Film Laminated Water-blocking Tape

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Application: PET film side contact with jelly to prevent penetration of jelly, and guarantee the water-blocking property.

















Tensile Strength










Swelling Speed





Swelling Height





Short Term Stability




Long Term Stability




Moisture Content





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Q:Identification of the quality of the packing belt
PP packing belt identification: packing belt straightness standard, uniform thickness, color is not fade, pull to the foot, to see if the new material will be packaged with cut with scissors, look at the joints, packed with intermediate black is relatively poor, the raw material is PP, one can understand.
Q:Profit and Prospect of baling belt
The packing field is not a superposition of individual packaging methods, but should be considered as a whole. With the maturity of the market, can not provide a complete solution for the system of suppliers unable to reduce packaging costs, in terms of customer bargaining power will be weakened, packaging enterprises need packaging systematic.
Q:How about the theoretical length of the packing belt?
The whole set is packaged with a paper tube. If you have to use steel tape, packing tape paper tube diameter measurement, measuring the thickness of the side straps, two data obtained, then add. Is packaged with from the inner circle to an arbitrary side edge length and then put the]. The above, these three data finally obtained and multiplied, and then multiplied by 3.1416, the last is equal to the disc pack how many meters (remember, this formula is only suitable for the disk pack, and the circular disc pack, round the middle part must be hollow
Q:Production process of PP packing belt
Easy to stretch orientation to obtain high quality products. Then, the tensile and tensile purposes are to increase the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce the elongation. Tension must be carried out in boiling water, usually by one stretch.
Q:What types of Baling straps are used for packing?
Wooden boxes, color coated sheet, strip, steel plate, steel wire, welded pipe, aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, zinc ingot baling etc. different zinc plating method of packing tape: hot galvanized steel packing belt because it is in the hot galvanizing production line, through continuous annealing, continuous hot dip galvanizing liquid steel is heated in a short time and the cooling performance than the original cold rolled sheet stamping. Electric galvanized belt in electroplating process, is not affected by the heating and cooling temperature, so the stamping is roughly the same. The original properties of cold rolled plate of the galvanized layer, without formation of fragile Fe Zn alloy layer, good ductility of galvanized layer but, because of its surface porosity, low intensity, easy to scratch, prone to dry paint pollution.
Q:Polypropylene packing belt edge why will be scared
The arrangement of methyl groups on the same side of the molecular backbone is called isotactic polypropylene. If the methyl group is arranged in random order on both sides of the backbone, it is called atactic polypropylene, and when the methyl group is arranged alternately on both sides of the backbone, syndiotactic polypropylene is called. In general industrial polypropylene resins, the isotactic structure is about 95% and the remainder is atactic or syndiotactic polypropylene. Industrial products are based on isotactic substances. Polypropylene also includes copolymers of propylene with a small amount of ethylene
Q:How do you split the straps?
Take the lead and then turn to the back of the box and circle the boot vertically
Q:How should the packing tape be printed
Plastic Machinery Co., PET packing belt production line adopts 100% bottle waste as raw material, through the drying process and the specific equipment, production of qualified products of PET packing belt, anti blocking strength index reaches the industry standard. Not only has realized the low cost, enhanced the market competition ability, but also expanded the plastic recycling market, has stepped out a new road for the sustainable development.This set of equipment is mainly composed of automatic feeding machine, dryer (or dehumidifying device), extruder, mould, filter, water tank, traction machine, oven, drawing unit, heat setting box and winder equipment assembly.
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing
Then there is a big difference in price, but there is a big difference, from the weight point of view, are almost the same, but if from the length of a single roll of view, it is more obvious, less than 1000 meters and 3000 meters
Q:Packing belt
Glossary: name of PP polypropylene, polypropylene as a raw material for the production of lighter quality for the environmental protection packing belt, automatic packing machine, semi-automatic packing machine, manual packing machine, carton or pallet packaging for bundling several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms lighter object.

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