filter net,Sonim oxide and various inclusions

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The use of high temperature resistant fiber filter net casting, after the special craft weaving, processing after made products have become series, advanced technology, quality and stability. Compared with other kinds of filter, high temperature resistant fiber casting filter screen has the advantages of low price, convenient use, does not change the casting metal components, filter residue is of good effect, low gas evolution. In addition, it also has the strength of steel high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, good chemical stability, erosion resistant, good melt metal.

Casting, steel casting, iron castings, aluminium castings and other castings, due to various reasons, it is easy to produce slag hole, sand hole, gas hole and other quality problems, thus removing non-metallic inclusion in molten metal, to improve casting yield, improve the quality of castings, has great technical and economic value.

High temperature resistant fiber casting filter screen is widely used to deal with the purification of various metal melt filtration, through the filter, can achieve the following purposes:

1, the effective removal of metal melt bubbles, Sonim oxide and various inclusions and other harmful impurities, thereby eliminating the casting eyelet fundamentally

And slag eyes, trachoma, greatly improve the casting yield, improve the appearance and intrinsic quality of castings.

2, improve the mechanical properties of castings: can make the casting hardness, and surface hardness is uniform and improve the bending strength of the casting.

3, change the graphite morphology, the graphite size decreases, thickness, shape slightly curved.

4, change the machining properties of castings, improve processing efficiency.

Aluminum water, the main varieties of molten iron, molten steel, copper water filtering net, cap type filtering net, meshes are: 0.8X0.8,


Can also be customized according to specific user requirements specification of the products

Filtration index of network technology [Technological index of filtration]

The working temperature of the softening point of net type continuous working time of room temperature tensile strength of hair volume scope

The temperature of 1600~1620 DEG C molten steel filter screen 1700 DEG 5[minute] = 16 = 60 small and medium-sized steel casting filter

The temperature of 1400~1450 DEG C molten metal filtering net 1700 DEG 10[minute] = 8 = 60 gray cast iron, ductile iron and small steel casting filter

Filtration of copper water filtering net 1200 C 1700 C 10[minute] = 6 = 60 copper alloy castings

Aluminum filtered water filtering net 700~800 10[minute] is more than or equal to 900 DEG C 6 = 30 aluminum alloy castings


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Q:How to clean the screen plate
The screen is automatically cleaned, rinsed and dried, and the screen is automatically stopped when the set time is reached. The door is opened and the drying time is adjusted by pressing the start switch.
Q:How to make screen printing layout smooth
Complete the photosensitive / developed after drying and curing, and then in the layout of a layer of solvent-based paint, dry before the back with a vacuum suction pattern part of the transparent, no vacuum equipment, you can use paint thinner on the back
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or the order quantity is not high, from a few to tens of thousands of pieces can be operated. Ink layer thick, thick color. Generally less printed continuous tone, mostly in the field of color majority.
Q:What is the screen printing plate?
wire mesh Stretched into the box after the screen called, was translucent, flexibility and toughness is very strong.
Q:Screen printing and printing the difference
The stencil printing includes transcripts, engravings, stencils and screen printing. The principle of stencil printing is: the printing plate (paper version or other version of the foundation to produce through the ink hole) in the printing, through a certain pressure to the ink through the hole version of the hole transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics ), The formation of images or text.
Q:Screen printing, how to choose the screen
According to the choice of screen printing products mesh mesh, we do plastic products are generally used 300 purposes, the effect will be much better.
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Q:Screen printing, how to print circular arc surface
In the net below the pad a sponge than the thickness of the screen slightly higher, the size of the sponge larger than the text part of the ink will be adjusted after the screen set off, evenly coated on the sponge.

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