Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price

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 composite geogrid is made by blending high tensile steel wire which is specially processed and polyethylene (P.E.), and adds other accessory ingredients and though squeezing out to make it become complex belt that gas good tension resistance, and the surface ha rough embossing, which makes the reinforced geosynthetics belt. Based on the single belt and arranged by knitting or clamping vertically and horizontally according to certain space and fused on their connection points by using specially reinforced fusion-jointing technique, which makes the reinforced geogrid.

Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price


  1. High intensity and small distortion

  2. Slow creep

  3. Anti-corrosive, long-term service life, steel plastic geogrid material with steel plastic material as its protector, and with various accessory ingredients to make the product have the abilities if anti-aging and anti-oxidation resisting permant project more than 100 years, and the performance is superior, the size stability is good.

  4. The construction is convenient, the cycle is short, the cost is low; it is easy to lay down, join, locate, avoids overlapping cross over, but reduces the project cycle effectively, saves the building cost of projects by 10%--50%.Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price


The products are applied widely in railway, bridge, dock, retaining wall, dam ti reinforce the soft soil’s foundation and to resist the road surface’s crack.


The high-strength One-way (vertical) Geogrid








Vertical limit-tensile strength KN/m ≥







Vertical limit elongation(%)≤


The tensile strength of elongation at 1%KN/m ≥








The high-strength steel-plastic Two-way (vertical and horizontally) Geogrid








Biaxial ultimate tension KN/m ≥







Biaxial ultimate elongation (%)≤


The tensile strength of elongationat 1% KN/m ≥







Packaging and storage

The Steel plastic composite geogrid, the length of the product roll is decided by the construction requests. The rolls are to be horizontally placed and not more than 6 layers high.

Unless otherwise specified, the production should be stored in a non-corrosive gas, non-dust, well-ventilated, dry and rainproof area.

It is recommended that the room temperature should be maintained below 35°C,and humidity should be always maintained below 65%

Fiberglass Geogrid with Good Quality and Best Price

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Q:What are the two levels of widening of the geogrid in the asphalt concrete road?
First of all, you must first determine what kind of material you need geogrid, if it is fiberglass geogrid should be placed in the asphalt layer
Q:What kind of experiments need to be done to check geogrid
Review of the general test or the original detection of the project, but the general requirement to double the number of detection. That is, if there is a sample test is not qualified, then the general review is to extract two samples from the original test material to re check.
Q:See details of the application of design code for railway embankment geosynthetics TB10018-2006
See details of the application of design code for railway embankment geosynthetics TB10018-2006
Q:What are the specifications of the geogrid
Four kinds of glass fiber geogrid and polyester warp knitted polyester geogrid.
Q:Building houses and roads require pipes and geotextile, grille?
The outstanding advantages of polythylene unixial geogrid deformation under sustained loading (creep) tendency is very small, creep strength is much better than other materials geogrid, plays an important role in improving the service life of the project. This product is suitable for the construction of roads, railways and rivers and lakes along the coast of reinforced retaining walls, dams, bridges, steep slopes and geocell
Q:How much is the horizontal overlap length of the steel plastic geogrid
The double lap length is 50cm, and the steel nails. Geotextile lap length is 50cm to 1m
Q:Who knows how much the staggered distance of the lap joint of the geogrid is?
A grille is made of polypropylene, PVC polymer and thermoplastic or molded by two-dimensional grid or a certain height of the three-dimensional mesh screen, when used as a civil engineering, called geogrid.
Q:What is the distance between the waterproof plate and the top of the tunnel?
The main production and operation of a variety of plastic geogrid, steel plastic composite geogrid, fiberglass geogrid, warp knitted polyester geogrid
Q:There are several types of basalt fiber geogrid
There is no relevant national standards and industry standards, where the model
Q:What are the types of geogrid, respectively, what role?
Glass fiber geogrid is a kind of excellent geosynthetic material used for Pavement Strengthening, strengthening of old road, strengthening subgrade and soft soil foundation. It has become an irreplaceable material in the application of reflective cracking in asphalt pavement. The product is made of high strength alkali free glass fiber through international advanced warp knitting process made of mesh substrate, the surface coating processing made of semi-rigid products. With the warp and weft two-way high tensile strength and low elongation, and high temperature resistance, low temperature, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, is widely used in the asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement and subgrade reinforcement and railway roadbed, dam slope, airport runway, anti sand control project.

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