Find Best Dry /wet/blow multi-used commercial vacuum cleaner HT-228/SL-228

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10000 watt/month

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1. high-quality motor, strong suction and long time operation.

2. beautiful stainless steel cylinder

3. complete accessories , convenient Combination

4. chrome plated steel pipes with Free Expansion


1.rated voltage:220v

2.Rated power:1400W

3.The noise:<78dB

4. Vacuum degree:20kpa

5.Neight weight:7.9kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.The length of power cord:4.5M

8. capacity:20  L

9.Size of product:380X380X565mm












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Q:How many of you believe that most gladiators would go for the Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum cleaners?
Any clever gladiator Would choose a Bissell
Q:Is the usb vacuum cleaner has the enough suction power to suck the dust from laptop's air vent?
You dont want a vacuum for that. You dont want to suck, you want to blow (kinky) a vacuums suction creates static pressure, which can cause static electricity, which can cause damage. So either buy a blower/air compressor, or buy some canned air. Canned air is cheap (like $4-6 at any walmart), and should last awhile, and works very well at getting dust off components. Just make sure you disconnect power/battery from laptop, and never tilt the can (as that causes it to freeze and can cause damage), instead of moving the can, try moving your laptop to the can while its upright.
Q:can you recycle a vacuum cleaner?
yes you can and it would be a great help to your community bring them to a place that fixes vacuum cleaners and ask them if they will fix it and then donate it to a poor family how can they say no if they do say no.take the vacuum and bring it somewhere else and never recommend that guy for any service to anybody and be sure to let him know that.
Q:Why are electric vacuum cleaners so loud and electric cars are so quiet?
The noise of a vacuum does not come from the motor, but from the eddies in the air being sucked. Open a vacuum cleaner and remove the impeller (the fan) and it would get a lot more quiet.
Q:best vacuums cleaners on the market today?
I am so glad that you asked that question. I had been looking for myself a vacuum cleaner until a few weeks ago. I think I have bought the best vacuum cleaner ever. Its a Eureka Altima Turbo bagless that has the attachments for stairs and also includes a self cleaning duster. I purchased it at my local Wal-Mart for 78 dollars.
Q:⚫️ Poll: When you were wee little, were you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
I don't know about afraid but i was weary. On the other hand i was terrified and kinda still am of those street cleaning things with the round yellow brushes. I have no ideA why. I don't know it it's because I think that I might somehow get sucked up or what.
Q:My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?
Some vacuums blow dust back in the air. It then resettles back on furniture. Better to dust after you vacuum.
Q:How long typically do Vacuum Cleaner motor belts last?
it would depend on the quality of the belt and the usage and the humidity .. most usually last for two or three years == as they are considered an expendable item
Q:cat fur and vacuums...Help?
I have a lint brush that picks up one way and cleans out the other. I give it to my six year old grandchild and she goes over the furniture for me . She is amazed at the wads of lint and cat hair she picks up and thinks it is great fun.
Q:I'm trying to decide between these two vacuum cleaners...?
I would DEFINITELY go with the Dyson they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.If you have pets in the house the DC7 animal would be a better choice .My Dyson DC15 animal picks up me doggy hair BETTER than if I got down there with duct tape on my hands.Dyson is a great value you made a good choice,I'm not sure what the price difference is mine was an anniversary gift so I think the 07 will be just great if you don't have animals and if you do I would strongly recommend the 07 animal and the animals pick up kids messes too.Good Luck which ever one you decide on you will be very pleased I'm sure.

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