Fire Fighting Truck/Water and Foam Fire Truck (8000L)

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Product Description:

Fire Fighting Truck/Water and Foam Fire Truck (8000L)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Type:Fire Truck


Certification:ISO9000, CCC



Emission Standard:Euro 2

Transmission Type:Manual


Engine Type:4 Stroke




Drive Wheel:6×4





Chassis Model:Zz1167m4617c

Overall Dimension(Lxwxh):8820 X2500 X3450 Mm


Driving Type:6*4

The Number of Leaf Spring:8/10+8



The Number of Tire:6+1(Spare Tire)


Color:Red or as Customer′s Requirements



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:in Nude Packing with Container or RO-RO Ship

Standard:CCC ISO9001


Origin:Shandong, China

HS Code:8708911000


Production Capacity:100 PCS/Month

Product Description

Discription: 1. More than twelve years professional manufacturer experience
2. Be designed according to your requirements
3. CCC ISO9001 agreement
4. Small order can be accepted
5. 12 month quality guarantee term
6. We accept 100% inspection, welcome to our factory at any time

Pls contact the supplier for details, good quotation and further product information will be provided as you required.

Fire Truck  Specifications
Model JDF5190GXFPM70Z
Overall DimensionLength×Width×Height8820 × 2500 × 3450  mm
Total Mass19000 Kg
Max Payload11550  Kg
Kerb Weight7000  Kg
The parameters of chassis
Chassis Model ZZ1167M4617C
driving type6*4

ModelB190 33  
Rated Power196HP
Maximum power140(KW)
Displacement9726  ML
Fuel typeDiesel oil
Wheel base4600mm
Front/Rear wheel tread1500/2650 mm
The number of leaf spring8/10+8
The number of tire6+1(spare tire)
A/C Air Conditioningoptional
Max Speed85Km/h
Fire truck technical parameters
AgentWater5000 L
Foam3000 L
Fire pumpModelCB10/40 normal pressure pump(Rear), high strength aluminum alloy, piston water device
Max suction deep≥7(m)
Suction time≤35(s)
Fire monitormodelPP24
Rangewater≥50 (m)
foam≥45 (m)
working pressure≤1.0(Mpa)
Horizontal rotation angle360 º

Fire Fighting Truck/Water and Foam Fire Truck (8000L)

Fire Fighting Truck/Water and Foam Fire Truck (8000L)

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Q:Obstructing fire engines, fire boats to perform the task of administrative punishment case is hindered and special
Where the first paragraph, the third item, the fourth item, the fifth item and the sixth act of this article are ordered, the party shall be ordered to make corrections and refuse to correct it, and the enforcement of the expenses shall be borne by the illegal actor.Any of the following sixty-second acts shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the law of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishment:Violating the relevant technical standards and regulations for the production, storage, transportation, sale, use and destruction of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods;(two) illegally carrying inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places or taking public transport;(three) lying about fire alarm;(four) obstructing fire engines and fire boats;(five) obstructing the staff members of fire protection institutions of public security organs according to law to perform their functions according to law.Article seventieth the administrative penalties prescribed in this law, except as otherwise provided in this act, decided by the fire control institutions of public security organs; the punishment of detention by a public security organ at or above the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" decision.
Q:Who knows anti explosion fire engines? Please tell me something about it
The research and development of explosion-proof fire engines has successfully solved the bottleneck of key explosion protection technologies for fire engines, thus filling the gap in the domestic technology and replacing the imported ones,
Q:Social morality and fire cut
No crossing; toll roads; bridges; toll free vehicles. The traffic control officer shall ensure the rapid passage of fire engines and fire boats
Q:How much is the height, width and turning radius of the fire lane
(4) the fire lane pipe and drain should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.(5) the fire lane through the building of the door, the height and width of not less than 4 meters; gate stack between width of not less than 3.5 metres.(6) there should be an annular fire lane around the high-rise building. When there is difficulty in setting the ring fire lane, fire lane can be built along the two long sides of the building.
Q:How much water does a fire engine hold?
Fire engines, also known as fire engines, refer to special vehicles that are mainly used to carry out fire fighting. Most of the countries, including China, will also use it for other emergency purposes. Fire engines can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for carrying out relief tasks. Modern fire engines usually equipped with ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, emergency rescue tools, tools and other equipment, the part will be equipped with a water tank, water pump, foam fire extinguisher and other large fire extinguishing equipment
Q:Part of the function of the fire engine
The water tank and fire water pump system is the necessary equipment for the fire extinguishing system as a main fire extinguishing system and a forest fire engine.The size of the water tank directly affects the fire fighting ability of the fire engine, which is mainly determined by the power of the fire engine. According to the material water tank can be divided into soft water tank (made of canvas or rubber) and rigid tank (made of metal material), soft water quality light, non working state occupies small space, but the disadvantage is increased when the vehicle is not stable, and the characteristics of rigid and soft water tank water tank just opposite. Water pump system includes fire pump, various control valves and piping system, water jet gun and so on. The fire pump rated flow and head is the main working parameters of water pump system, the current domestic water pump rated flow tank type fire truck is 30 ~ 50IJs, 110 ~ 120mf rated head water column), foreign forest fire engine pump rated flow and lift range were 8-25L/s and 100 ~ 150m. water fire extinguishing system in addition to the main in general, forest fire vehicle also equipped with auxiliary fire-fighting equipment, such as portable fire pumps, fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing chemical equipment.
Q:Fire engine matters needing attention
When the fire truck goes to the fire and arrives at the fire, it occupies the favorable position of fire fighting and fires rapidly into the fire fighting.1. fire engines are required to ensure safe and rapid travel while they are heading for the fire. Fire engines should be selected from the fire station nearest the fire vehicle corridor. When multiple cars are dispatched, adequate safety distance (50 meters to 80 meters) should be maintained in each workshop. After arriving at the fire, no more cars should enter the same battle area at the same time, so as to prevent fire commanders from mobilizing vehicles and putting them into fire fighting in time, so as to delay the fighters
Q:What are the types of liquid supply fire engines?
Water tank fire engine: in addition to having the function of the pump fire engine, the tank fire engine is also equipped with a large capacity water tank and water cannon, water cannon, etc.. Water tank fire trucks can transport water and fire personnel to the fire site, and blaze fire independently. It can also be pumped directly from water sources, or supplied to other fire engines and fire sprinkler systems. In the water shortage area, it can also be used as a water supply and water conveyance vehicle. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a standing fire vehicle between the public security fire brigade and the enterprise fire brigade.
Q:How wide is the fire engine passage?
6.0.9 the net width and clearance height of fire lane shall not be less than 4.0m. For the space where the fire engine stops, the slope shall not exceed 3%.Barriers between fire lane and factory building (warehouse) and civil building should not be set up to hinder the operation of fire engines.
Q:What is the fire water pressure of fire engines?
Fire engines usually have low pressure fire engines, medium and low pressure fire engines, and high and low pressure fire engines:1. low pressure fire hose outlet pressure generally not more than 0.6MPA, that is, we say that the 4-5 atmospheric pressure, water can be 40-50 meters2., medium and low pressure fire engine water pressure will reach 1.6MPA3. high and low pressure fire car high-pressure parts, the water pressure will reach 3 - 4MPA

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