Fire-Proof Cable Good Performance for Fire Resistance

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    Mingda fireproof cable has a good performance for fire resistance,it can be withstood direct flame burning within a certain time, does not occur short-circuit and open circuit failure, when the fire broke out, the safe operation of the protection system, conducive to fire fighting and reduce losses.  It is suitable for use in large-scale construction, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other requirements that need fire-proof safety and important occasions. Long-term working temperature -40 ℃ ~ 500 ℃.



 PTFE insulated fireproof control cable is suitable for the fire resistant requirements of various control systems and electrical installations.

TypeDescriptionTKFPTeflon insulation and sheath,tin-coated copper wire braid shieldingTKFRPFluoroplastic insulation and sheath, shield fire resistant,flexible control cableTKVP105℃ flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath, shielded,fire resistant control cableTKVPR105℃ flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath, shielded,fire resistant,flexible control cableTKVDPLow smoke low halogen flame retardant PVC insulated and sheath, shielded,fire resistant control cableTKVDRPLow smoke low halogen flame retardant PVC insulated and sheath, shielded,fire resistant,flexible control cableTKFV22Fluroplastic insulation,105℃ flame retardant PVC sheath,steel-tape armouring,fire resistant control cableTKV22105℃ flame retardant PVC insulation and sheath,steel-tape armouring,fire resistant control cableTKVD22Low smoke low halogen flame retardant PVC insulated and sheath, shielded,steel-tape armouring,fire resistant control cable 

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Q:Can you buy amp power cables for any amp?
most amps use the same cable, so it shouldn't be a problem, through your amp in a car, (to double check) and check the local music stores, electronics shops, or Radio shacks
Q:the screen gets dark when i plug in the power cable on my asus laptop.?
check ur power settings hope this helps
Q:How do you run the amp power cable through the firewall in a 1994 Mitsu Eclipse?
Just adding to the grommet guys answer above: Just as important as the grommet; a fuse. You must have a fuse as close to the positive battery terminal as possible. Why?, you say? If, for whatever reason your power wire shorts out to the frame somewhere between your battery and your amp, what's going to prevent that wire from turning into a giant heating coil running the length of your car, and torching it. I've seen it first hand many times. And, no, the fuse at the amplifier, the fuse in the distribution block (if you're using one) or any other fuse other than a fuse at the battery won't do a thing for you power wire unless it's before the potential short. Like at the batttery... In short, the grommet prevents the short at the firewall. The fuse protects it in case it does it anyway.
Q:what a power cable ? ? ? ?
A power cable is an assembly of two or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. The assembly is used for transmission of electrical power. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed.
Q:Ps2 not powering up.?
It's impossible to tell if it's your PS2 or the cable. Best bet is you buy an original PS2 power cable and try it out. If the PS2 still doesn't power up, it's something wrong with your PS2 and you will have to get it repaired or buy a new one.
Q:I lost my power cable for my Ipod Shuffle 2nd Gen, can I use the 3rd gen shuffle power cord for the 2nd gen?
Ipod Shuffle Power Cord
Q:What power cables do I need for this graphics card?
It needs 150w through the 8 pin connector and 75w through the 6 pin connector, in addition to the 75w it draws through the PCI bus. You can see the connectors in pictures of the card. These are standard connectors on an ATX12V v2.2 power supply, but you will need to make sure the power supply says 2 x 6+2-Pin for PCI Express power connectors. One or two six-pin connectors alone isn't sufficient.
Q:Where can I find a replacement power supply to SATA cable?
thats not a sata cable, thats a motherboard 4 pin power connection, you cant replace it, you need to buy a new PSU. Edit_ just google 4 pin motherboard power cable Edit_ i think i know what you mean now. you have a moduler PSU, were you can take off the cables? and put them on if you want more? just google Modular Sata power cable, or something like that. you'll probably have to ask the manufacturer for these if it is though, because there hard to find. the only other thing that you could use (and that i could think of) is a Molex to sata (molex is the square 4 pin one)
Q:Electronic power supply?
Yanking a power cable out of a PC that's running, could lead to a voltage spike. This can fry your power supply, and possibly go further. (Motherboard, ram, graphics card) Same thing, with having a computer power cable plugged into a surge protector, and then plugging it into the power supply. YOU, can replace the components of a Personal Computer. It's too technical and dangerous to try it with a TV, unless you're a qualified tech, and have the required tools.
Q:If the Remote Power Cable is switched off, would the subwoofer/amp still cause a power cutoff in my car?
Ok, so this is what your going to do to test this. First unscrew your remote switch and place a wire from the positive terminal from your amp to the remote switch on your amp and then the amp should power on. now if you have the same problem it is most likely that it is not that the remote switch is having problems but probably your sub is not matched with your amp and has greater ohms than your amp is capable of therefore sending it into protect mode which would make sense since you say it is when you turn up the volume. I wish the best of luck : ) P.S check your wattage if your amp draws more than 600+ maybe even 500 your battery may not be able to power it so maybe if all else fails see if you can get your hands on a capacitor.

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