Find Best Dry /wet/blow multi-used commercial vacuum cleaner HT-228/SL-228

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10000 watt/month

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1. high-quality motor, strong suction and long time operation.

2. beautiful stainless steel cylinder

3. complete accessories , convenient Combination

4. chrome plated steel pipes with Free Expansion


1.rated voltage:220v

2.Rated power:1400W

3.The noise:<78dB

4. Vacuum degree:20kpa

5.Neight weight:7.9kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.The length of power cord:4.5M

8. capacity:20  L

9.Size of product:380X380X565mm












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Q:Do you think the spiders and moths are dead?
There's usually a valve on vacuum cleaners that doesn't allow things to escape from the bag/chamber. can sleep safe...or you could if you didn't kill the moth. Killing moths is bad juju.
Q:Good deal on vacuum cleaners?
Pawn shop, Goodwill, Salvation Army
Q:what is your favorite quote?
What if my beard where made of green spinach? Bunkum and tummyrot! You'll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that. -Willy Wonka Now I'm going to go to bed, before you two do anything to get us killed... or worse, expelled. -Hermione Granger If you want to know what a man's really like, look at how he treats his inferiors. - Sirius Black We roll tonight. To the guitar byte. And for those about to rock, I salute you. - AC/DC -Are you who I think you are? - Of course I'm who you think I am. - The Penultimate Peril
Q:Does the sound of vacuum cleaners piss anyone else off?
i just hate the sound of it. if you want to stab someone when you hear a vacuum..then you just might have some anger problems... O_O
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors AND carpet?
Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors
Q:Do vacuum cleaners cause dirt particles to go through the air? Please answer:(?
Even with a hepa filter vacuum cleaner, you will get some dust particles too small for the filter to trap, so yes you will get some of the stuff you are trying to vacuum and capture back into the room air. Using the hepa however will make things much better. I live in a house with allergy sufferers and since going to 3-M electrostatic filters in the air handler and getting hepa filter vacuum cleaner, things are much better all around. I am called OCD all the time, but I realize that I am not, but just a bit compulsive; however I am fully aware of the condition and know that you can be miserable and sometimes immobilized, so try these things and see if they might help you.
Q:survey - why do vacuum cleaners suck so much ?
They don't suck as much as your mom
Q:why are lights on vacuum cleaners
I think because when you vacuum under a table, sofa, chair, etc, it's sorta dark. That's all i can think of. :)
Q:What are your thoughts on water filter vacuum cleaners?
nothing but a big mess. Where do you think the dirty water goes? Down the drain then it gets cloged up
Q:Im a man and i love Vacuum Cleaners?
I LOVE my Dyson!!! BEST VACUUM EVER!! :)

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