Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets

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 Product Introduction of Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets:

CNBM Class A1 non-combustible magnesium oxide wall board  is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, middle alkali glass fiber mesh, expanded perlite, sawdust, and other auxiliary materials and additives,which is advanced process,demould, conservation,anti-halogen processing and drying processes.whats more it is popular in the world.It is divided into building materials board and fire resistance board according to processes, formulas. Its technical indicators are completely compliance with the requirements of GB 25970-2010 standard.


The surface density of magnesium oxide board is 0.95-1.2g/cm3.It is reduced the building loading,and made the building weight of interior wall reduce 60% more,meanwhile,increased the used area about 5-8%.Light weight board benefit to the structure anti-vibration,and efficiently decrease the cost of groundwork and struct body.


Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets

Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets

Main Features of Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets:


1,Fireproof, non-combustible.Class A1 non-combustible sheet.


2,Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.


3,Heat insulation, and sound insulation.


4,Low shrinkage rate, light weight, and high strength, overall low density.


5,Smooth surface, can be painted, pasted tile, pasted wallpaper and other decorative materials.


6,Excellent fire resistance performance.Using 12mm thickness plate can be made partition,it can reach 4 hours of fire resistance.


7,Construction cost of low, and can be cut, saw,nail,and bent.

Technical Datas of Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets: 

 Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets

Main application areas of Fiberglass Panel Vermiculite Fire Retardant Board Glass Magnesium Sheets:


Fire resistance board series: used in the tunnel ceiling, steel structure column, beam,horizontal floor, fire partition wall, and room dividers.


Decorative board series:used in the hotels, office building, residential renovation.


Substrate board series:used in ceiling, partition, fireproof door core,warehouse board and lining board.


Sound absorption board series:used in the subways,bus stations, theaters, factories, and other public building.

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What you are proposing to do with your ingredients doesn't sound reasonable and will be a waste. That's if I understand what you want to do with them. If you just mix the bone meal, blood meal and potting mix, they don't add up to 15/30/30 and they are the only ingredients that have a nutrient value. Then trying to make them all into a water mix, along with vermiculite and perlite, which definitely will never dissolve, just sounds like a soupy mess and loss of your ingredients. You would be better off to buy a water soluable fertilizer like Miracle Gro or Peters and use that.
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i don't know about your gecko, but vermiculite is used to keep soil from impacting.
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They're unfertilized. There is no point in trying to hatch them, there's nothing in it. Just like in the chicken eggs we eat.
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Matrix planting flowers with other general matrix such as perlite, peat soil. Generally flower market sales are very easy to buy!
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The use of 1~2 years, you need to re replace. Because vermiculite will be natural weathering broken, and if continue to use, the advantages of good ventilation will become poor ventilation shortcomings.
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