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Product Description:


Easy Reliable Installation
green initiative
thermal insulation and insulating
color fidelity lasting


Detailed Product Description

1.Easy Reliable Installation initiative
3.thermal insulation
4.color fidelity lasting.long service life
5.Heat and sound insulation
6.Strong mechanical capacity


ASA roof tile

Shengyu  synthetic resin roofing tile coated with ASA resin, is aspecial 3-layer co-extruded roofing tile. As the top layer material, ASAanti-climate engineering resin is extraordinary suitable for outdoor use. Thespecifi technical performances permit installation of the tile both industrialand civil applcations. Synthetic resin roofing tile has been exported in largequantity to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, etc..

Long service time, Traditional appearance, Anti-corrosion, Rich color, Easyto install, Sturdy slab, Resistant to wind









the multiple of 219mm




Matte or Glazed


China Red, Red, Dark Red,  Grey, Black, Terracotta


As top layer material, Geloy engineering resinmade by GE is extraordinarily suitable for outdoor use. Even exposed toultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat, chillness and impact, the productsremain the stability of color and physical properties. Tests held in Aging Testcenter of Arizona and Florida prove that is less than 5 within 10 years.

Royal roof tile has passed 10,000h accelerated aging test in China NationalCenter for Test of Chemical Building Materials. The test result of Shengyu Royal tile is 3.85.


Anti-impact and Low Temperature Resistant

Falling sphere impact test: a 1kg steel ball falls freely from height of 2meters onto Royal tile, which has no crack. The tile is impacted by the fallingsphere for ten times at low temperature without damage. After ten cycles offreeze and melting, there is no swelling, frothiness, peeling-off or crack.

Anti-corrosion performance

Geloy ASA resin Royal roof tile has great performance in anti-corrosion test,which will not decline by erosion of rain and snow. Geloy resin is resistant tomany chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Therefore, it is suitable foroutdoor application in costal area with serious salt fog corrosion and areawith heavy air pollution.


The surface of Royal roof tile is dense and smooth, being of lotus effect. Itdoesn't absorb dust after rain, thus it stays as clean as new.


Royal tile has strong anti-load performance. The test, conducted by ShanghaiMunicipal Building Material Component Quality Supervision and Test Station,proves that in condition of 660mm supporting span and 150kg applied load, thereis no crack in the tile.

Light Weight

One standard piece of 720mm Royal roof tile weighs 5.8±0.1kg, against apiece of 1050mm Roma roof tile 6.1±0.1kg.  


With China Environmental labeling product Certificate, this product can becompletely recycled.

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Q:Can FRP profiles replace carbon steel profiles?
It can not be used as a cable carrier, but it can not replace the carbon steel profile. The general pultrusion section is connected with the connecting plate
Q:Will the FRP section crack for a long time?
Under normal circumstances, glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles will not appear cracking phenomenon, if there is cracking phenomenon, may be the following reasons:1, the placement method is incorrect, such as irregular, non closed section of a large number of stacked2 、 the resin content in the profile is low, filling is more (see if the section color is whiter, and more powder fall off at the same time)
Q:Are pultruded FRP sections strong? What are its main areas of application?
General and environmental units of manhole covers, factories and mines units of insulated cable tray; chemical units of the transmission pipeline; insulation protection fence; including floor and so on.
Q:What are the circumstances in which the pultrusion should be performed?
The roving yarn assembly in yarn frame, yarn unwinding through a series of guide roller and cluster grid plate, roller set, enter the resin impregnated resin impregnated yarn groove. Then through the pre forming die, the die is required according to the shape of products and configuration in the guiding device. The mold after discharge excess resin and bubbles into the cold. Cold mold cooling by cooling water, so that the resin viscosity, reduce the loss, and finally into the mold, the fiber reinforced material and resin molding in mold curing, and then the traction device is pulled, cut into required length of products by cutting device.
Q:Do you have any high temperature resistant resin made of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic?
Process formula of high temperature epoxy resin pultrusion adhesive
Q:The manufacturing process of FRP products?
1, hand paste production method; 2, spray forming method; 3, fiber winding process; 4, molding process and molding process; 5, pultrusion method.
Q:What are pultrusion materials used for?
Plastic pultrusion materials are used for drawing and blowing tubes
Q:Can not use glass steel support column, the main support for the door
Can not. Strength is not good. It is recommended to use FRP for exterior decoration, with steel skeleton inside.
Q:What does M23 grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic section mean?
The basic components of the FRP profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, mat etc.), which is based on the fiber (including glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber and other metal and non metal fiber) as reinforcing material, resin (mainly epoxy resin. Polyester resin, phenolic resin) as crosslinking agent, auxiliary and other supporting materials (mainly accessories: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing mould agent, light stabilizer, UV clean water, gel coat) composites. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small elongation and good insulation.
Q:Are FRP Pultruded Shapes poisonous?
It shouldn't be poisonous. He can use it in a lot of production and life, especially all kinds of pipes, including water pipes

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