. Depending on the type of plant you use, vermiculite can be used in most plants.
Q:Tell me variety of growing mediums other than these?
get it tested and if is just vermiculite can ever do it yourself or get a general handy man would be cheap. however if it has asbestos will cost a lot. start with the test.
Q:Leopard Gecko Egg Incubation HELP!!!?
Use a commercial mixture that is well drained, water twice a day until you start to see good root growth then ease off to every third day with the water.
Q:Growing corn using vermiculite?
it would artwork if there's a community on your tank that continues to be a relentless and correct temperature, 80 - 85F is a sturdy variety for leos. placed an empty, trial field in with a solid thermometer to analyze which spot would artwork. The field might would desire to be solid sufficient that your woman can not knock it over and feeder bugs can not enter it. Incubators have a lid that slows evapouration so which you may would desire to computer screen the humidity of the vermiculite closer interior the tank. it is going to very probable dry out quicker. The toddlers should not be waiting to flee whilst they hatch or they might replace right into a meal for mom

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