Film Faced Plywood Brown / China & Dubai / Brand: CNBM / COMBI Core / Phenolic / 4'x8'x18mm

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China main port
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6000 m³/month

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Product Description:


Product Description:

Film Faced Plywood is a kind of plywood which inside plywood assembled of veneers and cross band glue impregnated veneers, and outside face veneer on either side topped with glue impregnated film. The glue is used differently like WBP, Phenolic Resin, etc. The veneer made of timber & wood such as Hard Wood, COMBI, Poplar, Birch, etc. Pack in encase in plates and laminated under very high pressure and heat.  For the quality two times hot pressure is better than one time hot pressure.


Packaging & Delivery

(1).Packaging Detail: pallets package as standard shipment request.

(2).Delivery Detail: There are two options for customer.

(A).Stock from Jebel Ali Free Zone warehouse in Dubai, delivery available in one day after payment received.

(B).Booking from factories, delivery in 40 days after PI confirmed.


Specifications of Film Faced Plywood (Brand name: CNBM)

(1)Size: 1220 mm×2440 mm, 610 mm×2440mm, other special sizes.

(2)Thickness: 18mm

(3)Core: COMBI, Hard Wood.

(4)Glue: Phenolic

(5)Film: Brown

(6)Pressure: Two time hot press.

(7)Moisture: 6%-9%.

(8)Thickness tolerance: +/-0.2mm.

(9)Duration time: can be 8/9 times used

(10)Usage: For projects requested high quality and specific strength.

(11)Payment term: T/T or L/C at sight.

(12)Manufacture in China and Stock in Dubai,UAE


Advantage of Film Faced Plywood:

(1).Can be used not only one time, profitable as a property.

(2).High strength as wood product.



(5).Superior Resistance.

(6).Smooth film faced as mirror.

(7).Flexible. Can be cut from one sheet to smaller specific size pieces.


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2, and then find a jewelry processing shop, with silver wrapped fixed, absolutely solid, and can increase the appearance.

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