Find Best Qquality Cyclone vacuum cleaner HT-850/SL-850

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  1. Unique wind dust cup into the design, The suction is strong, Efficient dust removal

  2. Transparent dust cup, Can be washed to avoid secondary pollution

  3. Automatic take-up function, more intimate

  4. Steel pipeFree expansion

  5. Multiple noise reduction design ,Truly achieve less noise



  1. rated voltage:220v

  2. Rated power:1600W

  3. The noise:<74Db

  4. Vacuum degree:22kpa

  5. Neight weight:5.2kg

  6. Rated frequency:50HZ

  7. The length of power cord:4.5M

  8. Dust capacity:2.5L

  9. Size of Color box:465X310X325

  10. Size of packing635X480X370

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Q:I want to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. I want to go bagless. What are some good brands?
About canister vacs: Canisters are great at cleaning hardwood floors, drapes and hard to reach spots. Most canisters also come with an assortment of tools and attachments for special cleaning jobs. Some may find it awkward because you pull the vacuum from behind. If you don't want to replace your vacuum every year, go with a Dyson. It is the best purchase you will ever make. I spent hours looking in stores for the perfect vacuum and ended up finding just what I needed, the dyson dc15 animal, online (MUCH lower prices and better info) The suction never wears out, so you won't need to replace it. It is great at getting up hair and for people with allergies.
Q:a retailer sold 50 vacuum cleaners at $90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at $140...what is the weighted mean price of?
I know the best place to buy a vacuum cleaner
Q:What is it with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
Your canines is in all probability questioning oooh goody a toy play play play play!!!! he/she could additionally be questioning, Oh no that stupid and loud vacuum cleanser is on back, or what's that element? Its invading my territory. What if it pees and marks its spot? aah!!!! i might advise putting your canines outdoors once you vacuum. It does no longer injury your canines ears as plenty (by way of fact he/she does no longer hear it) And in the experience that your canines does have a territory on your place, and your canines is interior, do no longer vacuum so on the brink of it till your canines ought to truly care aless or he/she is outdoors! i in my view wish this helped!
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
some are vernacular and others colloquialisms. In the Midwest you'd say making dinner. In the south or southwest, fixin' dinner. We called vacuum cleaners Hoovers since they were the most popular in the 1930's. Sweepers were usually made by Bissell, and were un-powered. Lunch was dinner, and dinner was supper in Oklahoma.
Q:is anyone selling vacuum cleaners for under $300?
There's, they've got a video of it too :)
Q:I have 2 vacuum cleaners, both need new electrical cords! How do I replace them?
Have them serviced. These are notoriously hard to take apart and reassemble. Plus, the cords might be soldered or hard-wired to the switch or motor, making this type of repair very difficult and potentially dangerous.
Q:How to clean a portable vacuum cleaner?
On the use of filter paper as a filter medium filter, use a soft bristle brush to dust on the filter paper, be careful not to brush the dust, filter paper brush bad;
Q:What do you call the type of person who buys a vacuum cleaner to use it once and then returns it?
A real slob, if they vacuum so infrequently. I'm sure the retail industry has a name for people who buy a dress, wear it to a party, then return it, but I'm not sure what it is. Butthead is the usual term I hear. :)
Q:Mad Vacuum Attack!! My 14 mos old GSD Bear becomes an absolute maniac when I am trying to vacuum the house.?
He sees the vacuum as a threat to him and to you. You need to put him somewhere else where he can't hear the vacuum. No, I don't recommend the closet, but if you have a secure area outside, that would work extremely well. Outside that, a behavioral dog trainer would be your next option. Papaw
Q:⚫️ Poll: When you were wee little, were you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
No. By the time the vacuum cleaners really hit Indian markets, I was a brave old kid of the ripe age of 12.

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