Film Faced Plywood Brown / China & Dubai / Brand: CNBM / COMBI Core / Phenolic / 4'x8'x18mm

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China main port
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6000 m³/month

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Product Description:


Product Description:

Film Faced Plywood is a kind of plywood which inside plywood assembled of veneers and cross band glue impregnated veneers, and outside face veneer on either side topped with glue impregnated film. The glue is used differently like WBP, Phenolic Resin, etc. The veneer made of timber & wood such as Hard Wood, COMBI, Poplar, Birch, etc. Pack in encase in plates and laminated under very high pressure and heat.  For the quality two times hot pressure is better than one time hot pressure.


Packaging & Delivery

(1).Packaging Detail: pallets package as standard shipment request.

(2).Delivery Detail: There are two options for customer.

(A).Stock from Jebel Ali Free Zone warehouse in Dubai, delivery available in one day after payment received.

(B).Booking from factories, delivery in 40 days after PI confirmed.


Specifications of Film Faced Plywood (Brand name: CNBM)

(1)Size: 1220 mm×2440 mm, 610 mm×2440mm, other special sizes.

(2)Thickness: 18mm

(3)Core: COMBI, Hard Wood.

(4)Glue: Phenolic

(5)Film: Brown

(6)Pressure: Two time hot press.

(7)Moisture: 6%-9%.

(8)Thickness tolerance: +/-0.2mm.

(9)Duration time: can be 8/9 times used

(10)Usage: For projects requested high quality and specific strength.

(11)Payment term: T/T or L/C at sight.

(12)Manufacture in China and Stock in Dubai,UAE


Advantage of Film Faced Plywood:

(1).Can be used not only one time, profitable as a property.

(2).High strength as wood product.



(5).Superior Resistance.

(6).Smooth film faced as mirror.

(7).Flexible. Can be cut from one sheet to smaller specific size pieces.


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Q:How does wood products use wood flame retardants?
At present, the mainstream varieties of environmentally friendly flame retardants are water-soluble products, so the main method of adding dipping treatment. The impregnation treatment is a flame retardant treatment method in which the flame retardant solution is injected into a wood or wood-based panel at atmospheric pressure, vacuum, pressurized or integrated under several pressure conditions. The impregnation treatment of the wood material flame retardant treatment method, especially the high pressure impregnation method, is the most widely used in the production and the best way to flame retardant effect.
Q:What are the advantages of China's wood products network?
II.1. Wide coverage: Information is not geographically restricted. You can find your information on the Wood Products Trade Network through any Internet in any part of the world.  2. Cost-effective: different from the traditional media, with less investment, the Chinese wood products network is your 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without notice investment and other information released. 3. Persistent strong: according to the needs of business users to save long-term advertising information, and with the business site to establish a link to achieve real-time and lasting unity.
Q:How to protect pineapple grid outdoor building wood products?
Third, the use of the process, do not release formaldehyde, stupid and other harmful gases to ensure that the user's health. Fourth, wood wax oil has good permeability (its molecular weight less than 1% of synthetic substances), can be deep into the pineapple lattice wood microstructure. Painted on the pineapple grid can keep the pineapple grid wood natural breathing, can not afford to skin, do not fall off, keep the natural texture of pineapple grid wood products, pineapple wood is the best protective agent and decorative agent. Five is good weather resistance, outdoor pineapple grid wood structure of buildings with high quality wax oil brush once can be maintained for more than five years, if the brushing solvent-based paint generally up to 1 to 2 years to crack, from the skin, Fall off. Six is ​​repairable, because the wood wax oil is infiltration, there is no skin, shedding, so once again brushing the substrate processing, direct brushing can save a lot of labor. While the paint is Need to spend a lot of work to remove the residue to clean the brush. Seven is the wax wax painting process is simple (can brush, brush, spray), without rendering, directly coated on the pineapple grid wood, two can be. Eight is brushing wood wax oil and labor saving time, so the cost per unit area project cost lower than mid-range paint 30%. Modern wood wax oil production is the ancient tung oil production inheritance and development, there are more scientific and technological content, brushing in the pineapple grid wood structure of the building on the conservation effect is also better.
Q:Bamboo products are good or good wood products
I also went to check a bit, really told her that the longer use of bamboo products, the better gloss, no dust
Q:How to avoid deformation of wood products
But the two materials of wood products contain a certain amount of water. Most of the consumers think that the more dry the better wood, it is this view of biased biased. The moisture content of wood only in the category of deformity to maintain a solid, easy to protect the decoration does not show quality problems. In the home improvement in the application of wood and wood materials, the water content should be about 8% of the general is appropriate. Water content is too high or too low, will result in the production of wood to do the quality of the problem. Home decoration are inseparable from the extensive use of wood products, such as curtains, heating hood, fixed furniture, wood lines and sets and so on. However, once the room temperature and humidity changes, and some wood products will be cracking, warping and deformation and other issues. In fact, many of the quality of home decoration problems, are out of the moisture content of wood products. Whether it is still wood materials are man-made sheet, all the wood products contain a certain amount of water. Many consumers think that the more dry the better wood, in fact, this view is biased. The moisture content of wood only in the deformity scale to maintain stability, the ability to protect the decoration does not emerge quality problems. In the home improvement of wood and wood materials, the water content of the normal should be about 8% is appropriate. Water content is too high or too low, will cause the quality of wood in the home improvement.
Q:How to bleach wood products
The following are the same as the " With 2% soap alcohol solution (250g alcohol plus a soft soap, stirring evenly) wipe, and then bleach with 3 ~ 5% of sodium hypochlorite or wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and finally washed. This method is limited to white fabric, traces can be soaked in solution for 1 hour. The following are the same as the "
Q:How can the wood products of white paint long time does not change color?
Polyester paint is toxic, not environmentally friendly, and will change, not up to the EU environmental standards, the EU countries in 2007 in the form of legal law to ban its use in the interior, it can be said to have been to the end.
Q:Steamed rice edible wood products moldy mold, how to deal with
(3) yellow rice poisoning (yellow rice poisonosis) by the mold metabolites polluted rice yellowing, known as yellowing rice. According to the different pollution of the mold, yellow rice can be divided into three kinds, that is, yellow green penicillium yellow rice, which is Penicillium chrysogenum (P.citeoviride) produced by citric acid penicillin (citreoviridin) pollution, the toxins toxic, Can lead to death. The second is yellowing of Penicillium citrinum, which is contaminated by the toxin of citrate penicillium (P.citrinum), which causes major damage to the kidneys. The third species is the yellow fungus of Penicillium chrysogenum, which is caused by the contamination of the toxins of the liver by the luteoskyrin produced by P.islandicum and the islanditoxin.
Q:Will the small wood products of the dipping (paint) should be how the production process?
Here to note that the paint is relatively thick dip, dry time is relatively long point, pay attention to the product placed or baked and dust.
Q:How can the carved wood products make the surface smooth and anti-corrosion?
6. Wiping before the first clean cloth evenly, will be too much part of the wax oil; rubbing when the force should be uniform, can not be too heavy or too light, the first to be painted surface alternately Wipe a few times, the final ending when the direction of smooth rubbing wood, so that the full access to wood grain wood, standing dry; to be dry surface, in the surface of the paint was gently polished, wiped, the same steps once.

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