Find Best Household acarus-removal vacuum cleaner HT-558/SL-558

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10000 watt/month

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1. humanized design and elegant appearance

2. contact-point pressure, uv lamp lights when touch fabric

3. repeatedly washed filter

4. Electrolux Addison

5. remove acarus and dust thoroughly



1.rated voltage:220v

2.Rated power:400W

3.The noise:<65dB

4. Vacuum degree:14kpa

5.Neight weight:1.6kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.The length of power cord:4.0M

8.Dust capacity:0.5L

9.Size of Color box:300X200X340mm

10.Size of packing600X350X660mm










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Q:My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?
omg you should totally dust first! that way, all the dust that come flying off your furniture lands on your carpet. So, then after you dust, you can go back over and vacuum so not only are your floors clean, you have also eliminated the dust from your house, not just spread it around. Let me guess, your husband thinks you should vacuum first? haha! You're right! Another victory for you!
Q:My vacuum cleaner shoots stuff out the bottom! What's wrong?
Agreed with the others. You definitely need to empty the bag or bin container completely and change the filter (or wash it, depending on which vacuum cleaner you have). Check that there are no blockages anywhere. What make/model do you have?
Q:What are some good vacuum cleaners?
I LOVE my Roomba by iRobot! It's great for day in and day out regular cleaning! Even my teenage sons don't mind vacuuming with it! You just turn it on and it does the rest, even goes back to its home base to recharge when it's finished. The only thing you ever have to bother with is dumping the lint filter and occasionally cleaning the beater brush. And my mother loves hers! (and her Scooba, the robot that sweeps, mops, scrubs and dries hard surface floors!) But for deep cleaning, my Rainbow wins hands down... So, I have both, obviously. I've had experience with Hoovers and Orecks and so forth, but these are my top two choices.
Q:what movies films has vacuum cleaners in them ?
Q:Looking for a site that will tell me the marketing mix for Dyson vacuum cleaners?
Anyway marketing mix is unique to each product, says you cannot really copy wholesales from any web pages. u can see how they do it on their web page, i.e. distribution channgels, product mix, Marcom strategies, etc. good luck. Cheers.
Q:Have a Eureka Whirlwind vacuum, when i use the hose dust shoots from the hole you take the hose
My Panasonic did the same thing when I pulled the hose a little to far one day. So, duct tape, duct tape, duct tape! And now it works fine. Looks silly, though, but who cares, so long as it works? That was the hole at the back, where the hose enters the machine; if it is the hole at the side where the hose stays when not in use, you have a clog that forces the dirt back out. So if you aren't adept at disassembling vacuum cleaners, have it checked if it's worth it to you. If not, a decent vacuum can be had for under $200.00.
Q:Which Vacuum cleaners are as DURABLE as they used to be?
I have been happy with Kenmore (Sears) canister vacuums, having bought two of them over the last 33 years. Fairly easy to get replacement parts for them.
Q:Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood/tile floors?
Q:math problem...................?
416 156/6 = 26 26 x 16 = 416
Q:Do witches still fly on broom sticks?
Hang on, Ill just ask the wife.....

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