Find Best Car vacuum cleaner HT-198/SL-198

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10000 watt/month

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1. workable with Car Cigarette Lighter DC-12V

2. washable and reusable HEPA filter

3. dry and wet type, easy dust removal and water absorption

4. 5M length of power cord, with suction nozzle and brush


1.rated voltage:DC 12v

2.Rated power:100W

3.The noise:<70dB

4. Vacuum degree:3kpa

5.Neight weight:0.6kg

6.Rated frequency:50HZ

7.Filter type: HEPA

8.Dust capacity:0.6L

9.Size of Color box:350X98X105mm

10.Size of packing510X360X440mm












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Q:Are there energy star vacuum cleaners?
It's called a broom.
Q:If the standard deviation for lifetimes of vacuum cleaners is estimated to be 400 hours, how large a sample?
The 90% confidence z-value from the normal probability table is 1.645 Sample size n = [ (1.645) SD /error] ^2 n = {(1.645)(400)/50]^2 n =173.18 ≈ 174
Q:Can you help me with science about vaccum cleaner fans? Please!?
the fan causes the vacuum cleaner to suck-in the air. as the moving air passes by the dirt particles, it's the INTERACTION of the moving air and the dirt that causes the dirt to be drawn along with the air. basically, the air molecules bash into the dirt particle and impart energy (momentum) to the dirt, and this is what makes it move. if there was no air motion over the dirt, then the dirt particles would not respond to the vacuum cleaner.
Q:Whats the best Hardwood floor vacuum?
I they are around 250.00 and +. So worth it
Q:Why does my puppy ............?
she doesn't understand what it is. she's probably scared of it, so she goes to her instincts. try pushing it toward her while it's turned off. or just set it somewhere and coax her to coming to it. let her sniff it and paw it or whatever she does. it'll teach her that it's not going to hurt her.
Q:Which is more powerful, an amp or a volt? By how much?
Amp is a unit of current. The rate of electrical flow. Volt is a unit of potential difference or voltage. This is usually constant for all electrical appliances in a country. In vaccum cleaners, the usual rating for how powerful the appliance is it POWER. The unit for this is Watts (W). 1800W is quite powerful. 1000W is quite weak. If they only give Voltage (Volts) and current (Amps), simply multiply the two to get the power. Power = Volts x Current.
Q:I think I've got myself involved with an incompetent employer. How long should I stay?
Rainbow, Kirby or Tri Star?? Run away, as fast as you can, don't look back!
Q:why hoover fusion vaccum too loud?
Vacuum cleaners usually are rather loud. But they're silent when they're turned off.
Q:What company produces the world's most efficient vacuum cleaners?
electro lux is definately one of the best vacuums ever made and will probably last forever if taken care of properly. kirby is also another, probably about the same price and sold the same way. IN home. but either or ia worth the price, they definately are not hoovers.
Q:What are the most common problems do you face with vacuum cleaners ?
I've had several... Hair gets in the brush attachments of the cleaning tools The belt somehow gets twisted Loose dust and dirt clings to the opening of the bag so when you change the bad, it kinda poofs in the air or falls back on the floor The vacuum runs over its own cord ( doesn't just run over its own cord...obviously...but the cord gets in the way) My old hoover vacuum used to always get stuff trapped in the flexible hose and I had to use a coat hanger to pry it back out Sometimes they smell odd when in old dust or something.

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