Fire Fighting Truck 4*2 Double Cabin (Volume: 4000L) (ZZ1166)

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Product Description:

Fire Fighting Truck   4*2 Double Cabin (Volume: 4000L) (ZZ1166)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ1166



Certification:ISO9000, CCC



Emission Standard:Euro 3


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Fire Truck:Fire Fighting Truck



Truck Type:Fire Truck


Tire Design:Radial



Tire Certification:ISO

Tire Type:Solid Tire


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package or Roro Ship

Standard:Nude Package or Roro Ship



HS Code:87053090


Production Capacity:3000PCS Per Month

Product Description

1. Technical parameters of the fuel tanker trucks .
(1) Foam fire fighting trucks

(2) Gross weight: 18750kg
(3) Water tanker volume: 3000 litres
(4) Foam tanker volume: 1000 litres
(5) Fire pump: CB10/40
(6) Fire monitor: PP40

chassis Model/ manufacturerZZ1166
CabDouble cabin (four doors)
overall dimensionL*W*Hmm8530*2500*3500
total mass(KG)Kg 18,750
Rated payloadKg 8,000
Kerb weight 
Kg 10,300
Approach/ departure angel 
Front /rear suspension 
Fuel type dieselFuel consumption 32 L/100km
Ground clearance   mm248
Max speed Km/h90
EngineModel/ rated powerHpWd615.62 / 266 HP
Emission standard
Euro II or above
Rated speed r/nin2200
Max. torque
1100(N.m) / 1100~ 1600(rpm)
Driving type 4*2Wheel base 4600mm
Front tread1958mmRear tread 1830mm
Front axle6500kgRear axle16000kg
Number of leaf spring of suspension9/9+6Type & size of tyre11.00-20
Electrical systemBattery capacity (A .h)2*12V 135Ah
Alternator capacity (A)28V 55A 1540W
Starter motor power (Kw)24V 7.5kw
Technical parameter of fire fighting body
Liquid tankerVolume: total 4000L (among, water: 3000L; foam: 1000L) 
Material:high quality carbon steel plate, anti-rust treatment inside.
Structure: welding, there is baffle plate inner
Equipment: 2 manholes, with speediness lock and turn on equipment, 2overflow mechanisms
Material of the tanker : stainless steel 304 
Fire fighting pump and pipeline systemModel of fire fighting pump: CB10/40
Pressure: 1.0Mpa
Flux: 40L/s
Suction depth:≥7m
Suction time: ≤35s
Installing type: central or rear
Pipeline system:
Suction pipeline: there is 125mm water inlet, can sop natural water source and sop the water from liquid tanker
Water outlet pipeline: there is one middle pressure water outlet on every side, and gun pipeling with dia.≥80mm on the top of tanker
Discharge remaining water system: to protect pump and all ball valves

Fire Fighting Truck   4*2 Double Cabin (Volume: 4000L) (ZZ1166)

Fire Fighting Truck   4*2 Double Cabin (Volume: 4000L) (ZZ1166)

