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Product Description:

  • finiture

    6pcs Rattan Chair+1pc Rattan Rectangle Table

    Product Size:



    Material  Detail:

    Rattan:PE flat rattan 7*1.3mm

    Curshion:waterproof, 5cm thichness for the curshion

    Fabric washable

    Table  with 8MM tempered  glass.

    Table can be knocked  down.


    Curshion color:Ivory fabric only.

    Rattan color:mix brown  and black.

    Agile Cubic code

    Rattan color


    mix  brown



    Packing Detail:

    Packed by carton.1pc table/CTN.2pcs chair/CTN.totally: 4ctns

    Table packing size:153*103*19cm

    Chair packing size:63*77*134cm

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Q:Do you have radiation on the marble windowsill?
Marble furniture in addition to the ruggedness of the plate and environmental protection has a very high demand, the radioactive stone also has strict control. For a long time, people mistakenly believe that marble furniture will have radiation, the purchase will inevitably have some concerns. In fact, the radioactive radio is very low, the basic will not cause harm to the human body.
Q:How do I spray paint my exterior metal front door?
Surface prep is critical to prevent peeling later. 1st, use a wax/grease remover to clean the entire door, then sand it with 180grit or finer paper. I use a plastic scouring pad for grooves or difficult areas, you can get them in the paint department. Apply even, thin coats, overlapping each time. Allow the coat to become just tacky dry before applying another coat, or you will end up with runs. Paint 8-10 inches away from the door, and don't twist your wrist when you get to the edge, keep it at a 90 degree angle from the work and spray past. Hammered paint is generally thick, and will cover up some minor scratches, but not deep ones, so make sure before you start painting.
Q:Closed door installation method and size
(Mm): Length 186 Width 44 Height 67 Installation Size: 19x168 (mm) Door Weight (mm): Length 186 Width 44 Height 67 Installation Size: 19x168 (mm) Door Weight Range: 45-65 (kg) Function: two-speed adjustable Applicable occasions: anti-theft door Function: two-speed adjustable Applicable occasions:
Q:Digital camera: insert the memory card it always shows that "memory card lock", regardless of the memory card is lock or unlock, it always said that the storage card lock
This situation has a lot of discussion on the Internet, the common is three or four years ago produced Canon digital camera and Pentax early SLR camera. General tacit advice is purely a waste of time, the real problem is the perception of the camera on the SD card lock with the use of loose failure, not very easy to repair, are unreasonable camera design problems. To tell the truth, did not see an effective simple solution, only repair.
Q:How to maintain aluminum doors and windows?
Do not know is not because of prolonged exposure to the oxidation of the air, aluminum stains appear on the white spot, hand touch spot rough, with water scrub and no improvement, I would like to ask which method can make aluminum alloy Such as new, at least to wash off the white spot, thank you!
Q:Now the most famous doors and windows hardware top ten brands which is it?
Build cattle, HC are quite good ~
Q:Meizu 3 is locked after the phone in the account by their own remote exit on the page, enter the flyme password can not unlock how to do?
You have been out of the remote, but also how to enter account ah
Q:New installation of the [anti-theft door switch door when the abnormal sound] how to do?
Should be the quality of the hinge, one is the surface of the hinge is not smooth, angular; Second, the hinge of the supporting strength is not enough, can not effectively support the weight of the door. Method is: change the hinge.
Q:My home security door abc3 kinds of keys,
Anti-theft door abc3 kinds of keys, when the decoration with a key. Renovated with c key in the opposite direction twisted 360 degrees. A key can not be used, only the B key to open the door. (After the delivery of the key after the fool unguarded Guogan scrims have a single use of instructions) If the use of the correct method, ask the property management staff to try, not May ask the property management company to reflect the situation, by the development company to inform the door of the businessmen to change the lock heart (security door warranty period is two years)
Q:help! i fell off my roof into my window!?
You lost your mind in a sudden act of dancing sensation.. You then thought you were sliding (dance move) but you were sliding off the roof and fell of. You got up and brushes yourself off and gave a little chuckle. *giggle* Good Luck!

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