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Product Description:

  • finiture

    6pcs Rattan Chair+1pc Rattan Rectangle Table

    Product Size:



    Material  Detail:

    Rattan:PE flat rattan 7*1.3mm

    Curshion:waterproof, 5cm thichness for the curshion

    Fabric washable

    Table  with 8MM tempered  glass.

    Table can be knocked  down.


    Curshion color:Ivory fabric only.

    Rattan color:mix brown  and black.

    Agile Cubic code

    Rattan color


    mix  brown



    Packing Detail:

    Packed by carton.1pc table/CTN.2pcs chair/CTN.totally: 4ctns

    Table packing size:153*103*19cm

    Chair packing size:63*77*134cm

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