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Q:A car gun on a fire engineWhat type of car guns are common on fire engines?
Fire cannon is a fire extinguishing equipment which sprays air foam and saves liquid fire of armour, B and C in a long distance.
Q:How can you let him spray when he knows how to play with the fire engine?
Tank fire engines can be divided into small fire engines (about 2-4 tons), medium-sized fire engines (about 6-8 tons), large fire engines (about 10-15 tons) and large ones with 18 tons. There is a simple water supply fire engine that can pull 25 tons of water on the right.Fire engines, also known as fire engines, refer to special vehicles that are mainly used to carry out fire fighting. Most of the countries, including China, will also use it for other emergency purposes. Fire engines can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for carrying out relief tasks. Modern fire engines usually equipped with ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, emergency rescue tools, tools and other equipment, the part will be equipped with a water tank, water pump, foam fire extinguisher and other large fire extinguishing equipment. Most of the fire truck appearance is red, but also look for the yellow fire truck parts, so it is part of the special fire truck, fire alarm siren, car at the top is usually equipped with lights and flashing lights. Common types include fire water fire engines, foam fire truck, fire engine, aerial platform fire truck ladder truck, etc..
Q:Obstructing fire engines, fire boats to perform the task of administrative punishment case is hindered and special
Where the first paragraph, the third item, the fourth item, the fifth item and the sixth act of this article are ordered, the party shall be ordered to make corrections and refuse to correct it, and the enforcement of the expenses shall be borne by the illegal actor.Any of the following sixty-second acts shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the law of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishment:Violating the relevant technical standards and regulations for the production, storage, transportation, sale, use and destruction of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods;(two) illegally carrying inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places or taking public transport;(three) lying about fire alarm;(four) obstructing fire engines and fire boats;(five) obstructing the staff members of fire protection institutions of public security organs according to law to perform their functions according to law.Article seventieth the administrative penalties prescribed in this law, except as otherwise provided in this act, decided by the fire control institutions of public security organs; the punishment of detention by a public security organ at or above the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" decision.
Q:Article 2 of the fire law stipulates that no parking is allowed on the fire passage
(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;Individuals who have one of the second items, third items, fourth items or fifth acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be warned or fined not less than five hundred yuan.
Q:How can fire stations fail to reach fire control problems?
3: according to the actual situation, equipped with appropriate fire fighting facilities,4: unit fire and evacuation drills every year, so that we actively participate in, learn how to use fire extinguishers, fire occurred, how to escape?;
Q:Fire passage regulations in the law?
(three) carry out at least one comprehensive inspection of building fire protection facilities every year to ensure that they are in good condition and effective, and that the inspection records shall be complete and accurate and filed for future reference;(four) to ensure the unblocked passageway, safe exit and fire truck passage, and ensure the fire prevention, smoke prevention subarea and fire space in line with fire fighting technical standards;(five) organize fire prevention inspection and eliminate fire danger in time;(six) organize targeted fire drills;(seven) other fire safety responsibilities prescribed by laws and regulations.The person in charge of the unit is the person who is responsible for fire control safety in the unit.Twenty-eighth of any unit or individual shall not damage, misappropriation or unauthorized removal, stop using fire control facilities and devices, and shall not bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space, shall not be occupied, clogging evacuation routes closed, safety exit, fire channel. Doors and windows in crowded places shall not be equipped with obstructions that affect escape, fire and rescue.
Q:Deliberately not fire engines, how to punish?
(three) fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, police cars and other vehicles that impede the execution of urgent tasks;(four) forcibly rushing into the warning zones and warning zones set up by the public security organs.Whoever obstructs the people's police in performing their duties according to law shall be given a heavier punishment
Q:How many years is the scrap time of fire engines?
Special vehicles such as cranes, fire engines, drilling cars and so on, can be appropriately endorsed for the December 31, 2099 automobile scrap standard (revised in 1997) (national economic and Trade Commission No. [1997]456) in 10 years.In January 14, 2013, the website of the Ministry of Commerce issued 14 "compulsory retirement standard provisions" clear, according to the motor vehicle use and safety technology, emissions inspection status, implementation of the national mandatory retirement of vehicles to be scrapped. The regulation will come into force on May 1, 2013.
Q:Illegal occupation of fire passage how to punish?
If sixtieth units violate any of the following acts in violation of this law, they shall be ordered to make corrections and shall be fined not less than five thousand yuan but not more than fifty thousand yuan:(1) the disposition and establishment of fire control facilities, equipment or fire safety signs do not conform to the state standards or industry standards, or have not been kept in good condition and effective;(two) damage, misappropriate or dismantle or deactivate fire facilities and equipment without authorization;(three) occupy, block up, close the evacuation passage, exit safely or otherwise obstruct safe evacuation;(four) bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space;(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;(six) a crowded place is set up on doors and windows to influence the escape and fire rescue;(seven) failing to take timely measures to eliminate the fire hazards after being notified by the fire protection institution of the public security organ.
Q:What is the width of the fire engine body?
The longest length is not more than 10 meters wide, the width is not more than 3 meters, the highest height is not more than 3.5 meters.The maximum length of special fire engines is 13.4m, the maximum width is 4.5m, and the maximum height is 4.15M

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