FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge

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Product Description:


FRP Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge
1. UV Resistance: 100%;
2. Light Transmittance: 3%-85%;
3. Fiber Content: 25% - 35%

Product Description

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge

Specifications of FRP Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge  :

1. High Quality FRP plate

2. UV Protection

3. High strength, good light transmission

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge

Technical date of FRP Plate


1.45 g/cm3

Tensile strength


Fiber content

25% - 35%

Bending strength


Curing degree


Impact ductility

90 KJ/M2

Weathering   film thickness


Thermal  conductivity

0.158  W/m.k

Light  transmissivity

3% - 85%

Thermal  expansivity


Suitable  temperature

-40~ +120

UV Resistance


Thickness of PRP plate:1.2mm ~1.8mm, tolerance ± 10%;

Thickness of coated steel tile: 0.5mm, the color should be consistent with the roof colorplate;

Thickness of aluminum zine plate: 0.5mm

Weidth:<1.1m, different width according to the profile

Length: Accordingto the demand

Color: Clear blue, Light blue, Lake blue, Sky blue, Deepblue, Clear white, Solid white, Gray white, Black, Clear green or Customizable

Product Types: Single layerskylight, insulation double layers skylight in normal

Features: Anti condensation, heatinsulation, noise insulation, good water tightness, ensure the roof structure,energy saving and environmental protection, 360 degree upright occlusion, goodappearance.

Match the coated steel tile, easy installation. According to differentcustomer needs to produce products that satisfy you!

FIBER REINFORCE PLASTIC Skylight Panel with Aluminum Edge

Occlusion Types:

1.       Single 360 degree of occlusion;

2.       Double 360 degree of occlusion;

3.       Single 180 degree of occlusion;

4.       Double 180 degree of occlusion.


1.       Vertical occlusion, avoid leakageand seepage;

2.       Convenient installation;

3.       Ensure the whole roof structure

4.       Low cost maintenance;

5.       Prevent condensation

6.       Good sound insulation, heatinsulation, thermal preserve

Application : High demandelectronics factory, valuables storage workshop, high precision machine shop,cold regions need to heat insulation lighting workshop, etc.

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Q:Plastic or better glass fiber reinforced plastic better?
Plastic steel profiles referred to as plastic, the main chemical composition is PVC, so also known as PVC profiles. It is a new type of building material which is widely used. Because of its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance and excellent aging resistance, it is usually used as a good substitute for nonferrous metals such as copper, zinc and aluminum.In housing construction is mainly used for the application of push and pull, flat open doors and windows, rails, pipes and ceiling materials, through the process of the new protection board is also widely used in automobile engine, not only light weight, excellent properties and good toughness, stiffness.
Q:FRP pultrusion process?
Pultruded glass steel is mainly using unsaturated polyester resin, Yuezhanla extrusion molding process more than 90% in addition to the amount of resin, epoxy resin, vinyl resin, thermosetting resin, propionic acid modified phenolic resin, flame retardant resin etc..
Q:The difference between polyurethane pultruded profiles and glass reinforced plastic profiles
Compared with other materials, pultrusion with polyurethane can produce a variety of benefits. The utility model can improve the content of the glass fiber in the product and greatly improve the strength of the product. For example, pultruded window frames made of glass fiber and polyurethane resin, the strength of the resulting window frames is 8 times higher than that of the PVC window frames, and the conductivity is 40 times lower than that of aluminum. Therefore, the insulation performance is much better.
Q:How to install GRP mark pile
The possibility of theft (because of the pultruded glass steel material is square or triangle pipe is hollow know who stole 1. useless also know this thing is not plastic can not sell 2. take home cushion not after all not solid no component)
Q:Can not use glass steel support column, the main support for the door
The epoxy pultruded glass steel section is of high strength and can meet your requirement. You can choose the required section according to your requirement
Q:What are the circumstances in which the pultrusion should be performed?
(3) the heat deformation temperature of hot deformation temperature high extrusion is 186 DEG C, do not soften at high temperatures, -60 C constant crisp, to ensure the normal use of various environmental temperatures.(4) the water absorption is low, the water absorption of ordinary FRP products is less than 0.5%, while the water absorption rate of pultrusion section is only 0.257%, which is suitable for use in humid environment(5) heat transfer coefficient and low coefficient of thermal insulation rigid PVC pultruded profile approach, made with the single frame double glass insulating window insulation coefficient is only 2.69W/ (M2? K), while the thermal insulation coefficient of the same type of steel, aluminum window made up of 4.0W/ (M2? K). Show that the energy saving glass steel doors and windows is obvious.(6) strong corrosion resistance pultruded profile by 3%HCI solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate was 95%; the 3%NaCl solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate of 89%. so the FRP pultruded profiles for making doors and windows is not only suitable for general residential houses, hotels, restaurants, and more suitable for coastal areas and the corrosive working environment of industrial plant use.(7) to meet the requirements of the environment, the production process of the extruded section has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, low power consumption, low pollution, etc., and it conforms to the relevant environmental requirements of the state
Q:What are the features of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pultruded materials and chairs?
Glass reinforced plastic extruded section bar has the characteristics of unlimited length, high utilization rate of raw material, corrosion resistance, good weatherability and long service life
Q:Are pultruded FRP sections strong? What are its main areas of application?
More fields. Advantage is obvious, if the corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, quality is lighter than steel; strength and steel strength comparable;
Q:Do you have any high temperature resistant resin made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic?
Process formula of high temperature epoxy resin pultrusion adhesive
Q:What are the best manufacturers of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles in China?
In addition to the thickness of radome products, there should be other requirements.

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