Fine Quality Fecr Alloy For Steelmaking

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fecr alloy, vanadium nitrogen
Conform to
Standard, VN12, VN16

             fine quality fecr alloy for steelmaking                

1. Nantong Hanrui Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 with total area of 25000 m2.

2. Our company possess large volume of natural vanadium resources .

3. Now our company has 40 sets of the advanced alloy production equipment.

4. The annual output of VNis 2400MT and 2000MT high purity vanadium.

Advantage for vanadium nitride



Grain refinement and strengthening

Compared with VC, VN is better for the separation of V(C,N).

Reduce vanadium and lower cost

V(C,N)will cost fewer vanadium than that of VC, and this could reduce 40%, compared with Ferro-Vanadium.

Improve weldability, notch ductility and forgeability.

Use less carbon and less alloy addictive agent could reach the same strength level.

Effectively strengthening various carbon steel.

When temperature reach 1050 degrees Celsius, V(C,N) will have high solubility in austenite. Vanadium nitride work effectively in high, medium and low carbon steel.

Stain aging and shaping loss

Through choose Nitrovan 7 or Nitrovan 12, the proportion of V and N could be selected, avoiding nomadic nitrogen.

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Q:Now on the market scrap carbide blade (YG8 milling cutter) how much is one kilogram?
Now on the market scrap carbide blade about 100 yuan / kg, depending on the alloy composition, trading area and fixed.Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy material made by powder metallurgy process of hard metal and bonding metal of refractory metal.
Q:What's the difference between high speed tool steel and carbide cutter?
High speed tool steel is essentially tool steel, but heat resistance is betterHard alloy is made of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide materials such as superhard materials. From the hardness and red hardness, high speed tool steel paima couldn't catch up. Although the name as "alloy" two words, it is actually a kind of metal ceramic.
Q:I would like to solder a carbide tool now, what materials do you need to ask for specific methods?
Very simple, when attention is brazed relationship between heating temperature and heating time and the weight of the objects, it is not difficult to weld
Q:What type of carbide for punching dies? Better. Where can I buy it?
Stamping die is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping, need more different uses to choose different characteristics of carbide brand, you can understandZhuzhou same cemented carbide.
Q:Carbide saw blade 30t and 40t what is the difference?
Because of the small friction, the 40 teeth will save effort and the noise will be small, but the more than 60 saw blades will be cut more smoothly.
Q:What does WC refer to in cemented carbides?
Of or relating to an alloying element that is tungsten carbide.Tungsten cobalt carbideThe main ingredients are tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt (Co).The brand is from "YG" ("hard cobalt" Pinyin prefix) composition and percentage of average amount of cobalt.For example, YG8, a tungsten cobalt carbide represented by an average WCo=8% and the remainder of tungsten carbide.
Q:What are the standard units of measurement for carbide inserts?
Manufacturers usually use KG, which is used inside the shop
Q:What is the relation between the number of teeth of carbide saw blades?
Hard alloy tooth less than wood section tooth more smooth, less than the price of gear teeth is cheap, less than the number of gear teeth is not easy to burn saw, if multiple saw tooth must use less, if it is a plywood class, must use the teeth reduce edge collapse.
Q:What are the three types of commonly used cemented carbides?
As the mass fraction of cobalt increases, the hardness and wear resistance decrease, and the flexural strength and toughness increase.M class (equivalent to our YW class), cemented carbide is based on WC, TiC, Co, and then added TaC (or NbC). After the addition of TaC (or NbC), the comprehensive properties of cemented carbide were improved. This kind of cemented carbide can process both cast iron and non-ferrous metals, and also can process steel materials. It can also process difficult materials such as high temperature alloy and stainless steel. Commonly used brands are YW1 and YW2.
Q:What is the difference between tungsten cobalt alloy and YG8 and YG6 series cemented carbide?
YG6, YG6X, YG8, YG8C, YG11C, and so on,YG6 hardness and wear resistance are slightly higher than that of YG8, but strength and toughness are not as good as YG8

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