Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

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Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

Product Details

Basic Info.




Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Fighting Marierial:Foam and Water


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year


Basic Information
Outline size(L×W×H)  (mm)10025 ×2500×3600 Cargo inline size(L×W×H)(mm):/
Rating mass(kg)12350Empty mass(Kg):14800 
Full mass(kg)27600Emission standardEuro 2 /3
Engine Information
ModelWD615.92EType6 Cylinder Diesel engine
Chassis Information
Wheelbase(mm):4600+1350Axle load(kg) F/R7000/18000
Tire11.00-20,11.00R20Max speed (km/h):90 
Front suspension(mm)1500Rear 2445,2420  
Front track(mm)2022,2041Rear track(mm)1830
Approach angel(°)16Departure angle(°)13
SteeringPower steering BrakeAir brake
CabinStraight head ,2 rows , 4 doors, allow 6 people
Special function
Tank capacity(m³)Water:12000 Foam 3000L
Fire monitorModel:PS50  Water range:≥60m/1.0Mpa 
Fire pumpNormal Pressure pump CB10/60  Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa

Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

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High rise housing should be equipped with fire climbing surface, and should meet the following standards:1 tower residential fire climbing surface should not be less than the residential 1/4 perimeter length;A long side length of fire climbing surface 2 unit, corridor style residential residential should not be less than;3 fire climbing surfaces should be close to residential public staircases or balconies and windows;4 side fire climbing surface of the podium, the building height should be no more than 5m, and the depth should not exceed 4m; (new version of code for fire protection canceled podium height limit)5, fire climbing surface should not design large area glass curtain wall6 there is no tall tree that hinders the climb between the climbing surface and the building.7, within the range of the building, there should be a safe exit for the building.
Q:Can the fire engine go retrograde? What car can go retrograde?
Hello, police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles, military vehicles and other special vehicles in the implementation of the emergency task, and ensure the safety of more than 95% can not limit the traffic signs and markings, but red light, press the yellow line, retrograde etc.
Q:Enclosed area fire engines can not enter the law?
(two) damage, misappropriate or dismantle or deactivate fire facilities and equipment without authorization;(three) occupy, block up, close the evacuation passage, exit safely or otherwise obstruct safe evacuation;(four) bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space;(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;(six) a crowded place is set up on doors and windows to influence the escape and fire rescue;
Q:What documents do you need to drive a fire engine?
Most of the fire truck appearance is red, but also look for the yellow fire truck parts, so it is part of the special fire truck, fire alarm siren, car at the top is usually equipped with lights and flashing lights. Common types include fire water fire engines, foam fire truck, fire engine, aerial platform fire truck ladder truck, etc..
Q:How far can fire engines shoot water?
If it is fire hose hose, usually 6-7 storey high, 20 meters or so. Blisters on the higher, specific fire engines fire pump power, the highest water can fire up to about 100 meters, has been the top class.Fire engines, water supply, fire fighting, are generally low rise buildings, small high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings are fire fighting facilities within the building.
Q:Fire engine fire pump pressure is low, what's the matter?
If the water is raised to the height of 200m from the surface of the water source, its discharge amount can reach 40L/S. Set level upgrade, you need to set up at 100m height of a power of 69.07kw pumps, the total power of those two pumps is about 140KW.
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Q:What is the width of the fire engine body?
There are many kinds of fire engines, which are different in height, length and width
Q:Fire engine water delivery, suction operation flow
Water absorption:(1) water absorption; effluent1. Close the water valve and open the water outlet valve;2, the water tank will be connected with the pump filled with water; (if there is no small water tank, this step can be omitted);3, press the clutch pedal, then put on the power take-off, and turn on the water switch (or press the water button)

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