Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

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Product Description:

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:11-20t

Emission Standard:Euro 2


Tank Volume:15001-30000L

Drive Wheel:4×2





Engine Capacity:6-8L



Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Tubeless



Note:Tank Capacity:6500L

Water Tank Capacity:5000L


Foam Tank Capacity:1500L




Engine Type:4 Stroke



Type:Fire Truck



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:200units/Month

Product Description

Technique parameter
Name: Howo 1167M4617C5L× W× H mm: 7990× 2496× 2958(mm)
Chassis Model: EQ1141KJCargo body Dimension(mm): × × (mm)
Total mass: 16000Approach/Departure angle: 16/23
Rated mass: 6950front/rear suspension: 1500/1890
Curb mass: 8380Max. Speed: 90(km/h)

ISDe180 30

Emission standards: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005
Axle: 2front tread2022/2041(mm)
Wheelbase4600rear tread: 1830(mm)
Tyer: 6Tyer size: 12.00R20
Fuel type: Dieselspring: 10/9+6
Axle load4900/10000cab passenger: 
Note: Tank Capacity: 6500L
Water tank capacity: 5000L, 
Foam tank capacity: 1500L

Fire pump
Model: CB20.10/15.30 water drawing time: ≤ 35s(7m depth)
Flow: 30L/s/1.0MPa/ flow: 15L/s/2.0MPa
Fire monitor
Model: PP24
Foam range≥ 50m/1.0MPa water range≥ 55m/1.0MPa


Best Quality SINOTRUK 8X4 25cbm water/foam Fire Truck


crew cab, four doors, rated passengers 6


Water tanker 25000L




Chassis model


Drive type

8×4, LHD/RHD


12.00-20 18PR

Tire No.


Braking System

Air braking


Uniwafer, dry clutch, hydraulic remote control


10 forward gear ,2 reverse gear , manual mechanical type




Horse Power(hp)





Euro 2,Euro 3

Main Parameters

Overall dimension (L*W*H/mm)




Axles No.




Curb Weight(kg)


Leaf spring No.


Approaching/Departure Angle(°)


Front/Rear trace(mm)


Front/Rear suspension(mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Front/Rear Axle Load(kg)


Fire Pump

Atmospheric pressure pump

Type:BS30 firefighting pump,Flow capacity:30L/s,Pressure:1.0MPa

Medium-low pressure pump

 Type:CB60/10:low pressure Flow capacity:40L/s/1.0MPa;medium pressure Flow capacity:25L/S/2.0MPa

Fire Monitor



Shot Range

≥60 m

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

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Q:Water consumption of fire enginesHow much water does a fire engine use? About how much water should I use for a fire?
Water consumption of fire enginesFire trucks, one car, water 30TThe water used in a fire depends on the fireDepending on the size of the fire and the type and material of the burned item
Q:What equipment should be equipped with a 16 ton tank foam fire engine?
Emergency equipment: pull ladder, bamboo ladder (top), motor chain saws, hydraulic expansion pliers, portable universal cutter, climbing devices, lifting cushion, pneumatic tool, gas cutter, axe, pliers, pick, shovel etc..
Q:Fire lane setting problem Excuse me: what kind of situation do you need to set up fire lane?
Third statements:The fire lane width itself according to the requirement of not less than 4 meters in order to facilitate the fire vehicles, lane should be set at the end of the enter field, enter the area of not less than 12 m *12 m if the ring road, it should be according to the design of road turning radius turning radius is 12 meters, calculate the if the road the width is 4 meters, turn right at the top right is is to bend at the top of the arc is about 10.6 meters.
Q:Why is the fire engine red?
When sunlight shines on objects, various objects absorb and reflect different wavelengths of lightVarious colors are formed. In short, if an object reflects one or more of the light of the sun, it absorbs itMore than light, then the object presents the color of the reflected monochromatic or polychromatic light. In visible light, light of red lightThe longest, but the smallest angle, easily passes through the water, the rain, the dust, and the mist. Orange and yellow light are not afraid of obstruction,Able to penetrate these objects.
Q:Fire codes should not be planted between fire lane and buildings
And now this provision is a normal person can be understood as you can set the trees, as long as not to interfere with the operation of fire truck can do, but this is how the definition of trees, speculation does not come out, can only ask the experts. Individual understanding, this can be more optimized for "fire lane and building should not be set up to hinder the operation of fire engines", and then in the corresponding provisions of the description of what the obstacles include. The standard design is bad and indirect, which brings difficulties to the architectural design work.
Q:What's the fire passage (size)?
Article 6.0.8 a fire lane shall be provided for natural water sources and fire pools for fire engines.Article 6.0.9 of the fire lane width should not be less than 3.5m, over the road in case of pipe rack, Zhanqiao and other obstacles, the height of not less than 4m.Article 6.0.10 an annular fire lane shall have at least two lanes connected to other lanes. The end fire lane shall be provided with a return lane or a return field not less than 12m * 12m. The size of the return field used for large fire engines shall not be less than 15m * 15m.The fire lane and Angou pipeline should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.Fire lanes can take advantage of traffic roads.
Q:Fire engine fire pump pressure is low, what's the matter?
Now the pump power is only 85.95KW, pump the water from the water surface to enhance the height of 200m, although 86KW a lot higher than that of the 69KW power, but with the increase of mechanical lift, efficiency will be reduced, the head loss will increase, the amount of water it will not be able to power and lift the proportion, can only reach 20L/S. According to the law of conservation of function, that is, regardless of the mechanical efficiency and head loss, the water discharge at the height of 200m should reach 40L/S. At the very least 140kW power, 86KW, of course, is far from, so the traffic is small.
Q:Is the minimum width of fire passage for public buildings 4.0m or 6.0m?
Fire lane settings should be comprehensive, the road load is too small, the road below the pipe is too shallow, and the ditch used light cover plate, etc., can not withstand the passage of large fire engines. In addition, as can be seen from the table, due to the large fire truck body length and minimum turning diameter is too large, therefore, enter the field set the fire lane for 12 * 12m was impassable, enter the field to set a larger area to meet the use requirements, it shall be determined according to the local actual equipped with large fire engines.
Q:What regulations should the fire engine climb up the operation site?
The length and width of the site are not less than 15m and 8m, for the construction of the building height of not less than 50m, length and width of the site shall not be less than 15m; on the exterior side of the edge of space distance of building exterior wall should not be less than 5m, and should not be greater than 10m, the slope should not be greater than 3%. It means that the height of the site is controlled from 5 to 10 meters from the edge of the building to the outer wall, rather than the distance from the side of the building to the edge of the wall. It's wrong to understand.
Q:How many years is the scrap time of fire engines?
According to regulations, registered motor vehicles shall be mandatory retirement conditions including: the required service life; after repair and adjustment is still not in conformity with national technical standards for safety of motor vehicle in car related requirements; after repair and adjustment or after the use of control technology, to discharge atmospheric pollutants or noise is still not in conformity with the national standards for the relevant vehicle the requirements; after the expiry of the inspection for the 3 motor vehicle inspection cycle without obtaining vehicle inspection marks.

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